School Field Deadline Description Interview Method # Apps Campus Invitations Offer Made Offer Accepted Last Update Edit
Albany (Sociology) Urban 11/01/17 Francisco Vieyra (NYU PhD, WashU Postdoc); Zawadi Rucks-Ahidiana (Berkeley ABD) 2 05/01/18
Alberta 11/05/17 Nicole Denier (McGill PhD, Colby Postdoc) 04/30/18
Alberta Social Movements Description
Skype Done 01/23/18
American University (School of International Service) Social Networks Advert
Flyouts scheduled 12/05/17
Appalachian State University Criminal Justice: Courts / Criminal Law/Procedure Description
Felicia Arriaga (Duke PhD) 04/30/18
Arizona State University 09/13/17 Canceled 12/08/17
Arizona State University Polytechnic Social sciences 11/27/17 Advert
Arizona State University-Tempe Quantitative 11/01/17 news? yes Connor Sheehan (UT Austin PhD, USC Postdoc) 02/22/18
Arkansas Social inequality / health and wellbeing 12/02/17 Description
Invites out Brittany Hearne (Vanderbilt ABD) 01/24/18
Arkansas State University 10/08/17 Rejections sent Yes Steven Panageotou (UT Knoxville PhD) 01/24/18
Australian National University Demography 11/17/17 Advert
yes yes 03/08/18
Barnard College Open 10/15/17 Description
Notified if not invited for phone/campus interviews yes Amy Zhou (UCLA ABD) 01/24/18
Bates College Urban, Built Environment, Immigration 10/06/17 Video Interviews being scheduled Campus interviews underway Offer out Marcelle Medford-Lee (Chicago PhD, CT College postdoc) 04/20/18
Baylor University Health and/or family 10/01/17 yes Mackenzie Brewer (Rice ABD) 01/24/18
Bellarmine University 11/30/17 Description
Campus visits underway Ainsley Lambert-Swain (Cincinnati ABD) 03/10/18
Bentley University gender/sexuality, justice studies, or media and technology 10/15/17 Description
? 12/11/17
Berkeley Computational Social Science POSTDOC Description
Birmingham-Southern Inequality / Poverty Description
Boston College International, Global, Transnational 09/01/17 Yes Ali Kadivar (UNC PhD, Brown Postdoc) 01/24/18
Boston University race and ethnicity 10/01/17 Search cancelled (why?). 11/28/17
Boston University (School of Theology) Religion and Society 10/01/17 Description
preliminary interviews at AAR completed Invites made. Short-list rejections sent. Yes Manglos-Weber (it\'s on the BU School of Theology website) 04/11/18
Brandeis University Medical/Health 09/15/17 Description
yes Siri Suh (Columbia PhD, Minnesota AP) 01/26/18
Bridgewater State University Education Soc 12/03/17 12/04/17
Brown 10/01/17 Yes Emily Rauscher (NYU PhD, Kansas AP) 01/26/18
BYU criminology Yes Yes 02/27/18
Cal Poly San Luis Criminology 10/27/17 Advert
Cal Poly San Luis STS 10/25/17 Advert
? they hired someone - rejection emails 04/06/18
Cal St. Fullerton Political Sociology 09/15/17 Skype interviews completed 11/27/17
Cal State Univ.-Long Beach Social Movements and Intersectionality 10/16/17 phone interviews underway campus invites made 01/23/18
Cal State-Dominguez Hills Aging/life course, Black communities 11/06/17 Description
Chicago immigration/race 09/30/17 Natalie Aviles (Postdoc, Colby College), Matthew Clair (Harvard ABD), Ravaris Moore (UCLA ABD), Rene Flores (Princeton PhD, Washington AP) Rene Flores (Princeton PhD, Washington AP) 02/19/18
Chinese University of Hong Kong Open 10/15/17 Campus interviews done Yes Jinho Kim (Wisconsin ABD) 01/24/18
Clark University Social Movements 10/01/17 12/13/17
Clark University Social Movements and Social Change 10/01/17 Campus invites made Yes Jack Delehanty (Minnesota ABD) 01/24/18
Clemson University Social Policy & Health 09/15/17 Miao Li (Notre Dame Postdoc, Purdue PhD) 04/11/18
Clemson University Criminology and Deviance 09/15/17 Description
Matthew Costello (Ohio State PhD, Arkansas State AP) 06/29/18
Clemson University Social Inequality 09/15/17 Description
any updates on this position? out Heather Kettrey (Vanderbilt PhD, postdoc) 06/29/18
Clemson University Criminal Justice 11/30/17 Advert
out 12/21/17
College of Charleston Social Psych/Deviance 01/05/18 01/10/18
College of Coastal Georgia Pretty open Advert
College of William & Mary Global Sociology 10/01/17 Description
Invites scheduled Sefika Kumral (Johns Hopkins, ABD) Sefika Kumral (Johns Hopkins, ABD) 04/11/18
Colorado State University Race & Ethnic Relations 10/20/17 Advert
