School Field Deadline Description Interview Method Rejection Campus Invitations Offer Made Offer Accepted Last Update
Alabama-Birmingham Medical Yes Yes 12/19/14
American U - School of International Service Global Urban Studies Advert
Jordanna Matlon (Post-doc Toulouse, PhD Berkeley) 03/16/15
American University Global and Transnational Sociology 09/15/14 Description
Scheduled 10/28/14
American University theory, inequality Esther Sullivan; others? Yes Yes 01/18/15
American University (postdoc) neighborhoods, health Description
Appalachian State University Criminal Justice Robert Norris Robert Norris (ABD Albany) 12/12/14
Appalachian State University medical/environmental scheduled yes Robert Perdue (PD VaTech; PhD UF) 02/16/15
Appalachian State University Criminology Scheduled Kelly Thames (ABD NC State) 01/27/15
Arizona State University Race, Class and Gender, Social Change Description
Arkansas Tech University Aging/Social Gerontology, Criminal Justice 11/04/14
Auburn Rural Sociology Invitations Out Yes Loka Ashwood, ABD Wisconsin 03/17/15
Auburn University Race, Class and Gender, Sex and Gender campus out yes 03/06/15
Augustana College Stratification/Mobility, Social Organization 12/5/14 yes yes 03/17/15
Bloomfield College Criminology/Social Justice Description
Boston College Criminology/Medical/Quant 09/15/14 Description
Campus Scheduled Yes Wen Fan (ABD, Minnesota) 01/24/15
Boston College Environmental Sociology Scheduled Andrew Jorgenson (Prof Utah; UC-Riverside PhD) 12/18/14
Boston University Quantitative 10/01/14 Description
Completed first offer declined Neha Gondal (AP OSU) 01/13/15
Boston University Joint Soc/Af-Am Studies 10/01/14 Description
campus invitation completed Saida Grundy S. Grundy (PhD, Michigan) 12/22/14
Bowdoin Culture/Urban 10/01/14 Description
Theo Greene Yes Theo Greene (ABD, Northwestern) 01/05/15
Brandeis University Theory, Urban Yes Michael Strand (AP Bowling Green; PhD Notre Dame) 04/16/15
British Columbia Open (2 lines) Scheduled Qiang Fu (ABD Duke) 01/06/15
Brown Organizations Completed Yes Daniel Hirschman (ABD Michigan) 01/06/15
Brown Demography 09/15/14 Description
Completed - who? Yes - very senior person Zhenchao Qian (Prof OSU) 02/16/15
Bryn Mawr Immigration/Latino Studies 10/01/14 Description
Scheduled Yes Veronica Montes, Post-Doc USC, PhD UCSB 02/09/15
Cal State - Bakersfield Quant./Demography 10/15/14 Description
Phone Scheduled offer made 12/02/14
Cal State - Chico Inequality Advert
Two campus interviews done, one to go completed Danielle Antoinette Hidalgo (Lecturer, Montana State; UCSB PhD) 02/27/15
Cal State - East Bay Diversity/Education 10/01/14 07/29/14
Cal State - Fullerton Immigration Phone Completed Updates? 12/21/14
Cal State - Northridge Race/Class/Gender/Sexualities 09/25/14 Scheduled 12/11/14
Cal State - Northridge Public policy, immigration, health policy (poll sci) 10/15/14 08/25/14
Cal State - Sacramento Methods yes yes yes - Who? 03/05/15
Cal State- Dominguez Hills Quant. Advert
Yes, early Feb... 02/27/15
Cal State- Dominguez Hills Gender Advert
Cal State- Long Beach Criminology, race and ethnicity phone yes Steven Osuna, UC Santa Barbara ABD 03/28/15
Cal State- Pomona (ethnic Studies) African-Amer Studies/ immigration 11/14/14 Description
Cal State- San Bernardino Aging/Social Gerontology 10/14/14
Cal State- Stanislaus Theory, Statistics 10/20/14
Central Connecticut State University Urban, Youth, GLBT studies and/or Popular Culture 01/25/15 Description
yes 03/19/15
Central Missouri Gerontology 07/21/14
