School Field Deadline Description Interview Method Rejection Campus Invitations Offer Made Offer Accepted Last Update
Albion College Quant and global/transnational 10/15/15 Description
Skype interviews scheduled (per SJMF) Out ? Matthew Schoene (Ohio State PhD, Davidson VAP) 05/08/16
American (Int'l Service) Yang Zhang (Chicago ABD) 02/25/16
American Bar Foundation Law Description
American University Health 10/12/15 Description
Na Molly Dondero (PhD, UT Austin; Post-Doc, Penn State) Yes 01/29/16
American University of the Middle East (Kuwait) Open Advert
Appalachian State University health and inequality 10/15/15 Description
Rejection letter in snail mail, dated 1/8/16 scheduled Yes Stef Shuster (Duke Postdoc; Iowa PhD) 03/21/16
Arizona State University School of Criminology & CJ 10/12/15 Description
Aggie Noah (PSU, ABD). Shi Yan (UAlbany SCJ). 05/02/16
Arkansas State Aging and Med Soc Skype interviews held 02/18/16
Assumption College Sociology- Criminal Justice 03/22/16
Auburn University Health disparities 12/01/15 Description
Augustana College Social Welfare/Social Policy 10/01/15 Advert
Phone interviews scheduled Out (per SJMF) yes yes (who?) 03/03/16
Aurora University Open 11/01/15 Advert
phone interviews are scheduled Snail mail letters sent. out (per sjmf) Yes Nicholas Guittar (UCF PhD; VSU AP) Stephanie Gonzalez Guittar (UCF PhD; VSU AP) 01/27/16
Australian National University (2) political sociology, social science of the internet, organisational sociology, health sociology and 10/30/15 Description
received 12/4 Li Yi (UNC PhD and Duke postdo 05/08/16
Bard College VAP 09/01/15 Description
Skype yes Laura Ford (PhD, Cornell, post-doc) 12/07/15
Baylor 2 positions - Health and Family (quant) 10/02/15 Description
on campus; short list notified Interviews scheduled, Adriana Reyes (Penn State ABD) 2 made, 1 offer declined Matthew Andersson (Yale Postdoc, Ph.D. University of Iowa), Jennifer Caputo (Indiana University, ABD) 12/19/15
Berea College Dee Hill Zuganelli (Arizona AbD) 03/21/16
Biola University Open 09/01/15 Description
phone call 10/12/15
Birmingham Southern College 11/15/15 Description
Scheduled Yes Jessica Eckhardt, UofUtah ABD 03/03/16
Boise State University Open 11/01/15 phone interviews are scheduled scheduled Chan Suh (Cornell PhD, Cornell Postdoc) 02/24/16
Boston College Qualitative; open area but preference for criminology, immigration, poverty, or social movements 09/14/15 Description
emails sent 12/15 interviews scheduled; 2 ABDs, Postdoc, AP Julia Chuang, John Robinson Julia Chuang (Berkeley PhD, Brown Postdoc) 12/16/15
Boston University Urban/Quant 10/01/15 Description
Jessica Simes (Harvard ABD), Claire Herbert (Michigan ABD), Ana Villarreal (Berkeley ABD), Eva Rosen (Johns Hopkins post-doc, Harvard PhD), 1 AP Yes Jessica Simes (Harvard ABD); Ana Villarreal (Berkeley ABD) 12/11/15
Boston University (African-Amer studies) Racial and Ethnic Relations Description
senior search-- will not publicize campus visits 11/29/15
Boston University (school of theology) Sociology of Religion 10/01/15 Description
Interviews set up at AAR. over yes Jonathan Calvillo (ABD, UCI) 03/28/16
Bowdoin College - VAP Open 02/01/16 Description
Brandeis University Social movements, race, quantitative 09/15/15 Description
rejection email received 12-7 Scheduled (per SJMF). Starts week of 10/26 Gowri Vijayakumar ABD Berkeley 12/10/15
Bridgewater State Criminal Justice 03/22/16
Brigham Young University Open 10/01/15 Description
visits complete yes Ryan Gabriel (Washington ABD) 02/02/16
Brown (Dept Ed) David Rangel (Wisconsin ABD) 01/25/16
Brown\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Watson Institute Postdoc (International) 10/15/15 Advert
offers made 12/23/15
Bryn Mawr College Gender, health, law, criminology, comp/historical, theory 10/01/15 Description
Interviews Complete Yes Piper Coutinho-Sledge (Chicago PhD) 02/24/16
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Migration, Gender and/or ethnicity 10/14/15 Phone interviews Campus invites are out Yes Yes 03/10/16
Cal Poly State San Luis Obispo Sociology Description
Phone Interviews done? ? 02/27/16
Cal State Fresno African-American, Criminology Description
phone interviews scheduled 11/09/15
Cal State Fresno (soc dept) Theory/quant 10/01/15 Advert
Phone interviews being scheduled (per SJMF). yes Amber Crowell, TAMU PhD, Postdoc; Tim Cupery, UNC 04/25/16
Cal State U - Channel Islands Environmental Soc 09/02/15 Description
Skype campus visits scheduled Yes Rachel Soper, UCSD 12/04/15
Cal State Univ.-Long Beach Social networks, social psych Description
phone interviews scheduled 12/06/15
Cal State Univ.-Long Beach Education Description
Cal State- Long Beach Criminology/CJ Phone Interviews Scheduled Scheduled 10/24/15
California State Bakersfield Quant 11/01/15 Advert
Scheduled (per SJMF) Yes Yes 02/10/16
California State Chico Race, Social Psychology, Statistics Description
Phone interviews being scheduled scheduled Yes Yes 02/01/16
California State Long Beach Education Advert
Phone interviews- scheduled Scheduled 02/01/16
California State Long Beach Social Psychology Advert
phone interviews scheduled In progress Yes 02/25/16
California State Polytechnic U-Pomona Criminology 10/10/15 Description
Scheduled 01/08/16
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Crim 10/15/15 Description
California State Sacramento Theory 10/01/15 Description
scheduled Yes Yes - who? 03/29/16
California State Univ-Los Angeles Migration/Immigration, urban Advert
Phone -scheduled complete Yes (2 offers made) Yes - Katie Dingeman-Cerda (Irvine); Denver VAP; William Rosales (UCLA ABD) 04/19/16
California State University - San Bernardino Dept. Chair (Open Specialty) 10/30/15 Description
California State University-Dominguez Hills Family and Life Course, Aging/Social Gerontology 10/01/15 Description
Phone Interviews Completed complete yes yes 01/22/16