Yes Jessie Luna (CU Boulder ABD) 01/30/18
Colorado State University International Development and Globalization 10/23/17 Description
invites out and completed Yes Annabel Ipsen (Wisconsin PhD, Michigan State postdoc) 01/30/18
Columbia Open 09/10/17 Description
yes 01/21/18
Concordia University Advert
Cornish College of the Arts Social Science 01/02/18 01/19/18
Craig Rawlings (UCSB PhD, Stanford Postdoc, USCB lecturer, Northwestern Associate Professor of Instruction) Duke 05/12/18
Creighton University Statistics, GIS 10/31/17 Description
Campus visits underway (2 ABDs) 01/20/18
CSU Channel Islands Latina/o Sociology 10/06/17 Description
Skype interviews completed Yes Karina Chavarria (UCLA ABD) 02/26/18
CSU East Bay Social Movements yes yes Jean Lin 03/04/18
CSU Fresno Theory/Ed/Urban/Food 09/30/17 Advert
Phone out and completed yes Justin Sean Myers (CUNY PhD, Marist College AP) 02/14/18
CSU Los Angeles Race and Ethnicity 12/01/17 Description
any invites out? yes. talks are underway. 04/16/18
CSU Northridge American Indian Studies (not sociology dept); Sustainability/Environmental Justice 01/15/18 Description
CSU Sacramento Criminal Justice 11/09/17 Description
Invites out Yes Nichole Fox (AP U. New Hampshire) 04/11/18
CSU San Bernardino Chair (Open) 11/15/17 Description
Ethel Nicdao (Chair, Univ. of the Pacific) 05/24/18
CSU San Bernardino Community / Qualitative 11/15/17 Description
Paloma Villegas (VAP Scarborough; PHD Toronto) 04/06/18
CUNY -John Jay College of Criminal Justice Sociology 09/30/17 Advert
Campus visits 12/01/17
Dartmouth Open 09/15/17 Description
Other board says invites are out yes 01/08/18
Dartmouth College Afro-Caribbean and African Diaspora Studies 01/04/18
Dartmouth College Inequality/social justice 12/01/17 Advert
Delta State Community Development 10/01/17 Description
Skype Interviews invites yes Yes 01/02/18
Denison University Quantitative (some substantive preferences) 10/01/17 Description
Shiri Noy (Indiana PhD, Wyoming AP) 06/29/18
Duke University Social Network Analysis 10/15/17 BK Lee (ABD Columbia), Craig Rawlings (UCSB PhD, Stanford Postdoc), 1 AP Craig Rawlings 05/29/18
Earlham College 12/04/17 Advert
Eastern Connecticut State Crim 12/01/17 phone interview 01/12/18
Elmhurst Social Inequality 12/15/17 Advert
Y Y 03/09/18
Elon University Open, environmental sociology, stratification 11/22/17 Description
Skype and On-Campus interviews Early February 01/23/18
Emory University Race, Ethnicity, Racism 11/01/17 Advert
Invites out Offer out? Angela Dixon, Princeton ABD 02/25/18
Eureka College Race/Gender Preferred 03/01/18 Advert
Campus Interviews out Campus invitations out 03/08/18
FIRE Faculty Outreach Fellow 01/31/18 Description
Julia Schwarz (Georgetown Govt PhD) (Not Graham Peterson) 04/11/18
Florida Atlantic University Aging and health 03/01/18 Invites out 03/10/18
Florida Atlantic University Inequality and Quantitative 03/01/18 Invites out 04/05/18
Florida Atlantic University Globalization, Global Inequality 03/01/18 Invites out. campus? how many? Three 03/16/18
Florida State Demography 10/15/17 letter requested skype interview completed 11/10/17
Florida State - soc 09/30/17 Patricia Homan (Duke ABD) 01/24/18
Florida State University Criminology 10/31/17 Are three of these all going to be recruited? YES Young-An Kim (UCI ABD), Kyle McLean (South Carolina ABD), Steven Zane (Northeastern ABD) 04/04/18
Florida State University political soc 09/30/17 Requested Letters, skype interviews S. Singh, PhD Rutgers 02/09/18
Franklin & Marshall Sex & Gender 10/10/17 Phone interview invites out Other board said invites out. yes 04/29/18
Furman University qualitative methods 10/15/17 Phone interviews scheduled Invites Out December Yang Gao (Vanderbilt PhD, Singapore Management University AP) 06/03/18
George Mason University Criminology, Law, and Society 10/18/17 Advert
Invites out Offer made Stacey Houston, Vanderbilt ABD 01/24/18
Georgia State Criminology 09/01/17 ? ? Marie Ouellet (SFU) 03/14/18
Grand Valley State Uni Liberal Studies 12/01/17 Skype interviews underway 12/14/17
Grand Valley State University Life course, aging 10/13/17 flyouts scheduled Offer made Anna Marie Hammersmith, Bowling Green State University, ABD 01/31/18
Grand Valley State University Crim Campus Invites Scheduled 11/08/17