Chicago Open 09/15/14 Discussion Yes Dan Hirschman, Kimberly Hoang, Ellis Monk, Sarah Brayne, Mathijs de Vaan, Xi Song, Robert Braun Xi Song, Robert Braun, Ellis Monk, Kimberly Hoang Xi Song (ABD, UCLA); Ellis Monk (PhD, Berkeley; PD, Chicago); Kimberly Hoang (PhD, Berkeley, AP, Boston College), Jenny Trinitapoli (AP Penn State) 04/22/15
Chicago School of Social Service Admin--global processes search Scheduled Nov. Yes Angela Garcia, (ABD UC San Diego) 01/09/15
Chicago (Human Dev) Immigration/Health Daniel Navon, Jeff Guhin, and 5 others (campus visits completed) Daniel Navon +1 02/01/15
Chico State Inequality/Criminology Yes 12/29/14
Christopher Newport University Quantitative Methodology, Education 09/23/14
Coastal Carolina University Open 12/02/14
Colby College Theory, History of Sociology/Social Thought 11/03/14
College of Charleston public health/criminology/applied Sarah Hatteberg (Indiana, ABD) 03/18/15
Colorado College (Ethnic studies) immigration, Race/Ethnicity, African-American history 11/01/14 Description
Colorado-Denver Health/Crime/Inequality (2nd line) Description
Phone Esther Sullivan (ABD, UT Austin) 03/05/15
Cornell enviro/spatial/quant Scheduled Yes-Offer made 12/15/14
Cornell (Government) Latino Politics 10/15/14 Description
Cornell (PAM) Demography 10/31/14 Description
3 associates yes 12/22/14
CSU - Channel Islands Yes 12/17/14
CSU Fresno Africana Studies Description
CUNY - Brooklyn College Caribbean Studies (African Studies dept.) 11/20/14 Advert
CUNY-Queens College Data science, demography, statistics Description
CUNY-States Island Latina/o Sociology 09/03/14
Dartmouth Population Health Scheduled Yes Kimberly Rogers (VAP Mt. Holyoke; PhD Duke), Katherine Lin (ABD Michigan) 02/21/15
Davidson Qualitative/Theory 10/15/14 Advert
Form rejections out Piko Ewoodzie Piko Ewoodzie (ABD, Wisconsin) 12/23/14
Dayton Jamie Small (Michigan, ABD) 03/13/15
Delaware Quantitative 10/01/14 Description
Phone then campus 5 scheduled 12/22/14
Delaware State University Stats, Crim 11/25/14 Description
Denver Inequality Yes Yes ? Raul Perez (UC-Irvine, ABD) 04/01/15
Denver Crime/Law/Deviance Scheduled (Completed) Ellen Berrey Ellen Berrey (AP Buffalo) 12/23/14
Denver International Studies/Gender Yes (Marie Berry, UCLA, ABD) Marie Berry (UCLA, ABD) 02/20/15
Dominican University Criminology 10/22/14
Duke Sociology (targeted search) Chris Bail Chris Bail (UNC AP) 02/16/15
Duke (postdoc) Demography of aging Description
Email Rejects Sent Yes 03/10/15
Duke (Public Policy) Health, welfare, education 11/01/14 Description
Duke - Race search Sociology Discussion Ellis Monk, Hana Brown, 1+ advanced APs, 1 ABD Ellis Monk, Hana Brown (both rejected it) failed search 03/04/15
Eastern Michigan Quantitative 09/16/14 Description
Grigoris Argeros (Policy Job; fmr AP, MSU) 12/26/14
Emory Culture 09/30/14 Description
Cassidy Puckett,Junhow Wei, Jordanna Matlon Cassidy Puckett (ABD, Northwestern) 01/18/15
Flagler College Theory Jennifer Melvin (ABD, UT Austin) 02/23/15
Flathead Valley Community College Criminal Justice 12/04/14
Florida State Criminology/Delinquency Description
Scheduled Jillian Turanovic (ABD Ariz St), Jennifer Copp (Post-Doc BGSU) 12/18/14
Framingham State Criminology 10/10/14 Skype Completed Yes Yes 01/21/15
Framingham State University Race and Ethnicity & Methods Lina Rincon (ABD SUNY Albany) 04/16/15
Franklin & Marshall Health Yes Yes 01/23/15
Furman Quantitative methods 10/01/14 Description
Phone Scheduling in process Yes Joseph Merry (Ohio State ABD) 01/13/15
Furman Qualitative methods 10/01/14 Yes Claire Whitlinger (ABD Michigan) 01/07/15