California State University-Fullerton criminology (soc. dept., 2 openings) 09/08/15 Description
Campus interviews Scheduled Mariam Ashtiani UCI ABD 12/11/15
California State University-Fullerton CJ dept - gender/victimology 09/15/15 Description
Phone Email Scheduled Who? 01/12/16
California State University-Los Angeles gerontology 10/05/15 Description
On-campus out yes Luoman Bao, Maryland, ABD 02/18/16
Carleton College Theory 07/15/15 Description
rejection email sent Wes Markofski (Wisconsin ABD) 11/25/15
Carleton University Criminology 11/16/15 Description
On Campus 2/16 Interviews 1/7-1/15 02/17/16
Catholic University open 01/30/16 Advert
City University London Culture and Creative Industries (TT equivalent) 06/24/15 Description
Diana Yeh (PhD University of East London) 11/25/15
Clarkson U OT/Health David Schelly (ABD, Wisc) 05/05/16
Clarkson University Health and inequalities, medical sociology / quant 10/09/15 Description
Skype Being Scheduled (per SJMF) Yes Yes 12/26/15
Clemson University 2 Lecturer Positions phone interviews are being scheduled invites out 01/12/16
Clemson University sociology/anthropology department chair interviews completed 04/28/16
Cleveland State University Crim 10/30/15 Advert
phone 11/20 12/19/15
Coastal Carolina Univeristy Social Inequality/Social Justice 10/31/15 Description
Phone interviews scheduled 11/10/15
Colby College Open 10/15/15 Description
Interviews scheduled: Aliza Luft (ABD Wisconsin), Hassan El Menyawi (NYU ABD), Colin Campbell (UNC PhD, Wisconsin postdoc), Daniel Laurison (UC Berkeley PhD, LSE Postdoc) Hassan El Menyawi (NYU ABD), Daniel Laurison (UC Berkeley PhD, LSE Postdoc) 05/09/16
Colgate University social movements 09/01/15 Description
out sent Any update? 01/14/16
College of William & Mary Medical Sociology 10/15/15 Description
long list generated Interviews scheduled Yes Elyas Bakhtiari (Boston U, ABD) 04/28/16
College of William & Mary Asian & Middle Eastern Studies 10/15/15 Description
College of William & Mary European and Russian/Post-Soviet Studies 10/31/15 Description
Any updates? 12/07/15
Colorado College Open/Theory 10/01/15 Description
Scheduled (per SJMF) yes Prentiss A. Dantzler (Rutgers PHD, Colorado College VAP), Laura Hannscott (Not TT) 04/29/16
Colorado Mesa University Megan Henley (Arizona AbD) 04/04/16
Colorado State University-Pueblo general sociology, social psychology, and/or social inequalities: race/class/gender/sexuality Campus Interviews Scheduled Scheduled 03/16/16
Columbia University Open 10/01/15 Description
In person Not sent Maria Abascal, Princeton ABD; Anthony Jack, Harvard ABD; 2 APs Maria Abascal, Tey Meadow Maria Abascal, Princeton ABD; Tey Meadow (Harvard AP, NYU PhD) 03/09/16
Cornell Open/Quantitative 10/05/15 Description
Vida Maralani (AP Yale) 04/05/16
Cornell Development/Environment/Spatial 09/30/15 Letter Received 11/25/15 Yes Yes John Zinda (Wisconsin PhD; Brown Postdoc) 01/25/16
Cornell University PAM - Demography 08/10/15 Description
Peter Rich (NYU), Abigail Weitzman (NYU, Michigan postdoc), Jon Zelner Abigail Weitzman; Peter Rich Peter Rich (NYU abd) 12/18/15
Crandall University Open Description
Creighton University Health policy Description
Curry College who? 03/24/16
Cuyahoga Community College Open Description
Davidson College Stats (other areas open) 10/05/15 Description
Skype Scheduled yes Natalie Deckard (Emory, ABD) 01/06/16
Denison University 10/01/15 Description
Long short list notified Rejection email received Interviews scheduled (per SJMF) 12/10/15
Drexel University Urban (2 lines) Description
Phone Interviews Requested via email Jeremy Levine (Harvard ABD), Claire Herbert (Michigan ABD), John Robinson (Northwestern ABD), Jessica Simes (Harvard, ABD), Jason Orne Claire Herbert (Michigan ABD), John Robinson (Northwestern ABD), Jeremy Levine (Harvard ABD), Jason Orne Claire Herbert (Michigan ABD), Jason Orne (Wisconsin PhD, Wisconsin Postdoc) 02/24/16
Duke Race, Class and Gender Description
In Person Maria Abascal (Princeton ABD), 2 APs Yes Tyson Brown, AP Vanderbilt 02/16/16
Duquesne University Open, Applied Sociology/Evaluation Research Description
invitation sent 12/15/15
East Carolina University Open/sociology shortlist contacted 3 completed, per other board Collin Campbell, UNC PhD, Wisconsin Postdoc 02/26/16
Eastern Michigan University department head: sociology, anthropology, criminology Yes Yes; Julian Murchison (Millsaps) 03/25/16
Eastern Oregon University Generalist 01/12/16 Advert
Skype interviews being scheduled 02/02/16
Eckerd College Description
long short list notified 3 ABDs (UCI, Indiana, Texas) yes yes; Lisa Miller (ABD Indiana) 01/08/16
Elon University Crime/race 11/23/15 Advert
Skype interviews scheduled 12/18/15
Emory University China In person Out 01/20/16
Emory University (Business School) Orgs, Formal and Complex, Economic Sociology Description
Scheduled 11/30/15
Emporia State University Crim 09/21/15 Advert
Yes Holly Pottle (TWU ABD) 04/06/16
Florida Atlantic University environment, aging, mental health, health care Skype being scheduled scheduled failed search 03/30/16
Florida Atlantic University Criminology/Criminal Justice 12/03/15 Advert
In-Person Yes yes Lisa Dario (Crim ABD; Arizona State University) 12/14/15
Florida Atlantic University Social Psychology, Health, and/or Gender and Family Skype being scheduled per other board 04/10/16
Florida State University aging 11/01/15 Description
Emails sent 11/09/15
Florida State University Criminology 10/30/15 Description
Marin Wenger (ABD, Penn State) Marin Wenger (ABD, Penn State); Cecilia Chouhy (ABD, University of Cincinnati- CJ Dept) 01/08/16
Francis Marion health/medical 10/15/15 Description
Phone interviews being scheduled (per SJMF) Out yes yes 03/30/16
Fudan University Stratification/Mobility, Theory Description
Xue Li (Emory ABD) 01/30/16
Furman University inequality, urban, poverty 10/15/15 Description
Scheduling phone fly outs (2) scheduled Yes Amy Jonason (Notre Dame ABD) 01/15/16