Griffith University Criminology and Criminal Justice 03/16/18 Description
Hartwick College Environmental/Rural Sociology Advert
Harvard 09/15/17 3 APs Ellis Monk (Princeton AP), Joscha Legewie (Yale AP) Third said no. 04/17/18
Hollins University race, class, gender, social justice 09/01/17 campus invites extended Yes 01/11/18
Hong Kong Baptist University Open (preference on Family; Social Networks) 11/18/17 Yes A. Cheung (AP EdUHK) 06/01/18
Howard Methods 10/15/17 Description
Illinois State University women, gender, sexuality 01/05/18 Advert
Jason Whitesel 06/22/18
Illinois State University Criminal Justice 09/15/17 Description
Yes (2) Who? 04/16/18
Indiana 10/01/17 Invites out (1 AP, 4 ABDs) yes BK Lee (Columbia ABD) and Koji Chavez (WashU Postdoc, Stanford PhD) 02/09/18
Iowa Social data analytics 09/15/17 Yes Yongren Shi (Cornell PhD, Yale Postdoc) 01/24/18
Jacksonville University open Phone interviews 11/18/17
John's Hopkins (SAIS) Middle East Studies 10/01/17 Description
Kennesaw State University Criminal Justice 10/30/17 Advert
Done Yes Yes 12/27/17
Kent State University Criminology 10/31/17 Interviews completed yes Starr Solomon (University of Nebraska, Omaha PhD) 03/29/18
Lafayette College Health/Medical Sociology 09/30/17 Description
Skype interview Any invites? Carlos Tavares (Duke PhD) 04/30/18
Lehman College-CUNY Sociology-Data Science 09/30/17 Advert
phone interviews completed yes Jennifer Laird (Washington PhD, Columbia Postdoc) 01/24/18
Loyola - Chicago Gender & Sexuality 10/01/17 Letters requested Invites out Savina Balasubramanian (Northwestern PhD) 02/07/18
Loyola Chicago Criminal Justice 10/27/17 Advert
yes Yes (Rutgers ABD) 01/24/18
Loyola Maryland Crim / Crim Justice 10/01/17 Description
Letters of recommendation requested 11/14/17
Loyola Marymount University Inequality methods 09/15/17 Ravaris Moore (UCLA ABD) 01/24/18
Loyola University New Orleans open 11/15/17 updates on this line? 3 finalists for campus interviews yes Simone Rambotti, Arizona ABD 02/08/18
LSE Race and Ethnicity, Quantitative Methods 10/22/17 Description
Invites out - who? 02/15/18
Manchester University 10/15/17 Scheduling phone interviews Yes 01/31/18
Marquette University social movements, collective behavior 09/25/17 Advert
Search suspended (failed) 01/15/18
Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research Demography Advert
phone interview 10/31/17
Memphis Open 11/15/17 Description
skype Interviews scheduled yes Clayton Fordahl; Wendy Laybourn 04/06/18
Miami University Latina/o Studies, development Advert
Michigan Open 09/06/17 Nathan Wilmers (Harvard ABD), Matthew Clair (Harvard ABD), Joshua Seim (Berkeley ABD), Peter Catron (UPenn postdoc), 1 AP Maggie Frye, Pablo Gaston 03/08/18
Michigan State Academic advisor/instructor Description
Michigan State 3 renewable fixed-term positions 07/13/18 Description
Michigan State University Sociology of Science, Medicine, Technology (Open rank, 2 positions [jr/sr]) Description
stef shuster 05/06/18
Middle Tennessee State University Open 11/06/17 interviews almost complete yes Adelle Monteblanco (UC Boulder PhD, UTEP Postdoc) 04/30/18
Middlebury College (Religious Studies) Social Scientific Study of Religion 10/20/17 Description
Mississippi State Tara Sutton (Georgia, ABD) 01/24/18
Missouri State University Social justice, inequality Description
yes Abby Templer (ABD UMass) 02/11/18
Montclair State University Environmental 10/16/17 Description
Interviews underway 12/08/17
Mount Holyoke College Open, Quantitative Methodology 10/02/17 Video November Assuming so 12/31/17
Nanyang Technological Institute Global STS-Sociology yes 03/05/18
National Singapore University Open Any news? Yes (Visits in Jan-Feb) Yes anthropologist (Yale ADB) 05/31/18
New College of Florida immigration, Global and Transnational Sociology Description
Yes 02/08/18
Northeastern Criminal Justice 10/01/17 Skype Interviews Requested Interviews Scheduled Who? Megan Denver (Albany PhD, FSU AP) 05/18/18
Northeastern Urban, Race, Networks Advert
Tiffany Joseph (Michigan PhD, SUNY AP) 01/26/18
Northern Arizona University Health/Med Soc 11/20/17 Advert
done yes- two lines yes- two lines 04/24/18
Northern State University Open Description
Northwestern \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 04/23/18
Notre Dame Data Science yes yes 03/12/18