George Mason Criminology/Law and Society 09/15/14 Scheduled; Sarah Brayne, Robert Norris, Jordan Hyatt Yes Both AP offers declined; Recruited and hired Associate from another University. 02/13/15
Georgia Institute of Technology Public Policy 10/14/14
Georgia Regents University Criminology 08/08/14
Georgia State University Open Scheduled 10/31/14
Gonzaga University Social Psychology 12/05/14 Description
interviews scheduled 12/23/14
Gonzaga University Criminology and Research Methods 12/10/14 Description
Yes Yes 02/02/15
Grinnell Symbolic Interaction/Microsociology Discussion skype Ross Haenfler yes 04/14/15
Grinnell- 2yr VAP Sociology 05/01/15 Description
Guelph Criminal Justice 07/21/14
Guttman Community College Open 12/08/14 Advert
Scheduled 01/14/15
Hamilton College Stratification/ Race, Class, and Gender 10/01/14 Description
Jaime Kucinskas (Hamilton VAP, Indiana PhD) 12/19/14
Hamline University Criminology/Delinquency, Criminal Justice 10/26/14 Description
phone 02/25/15
Harvard China Ya-Wen Lei, Yan Long, Julia Chuang, Lu Yao Ya-Wen Lei Ya-Wen Lei (Harvard Society of Fellows) 12/14/14
Harvard (Biz School) Org behavior/Leadership 09/30/14 Description
Heidelberg University Criminal Justice Description
is this the good university in Germany, or the crappy university in Ohio? 04/10/15
Hendrix College 10/03/14
Hollins University Race/Class/Gender 07/21/14
Humboldt State Community/Theory/Enviro 08/04/14 Phone 09/08/14
Idaho State University Criminology Advert
Illinois College Criminology/Delinquency 09/03/14
Illinois, Urbana-Champaign HR Management/Orgs scheduled yes 12/07/14
Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs Allison Schnable (ABD, Princeton); Brad Fulton (ABD, Duke) 02/04/15
Indiana University The Department of International Studies Yan Long Yan Long (postdoc, Stanford; PhD, Michigan) 01/22/15
Indiana University - Bloomington Criminal Justice, Criminology/Delinquency 08/11/14
Johns Hopkins Latino Studies Scheduled 12/17/14
Kansas State Global, social movements, culture, and development 11/01/14 Description
Yes Nicolette Manglos-Weber (UT-Austin PhD, Notre Dame VAP) 03/18/15
Kent State Soc Psych / Quant 09/29/14 Description
campus visit Campus Interviews Complete Offer Accepted Susan Fisk (ABD, Stanford) 01/01/15
Kent State Criminology (Open Rank) 09/29/14 Description
Campus Visit Completed Failed Search - No offers will be made 11/18/14
Kentucky Medical 08/01/14 Description
On campus Yes Scheduled Robyn Brown Robyn Brown (AP DePaul) 12/23/14
Kentucky African American Studies 10/15/14 Description
skype Courtney Thomas (Vandy ABD) 01/14/15
Kenyon Rural 12/30/14
Koc University Migration/Immigration, Sex and Gender Description
Lehigh Social control/Gender 10/01/14 Description
Skpe 11/04/14
Lehigh Social Epidemiology 10/01/14 Description
Phone Scheduled Yes Yes 01/15/15
Lewis University Sociology 01/06/15
Lindenwood University 12/30/14 Advert
Louisiana State University Social Networks 10/10/14 Yes Mark Walker (ABD, Iowa) 12/26/14
Louisiana State University Social Demography 10/15/14 Yes Rhiannon Kroeger (PostDoc UT-Austin; Ohio State University, PhD) 12/26/14
Louisiana Tech University 09/23/14
Loyola (IL) Global/Gender/Urban 10/02/14 Description
Loyola - Chicago Immigration/Gender/Urban 10/02/14 Description
Loyola Chicago Endowed Assistant 01/15/15 ? Interviews scheduled. yes yes (WHO??) 04/10/15
Loyola Marymount (Poli sci) Immigration/Soc Movements 08/15/14 Description
Claudia Sandoval (ABD, Chicago) 02/27/15
Luther College Medical, Environmental or Criminology Joseph Kremer (Wash. State PhD) 03/07/15
Macewan crim Robyn Bourgeois, Emily Snyder, Amanda Nelund 02/10/15
Marquette University Law and Society 10/03/14