George Mason University Quant/Health, Aging, Demography 10/01/15 Description
Skype interviews requested (per SJMF) Tyler Myroniuk, Maryland PhD, Brown Post-Doc 02/18/16
George Washington University Full professor Description
Georgetown College criminal justice Description
Georgia Institute of Technology Institutions, organizations Description
Georgia State University Criminology 09/01/15 Description
On campus Email VIsits complete: 1 AP; 1 Postdoc; 1 ABD 12/02/15
Georgia State University Urban sociology, global /transnational sociology, political organization, inequality 10/15/15 Description
scheduled 2 APs, 1 postdoc yes Daniel Pasciuti, (JHU PHD, JHU Research Scientist) 05/02/16
Georgia State University (Global Studies Institute) Global and Transnational Sociology, Migration/Immigration Description
Scheduled 12/23/15
Georgia Tech Science/Technology, Environmental Sociology 09/15/15 Description
Scheduled (per SJMF) Yes Kate Pride Brown (Vanderbilt PhD and postdoc) 03/21/16
Goucher College - Baltimore, MD Environmental Sociology 10/21/15 Description
Phone interviews scheduled 11/06/15
Grand Valley State University Crim 10/01/15 Advert
Campus invites sent (per SJMF) Yes Jacki Cwick (University of Missouri - St. Louis Crim, ABD) 02/09/16
Green Mountain College Environmental Sociology phone interviews being scheduled Emails sent 03/09/16
Grinnell- 2yr VAP Sociology 05/01/15 Description
Hartwick College Crim and Quant Methods 10/21/15 Description
Yes Ryan Ceresola (SIU ABD) 01/18/16
Harvard School of Ed Anthony Jack (Harvard ABD) 01/18/16
Harvard (Govt) Xiang Zhou (Michigan PhD, Princeton Post-doc) 03/28/16
Harvard Academy Scholars Postdoc (Area Studies) 10/01/15 Advert
12 finalists notified 11/10 11/10/15
High Point University Open 11/20/15 Advert
scheduled Yes Yes, Emily Estrada (NC State ABD) 04/06/16
Hofstra University Crim 09/01/15 Advert
Yes Yes Yes, Sasha Rodriguez ABD Stony Brook 02/06/16
Hong Kong Baptist Open, Chinese Society 07/09/15
Hunter College, CUNY Race and Ethnicity / Health and Medical 11/09/15 Description
scheduled CalvinJohn Smiley CalvinJohn Smiley (CUNY Phd; Montclair St AP) 02/24/16
Idaho State University criminology and deviance, gender and sexuality, health and illness, or families Advert
Skype invites emailed Campus interviews scheduled and/or being scheduled 11/03/15
IIT Gandhinagar Advert
Illinois State University quantitative methods 10/01/15 Description
1/26: invites for skype interviews yes offer rejected? 01/26/16
Indiana University - Bloomington Criminal Justice Description
Campus interviews being scheduled Offer to AP 12/17/15
Indiana University - Southeast Crim/CJ 09/15/15 Advert
Scheduling phone interviews 10/26/15
Indiana University of Pennsylvania clinical/human services 11/02/15 Description
Yes 04/30/16
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Crim/CJ 09/14/15 Advert
Phone interviews 1 visit on 11/2 Yes Daniel Scott (Non-SOC ABD UC Irvine) 12/08/15
Johns Hopkins Scheduled 12/03/15
Kalamazoo College Prison Industrial Complex 10/01/15 Description
Phone Interviews Scheduled scheduled yes yes -Francisco Villegas (Toronto) 01/24/16
Kalamazoo College International Political Ecology, Methods (Qual & Quant) 11/15/15 Description
Phone interviews 01/24/16
Kansas (Public Affairs) Ben Merriman (Chicago ABD) 02/25/16
Kent State - Salem Campus Crim/CJ Description
Kent State - Trumbull Campus Crim/CJ Description
Kenyon College Education, Environment 09/15/15 Description
phone interviews Fly outs scheduled yes yes - who? 12/15/15
Lafayette College International Affairs 10/15/15 Advert
Skype interviews Yes 12/09/15
Lancaster University Criminology 03/20/16 Description
Louisiana State University Crim/Law 10/15/15 Advert
yes 12/14/15
Loyola Social Work Description
In-person Yes Yes - Maria Wathen, Michigan ABD 01/24/16
Loyola Marymount University Racial and Ethnic Relations, Latina/o Sociology Description
Long short list notified interviews scheduled per SJMF Yes Sylvia Zamora (UCLA Phd, Chicago Postdoc) 04/27/16
Loyola University at Chicago Qualitative Methods Description
letters requested recvd via email 11/6 Invitations made (who?) Yes Yes - Judson Everitt (Indiana PhD Lecturer, Loyola Chicago) 04/03/16
LSE 2 AP positions, multiple fields 10/28/15 Description
Rejection e-mails sent Race/ Political: 6 APs, 1 Post-Doc ; Econ: 3 APs, 1 ABD (Berkeley) Yes Yes (Rebecca Elliott, Berkeley ABD; Monika Krause, NYU PhD, Goldsmiths AP) 04/14/16
LSE Qualitative Methods 10/29/15 Rejection emails sent job talks scheduled (internal candidate + 5) Chana Teeger (Harvard PhD, Johannesburg post-doc) Chana Teeger 03/13/16
LSE (qual methods) qualitative methods invitations sent 12/17/15
Malone University Crim (esp. Restorative Justice) 11/06/15 Description
Manhattan College Crim 12/01/15 Description
Request for letters of rec sent via email Invites out Jay Borchert (Michigan ABD) Jay Borchert (Michigan ABD) 03/09/16
Marlboro College General (only soc teacher) 10/09/15 Advert
Campus interviews done yes yes 12/16/15
Marquette University Crim 10/02/15 Description
Interviews complete Yes Yes 02/10/16
Maryland Dawn Dow (AP, \'Cuse) 05/05/16
Max Planck Institute for Collective Goods, Germany Social Norms, Quantitative, Experimental Methods 11/30/15 Description
McGill University Inequality and diversity 09/15/15 Description
Invites out (who?) - 1 AP, 1 Postdoc, 2 ABDs yes Jennifer Elrick (ABD, Toronto) 03/03/16
McGill University Qualitative 09/15/15 Description
Invites out (who?) Roi Livne (Berkeley ABD); Jan Doering Jan Doering (Chicago Phd; Toronto Postdoc) 03/01/16
Michigan 03/01/16
Michigan State University Migration Description
Rejection emails sent visits complete Yes Aaron Ponce (Indiana ABD) 12/21/15
Michigan State University Health and Medicine 10/01/15 Description
rejection emails sent out Interviews scheduled - one ABD on 23rd, one post-doc on 30th (Andersson) Yes Ning Hsieh (UChicago postdoc, Penn PhD) 12/22/15