Notre Dame - Keough 2 Environmental Politics 09/25/17 11/13/17
Notre Dame - Keough School Asian and Gender Studies 10/01/17 Advert
Requested writing sample Campus visits underway 11/27/17
Notre Dame - Keough School Environmental Politics 09/25/17 11/13/17
Notre Dame - soc Open 10/01/17 2 ABDs, 1 Post-Doc, 1 AP yes Calvin Zimmerman (Penn, ABD) 03/16/18
Notre Dame CREO Soc of Ed 10/01/17 Advert
interviews completed Jayanti Owens (AP, Brown) No 03/23/18
Notre Dame University Environmental Politics 09/25/17 ? 11/13/17
NYU Open Yes Linsey Edwards (Princeton ABD), Carly Knight (Harvard ABD) 01/24/18
Oglethorpe University Open Description
Yes, Kristen Clayton (Georgia) 02/25/18
Ohio State Gender, Sex, Race & Ethnicity 09/18/17 Yes Yes No 03/25/18
Oklahoma State Open 10/01/17 Other board says invites are out Yes, via rejection Jonathan Coley (Vanderbilt PhD, Monmouth AP) 01/24/18
Oklahoma State 10/01/17 yes 01/20/18
Oxford College of Emory University Race, Class and Gender; Disabilities Description
Skype request 11/18/17
Penn Culture and interaction 09/15/17 1 AP, Matthew Clair (Harvard ABD), Linsey Edwards (Princeton ABD), Benjamin Shestakofsky (Berkeley ABD), Nathan Wilmers (Harvard ABD) Ben Shestakofsky 02/12/18
Penn State 01/19/18 Carly Knight (Harvard ABD), Patrick Denice (UWashington PhD, Wash U St Louis Postdoc), Ali Kadivar (UNC PhD, Brown postdoc), 2 APs; + new flyouts Charles Seguin, PhD 03/04/18
Penn State - Greater Allegheny Criminal Justice 11/01/17 Description
Phone interviews underway 10/31/17
Penn State University, Abington (Poli Sci, Public Policy) Urban Politics; Inequality Description
Pennsylvania State University open everything New invitations were issued after offer rejected new offer out to Charles Seguin Charles Seguin 03/02/18
Pepperdine criminology, culture, gender, and globalization 10/01/17 Description
invites out yes 02/10/18
Point Park University Social Theory 01/15/18 01/19/18
Princeton demography (open rank) Description
Completed Arun Hendi (postdoc USC) 02/20/18
Purdue University Law & Society - Assistant 10/02/17 Description
out David McElhattan (Northwestern ABD) 02/07/18
Purdue University Law & Society - Associate/Full 10/02/17 Description
Yes Yes 04/04/18
Queen\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s University Social Inequalities 08/30/17 Advert
Rejected 4 invited, 3 withdrew 01/28/18
Queen\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Criminology 08/30/17 Nicole Myers (AP SFU, Toronto PhD) 03/14/18
RAND Open Phone interviews scheduled Invites out Any news? 12/21/17
Randolph-Macon College public health/medical sociology 09/01/17 Description
Again, any news? interviews underway Failed Search (VAP search now underway) 03/20/18
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute STS Skype yes, via rejection email 02/26/18
Rice Data Science 09/15/17 Description
invites out Elizabeth Roberto (Yale PhD, Princeton Postdoc) 01/24/18
Rice University Stats (open, but pref. for inequality/culture) 09/08/17 Description
invites out Brielle Bryan (Harvard ABD) 01/24/18
Rollins College open 09/15/17 Skype interviews underway campus invites extended 10/14/17
Rowan Law and Justice Studies 10/31/17 Advert
Invites out Yes 12/26/17
Rutgers (criminal justice) Open 10/01/17 Michael Sierra-Arevalo (Yale ABD) + Colleen Berryessa (UPenn ABD)+ Frank Edwards (Washington) 01/24/18
Rutgers University health 09/30/17 Lei Lei (Maryland Postdoc, SUNY Albany PhD) 02/17/18
Rutgers University Inequalities, socioeconomic and/or race & ethnicity 09/30/17 Description
Quan Mai (Vanderbilt ABD) 01/24/18
Rutgers-Camden Criminal Justice invites out (for ASC interviews) 10/18/17
San Diego State University Crime/Criminology 10/23/17 Description
Campus invites out Yes Yes 03/01/18
San Jose State University Business, Government, and Society 01/31/18 Advert
SFSU Criminal Justice Description
Angelica Camacho (UCSB PhD, UIUC Postdoc) 01/24/18
SFSU Urban, Climate Change Description
SFSU National Security, Racialization and State Power Description
yes yes 01/20/18
SHSU CJ & Criminology 09/03/17 Underway 09/29/17
SHSU Class inequality 09/01/17 Description
Phone interviews complete Campus interviews underway 10/27/17
Singapore Management University transnational soc, methods 09/15/17 Description
Invites out Yes Aliya Rao (Penn PhD, Stanford postdoc) 02/24/18
Smith College Media and technology 10/01/17 Advert
Skype interviews underway Who were the finalists? Timothy Recuber (CUNY PhD, Hamilton VAP) 02/02/18
SMU Economic sociology, work, labor markets 10/01/17 Description
Phone 11/09/17
Sonoma State University 11/03/17 Description
Anyone? Anything? Campus visit stage, offer out? 03/13/18
Southern Connecticut State University Yes Catherine Tan (Brandeis ABD) 02/01/18
St. Mary\'s College of Maryland demography (open rank) Description
St. Norbert College Open 09/18/17 Description
Phone interviews at least some campus invites out Yes Yes 01/02/18
Stanford University Environmental (open rank) 09/15/17 Christopher Rea (UCLA ABD), Maria Akchurin (Chicago PhD, Tulane postdoc), 1 AP ? failed 04/11/18
Stanford University Computational Social Science 09/15/17 Carly Knight (Harvard ABD), Hirokazu Shirado (Yale), Yongren Shi (Cornell via postdoc) failed search? 01/25/18
SUNY-Albany Criminal Justice. Open. Multiple Lines 09/01/17 Advert
Any new flyouts? Failed Search? No--they hired some PSU ABD 02/21/18
Susquehanna University Inequalities, social justice 10/16/17 Description
campus interviews underway invites out 12/01/17
Tel Aviv University Open 12/01/17 Advert
Yes 12/17/17
Temple University Criminal Justice campus invites extended Yes Yes 01/05/18
Texas A&M Latinx sociology 09/15/17 Stephanie Canizales (USC ABD) 01/22/18
Texas A&M University at San Antonio Quantitative Methods 01/01/18 Description
Phone interviews Shannon Shen (Michigan State) 04/13/18
Texas Christian University Open (but with some preferences) 09/15/17 Description
phone interviews Any new news? (1/1/18) Anything yet? yes, campus interviews scheduled yes Alicia Smith-Tran (Case Western PhD) 05/09/18
Texas State University open with preference for health, aging, and or sustainability 11/05/17 Description
phone interviews campus invites extended Yes Yes 03/10/18
Texas State University Crim Campus visits in progress Yes Yes 04/21/18
The College at Brockport Immigration, Globalization 10/01/17 Description
phone interviews underway Campus Invites Made 11/16/17
The College at Brockport, State University of New York gender and sexualities 10/01/17 Description
Phone interviews campus invites made 11/16/17
Towson University Criminal Justice 01/15/18 Description
Tufts University Race & Ethnicity 09/18/17 Advert
yes Daanika Gordon (Wisconsin ABD); Felipe Dias (Stanford postdoc, Berkeley PhD) 05/28/18
Tulane Race & Urban 09/15/17 campus invitations made yes rejected 12/18/17
Tulane Robin Bartram (Northwestern ABD) 04/05/18
U.C. Berkeley Trans Studies 01/31/18 Advert
UBC Environment 09/15/17 3 APs, 1 Postdoc 12/19/17
UBC Indigenous Peoples 09/15/17 Description
UC Berkeley Demography 10/10/17 Yes- Rejection by email invites out Any news? 04/16/18
UC Berkeley Open Natalie Aviles (Colby College Postdoc), Nathan Wilmers (Harvard ABD), Linsey Edwards (Princeton ABD), 3 APs (do not name APs) Yes Yan Long (Michigan PhD, Stanford Postdoc, Indiana AP) 03/09/18
UC Irvine Health care, management, strategy Description
UC Irvine International Studies 11/01/17 11/28/17
UC Irvine Education 02/27/18
UC Irvine, Criminology, Law & Society Open 09/15/17 Two offers Chris Seeds (NYU ABD) 02/27/18
UC Riverside Social Psychology (specializing in Quant/Experimental) 09/15/17 Yes Yes 04/11/18
UC Riverside 10/02/17 Description
Invites out - who??? Offer made Yes 02/14/18
UC Santa Barbara Culture Advert
2 ABD, 1 Postdoc, 1 AP; job talks postponed to January due to wildfires Yes Hannah Wohl (PhD Northwestern, Columbia Postdoc) 03/09/18
UC Santa Cruz Immigration, Latin America, Demography (quant) 10/02/17 Description
Campus interviews underway Yes 01/22/18
UC Santa Cruz Public Policy and Inequality 10/02/17 Invites out (who?) Other board says offer accepted. Who? 02/22/18
UCLA Open 10/05/17 Carly Knight (ABD Harvard), BK Lee (ABD Columbia), Nathan Wilmers (ABD Harvard), 2 APs Round 1: Knight and Wilmers (declined); Round 2: Arun Hendi (postdoc USC) Failed search 02/26/18
UCLA Conversation analysis Yes Giovanni Rossi (Helsinki postdoc PhD Max Planck) 04/11/18
UCLA Urban/Environmental Studies Description
Liz Koslov (PhD NYU, MIT Postdoc) Liz Koslov (PhD NYU, MIT Postdoc) 04/18/18
UCLA Public Policy immigration and/or migration 10/01/17 Description