Michigan State University Culture, Politics, and International Public Health Description
interviews scheduled failed search 03/03/16
Michigan State University Criminal Justice 10/01/15 Advert
On Campus email Concluded Any update? 12/03/15
Michigan State University Media & information - interd. Soc sci 03/01/16 Advert
Middlebury College Social Policy/Quant 12/07/15 Description
rejection emails out 01/07/16
Missouri State University Family Description
phone interviews are scheduled rejection email sent 2/29 03/10/16
MIT (Sloan School) Management Description
Monmouth College Crim and Research Methods 10/20/15 Description
Phone interviews completed on campus interviews held Jonathan Coley - Phd Vanderbilt 02/01/16
Montclair State University Qualitative Methodology Advert
phone visits complete yes Stephen Ruszczyk (PhD, City University of New York) 02/10/16
Montclair State University Criminal Justice/Justice Studies Advert
Phone Interviews Scheduled 04/07/16
Mount St Mary\'s Theory Yes Yes 04/07/16
Nanyang Technological University Urban 11/20/15 Advert
National University of Singapore 10/31/15 Description
Chitra Venkataramani (Harvard postdoc), Jinghong Zhang (Australian National University postdoc), 3 APs 03/16/16
Naval Postgraduate School networks, organizations, or strategy Description
Nazarbayev University Social Psychology 11/27/15 Advert
Nazarbayev University Global Development/Political Economy 11/27/15 Advert
Skype No on-site; 2nd round Skype Yes Yes 03/24/16
Nazarvayev University Medical Sociology 11/27/15 Advert
New York University Urban, International 07/01/15 Description
Emails sent out 9/24 09/24/15
North Carolina State University community and crime 09/15/15 Description
Jessica Simes (ABD, Harvard) Yes April Fernandes (Washington PhD, Postdoc) 02/02/16
Northeastern University Cluster Hire: Big Data, Quant, Networks Advert
letters requested per other site yes 01/03/16
Northern Arizona sociology/social work department chair 04/28/16
Northern State University human services, gerontology Description
Northwestern Asian American Studies Description
scheduled Failed 02/23/16
Northwestern University Kellogg School - 2 positions - 1 open + 1 computational social science 10/02/15 Description
Maria Abascal 11/19/15
Northwestern University Buffett Institute Postdoc global, comparative, or international affairs 11/30/15 Description
Rejections sent out Any update? 02/15/16
NUS STS 06/01/16 Description
NYU Open 09/15/15 Description
campus invitations scheduled campus invitations scheduled; Ali Kadivar, UNC ABD; Roi Livne, Berkeley ABD; James Jones, Columbia ABD; Maria Abascal, Princeton ABD; 1 AP Alexandra Killewald (Harvard Associate Prof.), Maria Abascal (Princeton ABD); UCLA AP 05/05/16
NYU Abu Dhabi Open Visits complete Yes Malte Reichelt (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, ABD); Blaine Robbins (Washington PhD, Berkeley Postdoc) 02/10/16
NYU Steinhardt Rachel Fish (Wisconsin PhD, Notre Dame Postdoc) 02/24/16
Oakland University Quant yes; Matthew May (Oakland Vap, Georgia Phd) 03/13/16
Ohio State University demography 10/02/15 Description
scheduled (Adriana Reyes, Penn State ABD) 12/09/15
Ohio State University Stratification 10/02/15 Description
3 APs Yes 11/18/15
Old Dominion University criminology, quantitative Description
Phone yes 11/30/15
Oregon Institute of Technology Sociology 03/01/16 Description
Yes 05/09/16
Park University Sociology yes yes 04/09/16
Peking University Methodology Description
Penn State Rural Sociology - Communities 09/01/15 Description
3 scheduled (2APs, ABD) 11/14/15
Pepperdine Bryant Crubaugh (ND ABD) 03/20/16
Pew Research Center Survey Methodologist Description
Portland State Urban 10/01/15 Description
Phone interviews requests sent rejection e-mails sent 2 ABD, 1 postdoc Yes Julius McGee, ABD UofO 12/03/15
Portland State Criminology (in soc dept) 10/01/15 Description
letter requests sent (per SJMF) email Campus interviews underway. 1 AP, 1 postdoc, 1 VAP Yes Yes, heard the AP got it. 03/10/16
Portland State Criminology/CJ - 3 positions in-person Offers made (who?) 11/08/15
Princeton Theological Seminary social scientist of congregational studies 10/01/15 Description
Skype interviews scheduled rejection emails sent yes Margarita Mooney (Princeton PhD, Research Scientist at Yale) 03/30/16
Purdue Criminal Justice, criminology Description
Purdue Uhiversity Quantitative Methods 09/28/15 Description
all 3 APs Yes Shawn Bauldry (UNC PhD, UAB AP) 12/18/15
Purdue University Law, Crime, Deviance intersecting with inequality broadly defined 09/21/15 Description
an AP from the Plains area; Spencer Headworth (ABD Northwestern) Yes Spencer Headworth (ABD, Northwestern) 12/03/15
Purdue university Open. Dept. head Yes. Linda Renzulli (Professor, Georgia) 04/27/16
Purdue University - Calumet Crim and soc theory 10/15/15 Description
Phone interviews complete Campus visits complete Yes Who? 02/01/16
Purdue University - North Central Open 10/01/15 Advert
Skype scheduled Yes Yes 02/02/16
Queen\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Criminology/Delinquency, Quantitative Methodology 09/30/15 Description
email (1 AP; Gabrielle Plickert, postdoc Texas A&M; Chris Esselmont ABD Calgary) Yes Victoria Sytsma (Crim AP, Toronto) 02/06/16
Rand Corporation labor and demography; health; org theory, behavior and culture; crime Description
Scheduling ? 11/19/15
Rhode Island College 11/30/15 Description
Rhode Island College Crim, race, methods 11/30/15 Advert
Rice University (assistant) Open 10/01/15 Description
interviews scheduled per SJMF; Anthony Jack (Harvard ABD) 11/10/15
Rice University (senior) open 10/01/15 Description
Yes - do tell! Tony Brown, Assoc Prof Vanderbilt 02/26/16
Rowan University Criminal Justice 09/30/15 Description
On campus Scheduled 10/21/15
Rutgers (poli sci) U.S. Politics/Criminal Justice Description