anything? 01/10/18
UCONN Sociology (VAP) Description
UMASS at Lowell Criminology and Justice Studies Description
offer made reject emails out! 02/12/18
UMass Lowell Race/Ethnicity 10/20/17 Description
Skype Interview Requested Invites out Offer accepted 02/12/18
UMass-Amherst Organizations, policy 09/15/17 Advert
Request for more information sent out. For all candidates? Long short list? Ben Shestakofsky (Berkeley ABD); Pablo Gaston (Berkeley PhD, Rutgers Post-doc); Jennifer Nelson (Emory ABD); Brian Sargent (Northwestern PhD, Washington postdoc) Brian Sargent (Northwestern PhD, Washington postdoc) 02/09/18
UNC Health disparities, race Offer Made Taylor Hargrove (Vanderbilt PhD, UNC postdoc) 01/24/18
UNC at Charlotte Criminal Justice & Criminology 10/01/17 Any offers made? 02/13/18
UNC Charlotte Organizations 10/29/17 Description
Skype interviews scheduled invites out yes yes 03/02/18
UNC Greensboro Global Inequalities 11/20/17 Description
invites out Zachary Levenson (Berkeley ABD) 01/29/18
UNC Greensboro Statistics/Methods 10/23/17 Description
Phone interviews Invites out Yes Sahan Karatasli (Johns Hopkins PhD) 02/22/18
UNC Greensboro Criminology 10/11/17 Description
invites out Yes Trevor Hoppe (via Facebook, U-Albany AP, Michigan PhD, UC-Irvine Postdoc) 04/15/18
University of Alabama Advert
University of Alabama (Religious Studies) Social Theory of Race and Religion 10/01/17 Description
interview underway 49 yes, via rejection email 02/27/18
University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical Sociology Description
Offer out Cindy Cain (Arizona PhD) 04/11/18
University of Arkansas Inequality 12/02/17 Advert
Campus Interviews 12/18/17
University of California, San Francisco Med Soc 10/13/17 Description
invites out - who? yes Stacy Torres (NYU PhD, SUNY-Albany AP) 05/10/18
University of Central Florida Criminal Justice Onsite Underway Yes 11/04/17
University of Central Oklahoma Open 11/12/17
University of Colorado Boulder Open 10/15/17 Flyouts scheduled; Jaclyn Wong (Chicago ABD); others yes senior hire 01/31/18
University of Colorado Denver environmental health 12/01/17 Advert
University of Dayton Strat, Methods, Env Soc or Med Soc 09/15/17 Galli Robertson (Maryland ABD) 01/24/18
University of Dayton critical criminology, or law and society, or political sociology 09/29/17 Description
phone interviews scheduled Campus Invites Scheduled 11/10/17
University of Denver Sociology and Criminology Inequality 09/01/17 Yes Casey Stockstill (Wisconsin, ABD) 01/24/18
University of Florida Environmental Criminology 10/15/17 Description
Jessica Kahler (Mich State Univ PhD) 02/21/18
University of Florida Race and Policing 12/01/17 Description
Fly out invitations extended Brenden Beck (CUNY ABD) 02/21/18
University of Florida Interpersonal Violence 11/20/17 Description
Britni Adams (UCI PhD) 05/15/18
University of Florida Latin American Studies--Human Rights, Peace Studies, Justice 02/15/18 Description
University of Georgia Medical; Stats Description
campus interviews scheduled Yes - to insider 01/27/18
University of Hawai?i at M?noa Housing, Urban Sociology Philip Garboden (Johns Hopkins ABD) Philip Garboden (Johns Hopkins ABD) 03/09/18
University of Illinois, Chicago Work, organizations, economy 09/22/17 Description
phone interview requests sent out scheduled Any news? Mahesh Somashekhar (Princeton PhD, UW Postdoc) 01/23/18
University of Illinois--Chicago Criminology, Law, and Justice 10/30/17 Advert
Skype interviews happening, flyout invitations to be extended late week of 12/18 Travis Linnemann ? 05/31/18
University of Indianapolis Open Advert
Colleen Wynn (ABD, SUNY Albany) 05/15/18
University of Kentucky Medical sociology 11/16/17 Description
Yes Tony Bardo (Duke postdoc) 01/18/18
University of Louisville Criminal Justice 12/15/17 Description
Illinois State AP & ABD 02/23/18
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Open 10/15/17 Description
Any updates? Campus interviews scheduled 02/26/18
University of Maryland Open Advert
Linsey Edwards (ABD), Monica Caudillo (Postdoc), Aliya Rao (Postdoc), Ali Kadivar (Postdoc), Amelia Branigan (VAP), 2 APs Monica Caudillo (NYU PhD, Maryland Postdoc), Amelia Branigan (UIC VAP) 02/26/18
University of Maryland Criminology and Criminal Justice 10/02/17 Campus Interviews Underway - who? Greg Midgette (RAND Assoc Policy Researcher; PhD RAND) 05/01/18
University of Maryland Race & Gender Description
University of Michigan Law in person yes Meghan O\'Neil (SUNY-Albany ABD) yes 01/23/18
University of Minnesota (Religious Studies) Muslims in North American (joint appointment) 10/15/17 Description
University of Mississippi Criminal Justice/Criminology Description
University of Nebraska at Omaha Criminal Justice and Criminology 10/02/17 Advert
Campus invites extended. Names please?? Teresa Kulig (Cincinnati ABD) 01/24/18
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Latina/o Immigration 10/16/17 Description
Complete Yes (first candidate rejected) Marc Garcia (UT Austin PhD, UTMB Postdoc) 03/03/18
University of Nevada Reno (Ed School) P12 Education 10/06/17 Description
University of Nevada, Reno Management, teaching stats/methods 09/15/17 Advert
University of New Haven Criminology 10/01/17 Stephanie Bonnes (Colorado ABD) 02/21/18
University of New Mexico 10/01/17 Advert
In Person Yes Yes Eli Wilson (UCLA ABD) 01/24/18
University of New Orleans Crim in Soc Dept 11/10/17 Description
Phone interviews (2nd round) invitations extended 02/19/18
University of North Carolina Wilmington Criminology (Policing) 11/22/17 Description
Phone Interviews Done complete (2 ABDs, 1 AP) Yes Yes-ABD (Who??) 04/05/18
University of North Carolina Wilmington Criminology (Crim Theory) 11/22/17 Description
Phone Interviews Done 2 AP, 1 ABD Yes - Yes AP 02/28/18
University of North Carolina Wilmington Sociology X 2 11/22/17 Description
Phone Interviews Done 3 ABD, 1 VAP, 1 AP Yes Shane Elliot (UNC ABD); Erin Michaels (CUNY ABD) 02/03/18
University of North Florida gender and sexualities 11/16/17 invites out 02/01/18
University of North Texas gender or qualitative 11/01/17 Description
invites out (All gender invites out?) yes (UT Austin ABD) Katie Sobering (UT Austin ABD) 12/20/17
University of Northern Iowa Open, qualitative 09/29/17 Description
phone interviews underway invites out To who? 01/11/18
University of Oklahoma Early Childhood 01/01/18 Description
University of Pennsylvania Culture and Interaction, with an emphasis in Economic Sociology, and/or Sociology of Education, with 09/15/17 Description
University of Pittsburgh 09/15/17 Michael Warren Murphy (Brown ABD) 12/07/17
University of South Carolina Sociology 11/06/17 Description
Skype interviews completed Wong (Chicago ABD), Musto (USC ABD), Leal (UMass-Amherst ABD) Yes Jaclyn Wong (Chicago ABD) 02/07/18
University of South Carolina Sociology #2 Description
Skype interviews completed Wong (Chicago ABD), Musto (USC ABD), Leal (UMass-Amherst ABD) Yes Diego Leal (UMass-Amherst ABD) 02/22/18
University of South Carolina Criminology and Criminal Justice (2 lines) 11/27/17 Description
invites out - CJ position Yes (both) Yes (both) - who? 01/19/18
University of South Carolina Upstate Criminal Justice Description
University of South Florida Criminology 10/27/17 Description
Scheduled Yes, via email to me, a rejected 12/11/17
University of Southern California Open 10/01/17 Interviews Underway Joshua Seim Josh Seim (Berkeley ABD) 01/23/18
University of St Thomas 12/10/17 Advert
University of Tampa Sociology applied Advert
phone invites out 02/05/18
University of Tennessee - Knoxville 10/23/17 4 Campus visits underway 12/01/17
University of Texas at San Antonio Demography/Health/Quant (Sociology dept) 10/15/17 Description
invites out news??? Offer made who? 02/20/18
University of Texas at San Antonio Demography/Health (Demography dept) 10/16/17 Description
Interviews underway yes Ying Huang (SUNY Albany ABD) 02/20/18
University of Texas at San Antonio Criminal Justice 10/01/17 Advert
campus interviews requested ASU CJ ABD 01/24/18
University of Texas, Austin Description
University of Toronto (Mississauga) Crime/Law & Society (Associate/Full) 09/12/17 Advert
job talks completed 10/30/17
University of Toronto (Mississauga) Indigenous Studies 10/03/17 Advert
three invites out 11/07/17
University of Toronto (Scarborough) Quantitative Methods 10/11/17 Advert
invites out. Any updates? 12/06/17
University of Toronto (St George) Statistical and Social Science 10/31/17 Description
yes notified search complete 03/09/18