Rutgers (pub health) Aging, vulnerable populations, health care reform, mental health Description
Saint John's University Race, Theory Description
Skype 03/03/16
Saint Marys University 3 Positions (Feminist Crim; Feminist Soci; 1 VAP) 09/01/15 Advert
Sent via snail mail 11/23/15
Saint Peter's University Criminal justice, crim theory Advert
Salem State University Criminal Justice (two TT positions) Description
Phone interviews underway 10/29/15
Sam Houston State University CJ/Crim Advert
Campus Visit 2 Postdocs; 1 ABD 2 made Daniel Butler, U of Nebraska Omaha (Crim) ABD; Eryn O\'Neal, ASU (Crim) ABD 01/04/16
Sam Houston State University race, disasters, and/or environmental justice 01/15/16 Description
phone 02/18/16
San Diego State University (Religious Studies) sociology of religion 09/15/15 Description
rejection emails sent out 10/16/15
San Francisco State University Crim/CJ (Punishment and Social Control) 11/01/15 Description
Yes Yes 03/10/16
Simon Fraser University Open 01/15/16 Advert
Simon Fraser University School of Criminology 02/08/16 4 interviews 04/05/16
Simon Fraser University Sociology 01/15/16 Description
On campus 1 PhD 03/31/16
SMU Econ, Orgs, Race/Ethnicity Southern Methodist University 10/01/15 Description
Yes Christine Wheatley (UT-Austin ABD) 04/06/16
Sonoma State University Crim/CJ dept. 10/21/15 Advert
Sent via email 11/06/15
Southern Methodist University Postdoc - Immigration/Latino Politics 09/15/15 Description
Stanford Open 09/20/15 Description
rejection emails sent Kim Pernell-Gallagher (Harvard ABD), Maria Abascal (Princeton ABD), Charles Seguin (UNC ABD), 1 AP CS & MA (2 offers out) Jackelyn Hwang (Harvard PhD; Princeton Postdoc); David Pedula (AP-UT-Austin) 04/28/16
Stanford Asians/Asian-Americans 09/15/15 Description
Stetson University Urban 10/15/15 Advert
Skype scheduled scheduled 12/03/15
SUNY - Albany School of Criminal Justice 09/04/15 Description
Campus Visit 3 APs. David Hureau (ABD, Harvard). Offers made: David Hureau (ABD), Josh Cochran (AP, USF) Accepted: David Hureau (ABD, Harvard) 11/28/15
SUNY - Albany Brandon Gorman (UNC ABD) 04/20/16
SUNY - Plattsburgh Race/ethnicity 01/19/16 Description
Liz Onasch (VAP Northwestern; PhD Northwestern) 03/21/16
SUNY - Potsdam Crim and Quant Methods Advert
SUNY Binghamton global social (in)justice 10/28/15 Description
skype scheduled Kristin Plys (Yale ABD), Lila Sharif (UCSD?) & Leandro Vergara-Camus 04/07/16
SUNY Cortland Criminology 10/16/15 Description
Phone interviews completed scheduled & completed Yes Yes - Samantha Applin (SUNY Albany) & Brendan McQuade (DePaul VAP/PhD SUNY Binghamton) 02/22/16
SUNY Oneonta Sociology/Criminology (x2 TT) Description
Phone interviews scheduled 02/22/16
SUNY- Albany Gender 09/15/15 Description
Gowri Vijayakumar (Berkeley, ABD); Kathleen Averett (UT-Austin; ABD); Caitlyn Collins (UT-Austin; ABD); + one postdoc yes; Gowri Vijayakumar (Berkeley, ABD) rejected offer; Offer 2 Made and rejected Kathleen Averett (UT-Austin; ABD) 01/09/16
SUNY-Buffalo (Education) Education/Org Theory 11/15/15 Description
2 Post-Docs yes yes 03/05/16
SUNY-Buffalo (Education) Education/Qualitative Methods 11/15/15 Description
1 Soc ABD, 1 Post-Doc, 1 AP yes yes 03/21/16
Susquehanna University social movements/race/gender Skype interviews in progress 02/20/16
Swarthmore College (Sociology/Anthropology) Sociology/Quantitative Methods 09/15/15 Description
Phone interviews Scheduling Daniel Laurison (BerkeleyPhD, LSE postdoc) yes, Daniel Laurison (accepted) 01/06/16
Syracuse Political Soc 1 AP, Christine Wheatley (UT Austin ABD), Edwin Ackerman (Berkeley ABD), Brice Johnson (UNC), Marcus Paige (UNC) Edwin Ackerman (Berkeley ABD) 04/03/16
Temple University Criminal Justice Advert
Yes Alese Wooditch (CRIM ABD, George Mason) 02/28/16
Temple University (J-School) soc of journalism 09/01/15 Description
yes yes 12/03/15
Tennessee Tech Crim/CJ 11/02/15 Description
Texas A&M Chair Denis O\'Hearn, Binghamton University 04/14/16
Texas Christian University Political/Econ Soc, orgs, Urban, Work, Occupations and Education Description
scheduled yes Amina Zarrugh (UT-Austin ABD) 12/03/15
Texas State University gerontology/aging 10/01/15 Description
Texas State University Criminal Justice 09/30/15 Description
Campus Interviews Scheduled 11/22/15
Texas Tech University Health+Quantitative methods 11/02/15 Description
skype interviews scheduled done Yes Brandon Wagner (Princeton Postdoc, UNC PhD) 03/18/16
Texas Tech University Criminology/Criminal Justice VAP Description
Telephone/Skype 05/05/16
Texas Woman\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s University (Denton) Crim and Gender 09/15/15 Description
Skype Skype (5) Yes Yes 05/02/16
The Citadel Criminal Justice Yes (who?) 03/02/16
Towson University 2 positions (crim and soc) 10/15/15 Description
quant/health (soc) scheduling crim scheduled Soc - yes (Soc) Jason Freeman UNC ABD 01/01/16
Truman State Sociology Description
Tufts University Criminal Justice 09/25/15 Description
Jessica Simes (Harvard ABD), others? yes Jill Weinberg (VAP, Depaul; PhD Northwestern) 12/05/15
U of Texas- El Paso Criminology/Criminal Justice Advert
In-person Interviews scheduled 02/03/16
UC Berkeley (Social Welfare) Poverty and Income Inequality 10/19/15 Description
U. Michigan ABD Yes Erin Kerrison, Penn Post-Doc, PhD Delaware (Crim) 02/18/16
UC Boulder Health 09/15/15 Description
skype Concluded:1 AP, 1 post doc (Andersson), 2 ABDs (who were they?) Amanda Stevenson (UT-Austin ABD) Amanda Stevenson (UT-Austin ABD) 12/31/15
UC Boulder Theory and Culture 09/15/15 Description
skype and phone Interviews concluded: 1 AP, 1 post doc (Jeff Guhin), 2 ABDs (Wes Markofski - Madison, Mathieu Desan - Michigan) First offer declined Mathieu Desan (Michigan ABD) 12/03/15
UC Davis health, environment, and social justice. 09/15/15 Description
letter requested campus invites out (per SJMF) Roi Livne (Berkeley ABD) No 02/09/16
UC Davis Community & Regional Development 12/31/15 Description
UC Irvine Criminology, Law & Society 10/01/15 Description
long short list Campus invites sent (per SJMF) yes Ana Muniz 03/21/16
UC Irvine Criminology, Law & Society (Crim. & Public Policy) 11/15/15 Description
yes 01/30/16
UC Irvine health, latino(a)s Description
UC Santa Barbara Black Studies - Chair 09/01/15 Advert
UC Santa Barbara Sociology of Immigration Description
Interviews completed: Maria Abascal, Ariela Schachter, Erika Arenas Erika Arenas (UCLA ABD) Erika Arenas (UCLA ABD) 03/16/16
UCLA 2 AP positions (open) 10/01/15 Description
Interviews scheduled: Aliza Luft (ABD Wisconsin), Karida Brown (ABD Brown), Jeff Guhin (PhD Yale, UVA Postdoc), Edwin Ackerman (ABD Berkeley), Wes Markofski (ABD Wisconsin), Ariela Schachter, 2 AP\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Aliza Luft Karida Brown (ABD Brown); Jeffrey Guhin (Yale PhD, UVA IASC Postdoc); Aliza Luft (ABD Wisconsin) 01/04/16
UCR African American Disparities 03/31/16 Description
UCSF Health, quantitative 09/15/15 Description
Interviews scheduled: 4 APs, 1 postdoc (Abigail Weitzman) 11/02/15
UMass- Lowell Criminology, criminal justice 09/10/15 Description
Phone interviews completed On campus interviews completed Yes Yes (who?) 02/19/16
UMass-Boston Criminology 09/15/15 Description
phone interviews scheduled Yes Yes (who??) Yes 02/19/16
UMass-Boston Urban/Race 09/15/15 Description
Skype interviews requested Yes Yes Yes 12/15/15
UNC Open/social inequality and gender 10/01/15 Description
Rejection emails sent Invites out Katherine Weisshaar Katherine Weisshaar (Stanford ABD) 12/16/15
UNC - Asheville Race and Ethnicity 10/01/15 Description
Skype scheduled (4) Yes Megan Underhill (University of Cincinnati, ABD) 12/30/15
UNC - Pembroke Crim 11/15/15 Advert
UNC Chapel Hill health 09/15/15 Description
scheduled Yes Yes Jan 2016 01/26/16
UNC Chapel Hill African diaspora in Latin America 11/07/15 Description
UNC Chapel Hill Open 10/01/15 Advert
On-Campus Irene Boeckmann (Post-Doc), Katherine Weisshaar (ABD), AP 11/03/15
UNC Charlotte Health, Health Services 11/19/15 Campus interviews scheduled 12/08/15
Univ of British Columbia Family 09/15/15 Advert
On Campus interviews completed yes Yue Qian (Ohio State ABD) 01/18/16
UNIVERSITAT POMPEU FABRA Political and Social Sciences 03/14/16 Description
University at Albany Duplication (See SUNY-Albany Criminal Justice Above) 10/11/15
University of Alabama religion and social theory 10/01/15 Description
University of Alabama 2 TT in Crim/CJ (#1 cyber criminology. #2 judicial process, criminal law, and/or law and society) 11/01/15 Description
Adam Ghazi-Tehrani (ABD, UC Irvine-Crim) 01/09/16
University of Alberta theory 09/01/15 Description
Dr. Robyn Lee (Ph.D., York) 02/16/16
University of Arizona Big Data/Computational 11/18/15 Advert
Charles Seguin (UNC ABD); two others Charles Seguin (UNC ABD) Charles Seguin 01/27/16
University of Arizona Race/Crime 11/18/15 Advert
1 AP, Ana Muniz (UCLA Postdoc; UCLA PhD), April Fernandez (Washington Postdoc, Washington PhD) Jennifer Carlson (UC Berkeley PhD, Toronto AP) Jennifer Carlson 12/20/15
University of Arizona Food Studies 12/18/15 Description
University of Arkansas Sociology & Criminal Justice 10/26/15 12/11/15
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Criminal Justice 08/17/15 Description
Face-to-face. 07/14/15
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Sociology / Criminal Justice 10/26/15 Description
Yes Grant Drawve (UALR (CRIM PhD); Rutgers Postdoc) 02/27/16
University of Basel Social Structure Analysis Description
University of Calgary Sociology/Ethnic Studies 12/20/15 Description
University of Calgary Sociology/Criminology 11/30/15 Description
out Scheduled for week of Dec 14 yes failed search 02/13/16
University of California Santa Cruz Latin American Studies/Brazilian Studies yes, via email Angela Fillingim (Berkeley PhD, UCI Postdoc) 04/05/16
University of Chicago Society of Fellows (teaching postdoc) 10/15/15 Advert
University of Cincinnati Criminal Justice 10/01/15 Interviews Scheduled Yes (2) Yes-- Josh Cochran (AP, USF) 11/25/15
University of Cincinnati Criminology ongoing 11/09/15
University of Colorado Denver (Health & Behavioral Sciences) health 10/11/15 Description
phone interviews completed rejection emails sent complete (no sociologists) yes yes 02/15/16
University of Colorado- Denver Race and ethnicity, criminology 10/01/15 Description
Phone interviews being scheduled yes Edelina Burciaga (UCI) 03/21/16
University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Gender, globalization and development (Asian Studies preferred), migration 10/01/15 Description
phone interviews completed Rejection emails sent completed Yes S. Suh, UMN ABD 01/08/16
University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (2 jobs) Quantitative Methodology, Family 10/31/15 Description
Quant - sent via email uconn abd; Frank Zhang (UMN ABD) yes Frank Zhang, Minnesota ABD 01/28/16
University of Connecticut Theory; Qualitative Methods; Culture Description
Letters requested and skype meeting scheduled; shortlist open again. Sourabh Singh (Rutgers PhD); 1 AP Yes Andrea Voyer (Wisconsin PhD, Pace AP) 04/01/16
University of Connecticut Human Development, Health, Aging and the Life Course Rejection letter sent via email 02/01/16
University of Copenhagen Open 08/31/15 Description
University of Delaware Population analytics, large data sets, technology Description
Phone interviews 02/02/16
University of Denver criminology, law 09/04/15 Discussion Phone interviews scheduled Scheduled Yes Trent Steidley (Ohio State ABD) 12/24/15
University of Florida Race & Gender Advert
University of Florida Caribbean/Cuban Studies Advert
University of Georgia Sociology & Latin American and Caribbean Studies Advert
rcvd 11/24 scheduled yes Diana Graizbord (ABD Brown) 12/11/15
University of Georgia U.S. Latinos/as, Latin America Description