University of Toronto (St. George) race and ethnicity 09/11/17 Tahseen Shams (ABD, UCLA), Katherine Jensen (ABD, UT Austin), 1 AP Tahseen Shams (ABD, UCLA) Tahseen Shams (ABD, UCLA) 01/04/18
University of Toronto (St. George) Criminology & Socio-Legal Studies (Associate) 09/19/17 Advert
University of Toronto (St. George) Criminology & Socio-Legal Studies (Assistant) 09/19/17 Advert
Frank Edwards (Washington PhD Cornell Postdoc), Ayobami Laniyonu (UCLA ABD Poli Sci), at least one other Ayobami Laniyonu has been extended offer Accepted (Ayobami Laniyonu UCLA Poli sci ABD) 01/29/18
University of Utah Family and Consumer Studies 09/01/17 Description
invitations out yes yes 12/22/17
University of Washington immigration, health, demography 10/09/17 Advert
Nathan Wilmers (Harvard ABD), Joshua Seim (Berkeley ABD), Peter Catron (UPenn postdoc), Monica Alexander (Berkeley), and 1 AP Peter Catron Peter Catron 04/19/18
University of Washington Law, Societies, and Justice Advert
Requests for supplementary materials Neil Gong, Katherine Maich, Rawan Arar, one more Arar 01/29/18
University of West Georgia open 11/12/17 Description
Phone Interviews Invitations out 01/03/18
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Health and Illness 09/18/17 11/01/17
University of Wisconsin-Madison International Studies Long list contacted, invites to be sent in early Feb Other board says invites out Katherine Jensen(UT Austin ABD) 06/08/18
University of Wyoming Medical Sociology Description
Phone Visits completed yes-AP, who? 01/14/18
University of Wyoming Criminal Justice (3 lines--policing, theory, open) 10/14/17 Phone interviews Some scheduled 11/07/17
University of Wyoming 01/08/18
UT Austin Russia/Soviet studies 10/10/17 Description
invites out. Names? 11/04/17
Utah Criminology 09/15/17 Description
Utah State University Race and ethnicity 10/01/17 Advert
complete 2 offers made Marisela Martinez-Cola (Emory, ABD) & Guadalupe Marquez Velarde (Texas A&M, ABD) 01/25/18
Valdosta State University Medical, Methods, Race 01/19/18
Vancouver Island University Criminology 06/28/18 Description
Vanderbilt Sociology of Health and Well-Being 10/01/17 Description
Skype interviews Yes Yes Yes, Bianca Manago (Indiana ABD) 01/16/18
Vanderbilt Environmental Sociology 10/01/17 Description
invites out Yes Yes, Patrick Greiner, U. Oregon ABD 01/05/18
Vanderbilt University Global Health 10/01/17 Advert
? 12/29/17
Virginia Commonwealth Latinx sociology, immigration (quantitative) 10/01/17 Description
completed Yes Yes (Gabriela Leon-Perez, Vanderbilt, ABD) 12/28/17
Virginia Commonwealth University Sexuality, race, inequality 10/10/17 Description
skype interviews underway Invites out Yes Ying-Chao Kao (Rutgers, ABD) 01/24/18
Virginia Tech Race in American Religion & Culture (religious studies) 01/29/18 Description
Washburn University Open (Teach Religion) 2 Rumor has it offer made. 04/19/18
Washington and Lee Social stratification and Inequality 09/15/17 Description
Skype interviews complete Marcos Perez (UT Austin, PhD; Colby College Postdoc) 01/25/18
Washington College (Maryland) Stratification 10/01/17 Description
interviews underway 10/29/17
Washington State University Environment 02/15/18 Description
Wesleyan University STS 10/15/17 Description
campus 200 Interviews scheduled, 5 invites yes (by whom?) accepted (who?) 01/05/18
Western University Social stratification 09/22/17 Advert
in person interviews underway Yes Patrick Denice (U Washington Phd, WashU Postdoc) 01/30/18
William & Mary Criminology/Law & Society 04/12/18 Description
William Paterson University Criminology Description
2 offers/4 2 accepted 04/11/18
Williams College Open 09/01/17 Description
requests for more materials (course descriptions, letters, writing sample) are out Invitations made (Who?) Final job talk on 12/01 Ben Snyder (Virginia, PhD Univ. Victoria at Wellington Lecturer) 01/24/18
Wisconsin - Community & Environmental Soc Environment & health 09/15/17 Sarah Rios (ABD, UC Santa Barbara) 02/09/18
Wofford College sustainability studies, urban, community 10/16/17 Description
Yes Yes 01/03/18
Yale University sociology of health/medicine 09/15/17 Only 3 candidates interviewed: Anny Fenton (ABD, Harvard), Alka Menon (Northwestern ABD); Jennifer Nazareno (UCSF PhD, Brown postdoc) yes Alka Menon (Northwestern, ABD) 03/01/18