University of Glasgow Quantitative Methodology, Social Welfare/Social Work Description
University of Gothenburg, Sweden open? 09/01/15 Description
University of Hartford Race, crime, inequality 11/01/15 Scheduling Skype interviews visits complete offer out offer accepted 01/21/16
University of Hartford Urban, Family, Social Welfare phone visits complete offer out yes 02/01/16
University of Hawaii at Manoa Race and Ethnic Relations 08/17/15 Description
scheduled 10/09/15
University of Houston Culture, Religion, Environment, Health, Globalization, and Immigration 10/15/15 Description
Rejection email received Interviews scheduled Kathryn Freeman Anderson (Arizona ABD) 01/22/16
University of Houston Advert
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Inequality 10/15/15 Description
Letters requested interviews scheduled yes Tom VanHeuvelen (Indiana ABD) 12/07/15
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Transnational Sociology 10/15/15 Description
Letters requested interviews completed yes Ghassan Moussawi (Rutgers ABD) 01/07/16
University of Iowa Criminology 09/30/15 Description
Interviews scheduled No offers made 01/12/16
University of Maine Sociology - Crime/Law/Justice Description
Skype interviews invited Interviews scheduled 02/13/16
University of Maryland-College Park Open 09/30/15 Description
Letters requested rec\\\'d by mail 11/30 scheduled, Anthony Jack (Harvard ABD), Charles Seguin (UNC ABD), Matt Andersson (Iowa PhD, Yale postdoc) who else? yes Long Doan, ABD Indiana 12/11/15
University of Miamie medical sociology Description
recection email received Nowotny, Andersson who else? Kathryn Nowotny (CU-Boulder ABD) 12/13/15
University of Michigan Open (multiple lines) 09/08/15 Description
Email received 12/10 Maria Abascal, Katherine Weisshaar, Anthony Jack, Roi Livne, 3 APs Maria Abascal, Roi Livne, Erin Cech, Joscha Legewie (PhD columbia, AP NYU) Sanyu Mojola (AP Colorado-Boulder); Roi Livne; Erin Cech (AP Rice) 03/25/16
University of Michigan Population health, disparities, health policy 10/19/15 Description
Letters requested Interviews Concluded Yes Neil Mehta (AP Emory) 02/26/16
University of Michigan (org studies) Organizations, Formal and Complex, Open 10/01/15 Description
Julia DeBenigno (ABD, MIT Sloan School of Management), Jeremy Levine (ABD, Harvard Soc), Charles Gomez (ABD, Stanford School of Ed), 1 AP Jeremy Levine (ABD, Harvard) Yes 02/11/16
University of Minnesota Health and Population Description
Interviews completed Failed Search 01/18/16
University of Minnesota Gender, public policy, critical race theory, social movements 10/19/15 Description
Hassan ElMenwayi (NYU ABD) 04/06/16
University of Mississippi Social movements Advert
out, per other board Ana Velitchkova, Chan Suh (Cornell Postdoc) Ana Velitchkova (ND PhD, Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion Postdoc) 03/20/16
University of Mississippi Brian Foster (UNC ABD) 04/06/16
University of Missouri - Kansas City Quant 11/24/15 failed search 02/22/16
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Open (with Sexualities preference) 09/08/15 Description
on campus Email rec\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d 12/3 2 APs, 1 VAP (all sexualities) Yes--1st offer rejected; 2nd offer out Yes; Kelsy Burke, AP @ St. Norbert, Pitt PhD 03/21/16
University of Neuch√Ętel (Switzerland) immigration, citizenship, ethnic studies 08/22/15 Description
University of Nevada Reno Gender 11/02/15 Advert
phone interviews scheduled at least some rejections are out Invites Out Yes Kjerstin Gruys (UCLA PhD, Stanford Postdoc) 02/26/16
University of Nevada, Las Vegas CJ 10/31/15 Description
who? 02/03/16
University of North Carolina at Greensboro Theory- VAP 03/11/16 Description
University of Northern Colorado Crim/CJ 10/15/15 Description
Request for interview at ASC On-campus interviews completed Victoria Terranova Victoria Terranova (ABD Texas State Crim) 02/03/16
University of Notre Dame Latino politics, social movements 10/01/15 Description
University of Notre Dame Education, statistics Description
Peter Rich (NYU ABD); others? Peter Rich 12/16/15
University of Oregon Environmental 09/15/15 Description
Long short list notified; rejection emails out Interviews Complete Yes Raoul Lievanos (UC Davis, PhD; Washington State AP) 12/24/15
University of Pennsylvania Communication and Information Technologies Description
University of Pennsylvania statistics, education 09/01/15 Description
University of Pennsylvania Environmental Sociology Daniel Cohen (NYU, ABD) 12/16/15
University of Pittsburgh 2-3 positions social movements, politics, culture 09/01/15 Description
on campus emails received 12-11 Charles Seguin (UNC abd), Karida Brown (Brown abd), Dana Moss (UC Irvine ABD), Josh \\\\\\\'is first author\\\\\\\' Bloom (UCLA PhD and postdoc) , 2 other abds Yes Dana Moss (UC Irvine ABD); Josh Bloom (UCLA phd; UCLA postdoc) 01/08/16
University of Portland Family & Health 12/01/15 12/07/15
University of Richmond Leadership Studies 11/15/15 12/15/15
University of San Francisco Global Inequalities 10/02/15 Description
Skype interviews underway Campus interviews scheduled 10/30/15
University of Southern Mississippi Open 10/01/15 Description
Skype (calling to schedule) Rejection emails sent Dec 6 visits scheduled offer out Kari Kozlowski (UNC ABD) 12/09/15
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Education, enviornment or inequality 10/16/15 Description
Skype (completed) Being Scheduled Shawn Trivette Shawn Trivette (LA Tech AP; UMass, PhD) 12/16/15
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Environmental 10/12/15 Advert
Skype (completed) campus interviews scheduled Yes Christina Ergas (Oregon PhD, Willamette VAP) 01/28/16
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley health Advert
Skype interviews complete Yes- Jennifer Tabler, U of Utah ABD Jennifer Tabler (Utah ABD) 01/28/16
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Gender, methods Advert
Skype? Visits scheduled for mid January Yes Rachel Schmitz (Nebraska-Lincoln, ABD) 03/12/16
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Family, poverty Advert
Skype complete Yes Amie Bostic (Duke ABD) 02/07/16
University of Toledo Urban, Statistics 01/29/16
University of Toronto Public Policy, Political Economy Description
University of Toronto -Scarborough Migration and Ethnic Diversity 09/10/15 Description
1 Postdoc, 2 ABDs (Ariela Schachter) yes Emine Fidan Elcioglu (UC-Berkeley) 02/01/16
University of Toronto Centre for Crim and Socio-Legal Crim & Socio-Legal 11/13/15
University of Toronto Mississauga Data Analytics and New Media 10/19/15 Description
Alex Hanna (Wisconsin-Madison ABD) 03/24/16
University of Toronto, Mississauga Criminology (2 positions) 09/10/15 Description
rejection e-mails sent 4 APs, 1 VAP, 1 Postdoc 2 offers out Ashley Rubin (AP Florida State, PhD Berkeley Jurisprudence and Social Policy) AND Akwasi Owusu-Bempah (AP Indiana) 11/25/15
University of Toronto, Mississauga Law & Society 09/10/15 Advert
4 APs, 1 ABD (Aliza Luft, Wisconsin) Sida Liu and Ellen Berrey 01/19/16
University of Toronto, St. George Social Policy 1 AP, Kim Pernell-Gallagher (Harvard ABD), Michael Nau (Ohio State ABD) Kim Pernell-Gallagher Kim Pernell-Gallagher (Harvard ABD) 12/11/15
University of Toronto, St. George Family/Demography 2 APs, Irene Boeckmann (WZB Postdoc, UMass PhD), 1 ABD Yes Irene Boeckmann 11/25/15
University of Utah environmental Description
Skype interviews scheduled 1-ABD, 2-APs Yes-Julius McGee No-Failed Search 12/13/15
University of Utah families, health, policy Description
phone interviews conducted completed yes yes 01/19/16
University of Virgnia Sex and Gender, Medical Sociology Description
University of Waterloo Sociology & Legal Studies 01/15/16 Description
University of West Gerogia Medical sociology 11/16/15 phone interviews completed on-campus interviews completed yes taken - who? 03/28/16
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Open 10/01/15 Advert
e-mail request for answers to specific questions Scheduled Yes Any update? 01/15/16
University of Wisconsin - Platteville Crim 10/30/15 Advert
Skype Sent Yes Yes 01/27/16
University of Wisconsin - Superior Crim and Quant Methods 11/09/15 Advert
Phone scheduled Sent out 04/13/16
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Crim 09/29/15 Advert
Sent via email scheduled Michael Friedson (NYU PhD and postdoc) 04/13/16
University of Wisconsin Madison (EALL) Transnational South or Southeast Asia 10/14/15 Description
UT Austin Health 09/15/15 Description
Abigail Weitzman - NYU PhD, Michigan Postdoc; Jon Zelner - Michigan PhD, Columbia RWJ; Benjamin Sosnaud - Harvard PhD and Postdoc; Hexuan Liu, UNC ABD Yes - Abigail Weitzman Abigail Weitzman - NYU PhD, Michigan Postdoc 12/11/15
UT Austin Race and ethnicity 10/01/15 Description
Karida Brown (Brown ABD), 2 APs; faculty vote Monday 11/23 Karida Brown rejected, offer 2: Catherine Bliss 12/17/15
UT El Paso Criminal Justice assistant professor In Person Interviewed Yes John Shjarback, (Crim ABD), Arizona State Univ 02/25/16
UT-Arlington Theory Description
UT-El Paso postdoc health disparities/ repro health Description
skype interviews being scheduled yes Adelle Monteblanco (U Colorado Boulder ABD) 12/08/15
UT-Permian Basin Open (Stats/Methods/Online) Description
Phone 03/24/16
UT-San Antonio Health Erin Madden (Wisconsin PhD; VAP CNM CC) 02/20/16
Utah State Open & Theory Sent (Theory) 11/10/15
Virginia Tech Crim Description
Phone Interviews Scheduled 3 invited yes Kaitlyn Boyle (UGA) 05/03/16
Washington College Medical/Health 10/09/15 Description
Skype (scheduling via email started) Scheduling for mid/late January for SECOND set of visits Yes Yes (Who?) 02/05/16
Washington U, St Louis Religion and politics Description
Washington U, St Louis 2 AP positions 10/01/15 Description
Anthony Jack (Harvard ABD), Eva Rosen (Harvard PhD, Hopkins post doc), Kim Pernell-Gallagher (Harvard ABD), Charles Seguin (UNC ABD), Ariela Schachter (Stanford), John Robinson (Northwestern, ABD), 1 Postdoc Anthony Jack; Ariela Schachter,John Robinson (Northwestern, ABD), Caitlyn Collins (UT-Austin, ABD) John Robinson (Northwestern, ABD), Caitlyn Collins (UT-Austin, ABD); Ariela Schachter (Stanford) 01/08/16
Wayne State University (Detroit) Open - Dept Head 09/15/15 Description
yes yes 02/03/16
Wesleyan University Open (x2) 09/14/15 Description
Thesis chapters requested from ABD candidates/Skype interviews Rejection email received 12/21/15
Western Carolina University Crim Advert
Western University (U of Western Ontario) Population Dynamics and Social Inequality 03/11/16 Description
yes (multiple) 05/04/16
Wheaton College (Mass) 2 positions - Quant & Gender 10/16/15 Description
Skype (gender) Skype (methods) rejection emails sent Gender campus visits concluded; quant underway Yes (gender & Quant) Yes. Gender: Kate Mason (Berkeley PhD, Miami VAP); Quant: Justin Schupp (Ohio State PhD; Kenyon VAP) 12/16/15
Widener University Race, Theory, Social Movements 11/20/15 Description
Being scheduled 12/22/15
Willamette University VAP Description
William Paterson University Criminology/CJ Advert
Campus interviews happening now. 01/19/16
William Paterson University Crim/CJ/Legal Studies Advert
Campus interviews completed. yes Andrew Gladfelter (ABD - Penn State) 01/26/16
Winona State Criminal Justice Description
Wofford Race, theory, criminology 10/15/15 Skype interviews scheduled yes Rhiannon Leebrick (Tennessee) 03/12/16
Yale University Stratification and Inequality (Quant) Description
1 AP, Jonathan Zelner (Phd Michigan, Postdoc Princeton + Columbia), Dafna Gelbgiser (ABD Cornell), Xiang Zhou (Phd Michigan, Postdoc Princeton), Maria Abascal (ABD Princeton) Xiang Zhou (Phd Michigan, Postdoc Princeton); Joscha Legewie (PhD columbia, AP NYU) Joscha Legewie 04/09/16