Maryland-Baltimore County Health 10/01/14 Description
Max Planck Institute for demographic research (postdoc) Demography, Economic Sociology Description
McGill criminology, soc mvmts Rachael Ferguson, Marie Berry, Barry Eidlin, 1 post-doc Y Barry Eidlin (Ph.D Berkeley, Postdocs at Wisconsin & Rutgers) 02/14/15
McMaster University Lisa kaida (memorial uni AP, Toronto PhD) 03/21/15
Metroplitan State University Criminal Justice 11/06/14
Miami University Aging/Social Gerontology Yes who? 04/29/15
Miami-Ohio Sociology/Social Justice Studies 12/15/14 Advert
Phone - scheduled Yes 02/15/15
Michigan Open 09/15/14 Discussion Yes Kimberly Hoang, Hana Brown, Chris Bail, Xi Song, Ellis Monk, Rene Flores, +1 AP Xi Song, Kimberly Hoang, Hana Brown All 3 offers rejected! 04/23/15
MIchigan Policy - Sustainability 11/04/14
Michigan SNRE Description
Michigan (Health Mgmt & Policy) health management or health and health care disparities 11/03/14 Description
Yes 12/30/14
Michigan (Public Policy) Race, class, gender 09/15/14 Discussion Rene Flores, Jeremy Fiel, Sarah Brayne, Stacy Torres, Regina Baker, 1 AP Rene Flores, Hana Brown, Sarah Brayne 12/20/14
Michigan Flint Urban Yes Jacob Lederman, ABD CUNY 05/04/15
Michigan Tech University Environmental Sociology, Race, Class and Gender Out 02/13/15
Michigan-Flint Criminal Justice yes yes 03/30/15
Mississippi State University Social Demography Scheduled Yes Yes 02/05/15
Morton College Open 07/21/14
Murray State University 10/01/14
Nazarbayev University Econ Soc 08/11/14
New Mexico State Quant./Southwest/Border Studies 11/01/14 Description
3/30 ? 03/30/15
New School For Social Research Theory Scheduled Yes - who? 12/20/14
North Carolina State University Criminology/ Social Control Wenjie Liao Sarah Lageson Sarah Brayne 1 AP Sarah Lageson & Sarah Brayne--both declined; offer extended to Liao Wenjie Liao (ABD, Minnesota) 12/29/14
Northern Arizona Econ Soc/Environmental 07/24/14
Northwestern African-Amer Studies 10/15/14 Description
form rejections emailed 12/06/14
Northwestern (Qatar) Open (Media studies, Middle East) 12/15/14 Description
Northwestern University Open 10/01/14 Description
Sarah Brayne, Robert Braun, Michael Rodriguez Muniz, Jeremy Fiel, Xi Song Michael Rodriguez-Muñiz and Robert Braun Michael Rodriguez (ABD, Brown); Robert Braun (ABD, Cornell) 01/30/15
Northwestern University Israeli Studies 11/14/14 Description
Northwestern University Sociology Assistant Professor of Instruction [Non-Tenure Track] 01/15/15 Description
Sent via email 3/9 Offer is out - who? Craig Rawlings (VAP, UCSB; PD, Stanford; PhD, UCSB) 04/03/15
Northwestern University (Communications) (3 jobs) Computation and Communication; Media Studies; and Organizations and Networks 11/01/14 Description
Scheduled 12/18/14
Northwestern University (Kellogg School) orgs 11/01/14 Description
Mathijs de Vaan, Todd Schifeling, Mabel Abraham 12/18/14
NYU Abu Dhabi immigration, health, orgs, urban 09/15/14 Description
Oakland University Criminology/Delinquency, Criminal Justice Yes Terressa Benz (AP, U Idaho, PhD UC-Irvine) 03/01/15
Oberlin College Racial and Ethnic Relations 12/12/14
Ohio State Globalization & Social Change Eric Schoon, Marie Berry, 1 AP, 1 other Eric Schoon (ABD Arizona) 12/13/14
Ohio State University Social Networks 12/01/14 Yes David Melamed (AP South Carolina, PhD Arizona) 01/29/15
Ohio State University Health Mike Vuolo (AP Purdue; PhD Minnesota) 02/27/15
Ohio University Rural Development 10/27/14 Description
Anna Rachel Terman Anna Rachel Terman (PhD, Penn State Rural Soc) 02/08/15
Oklahoma State University Quantitative methodology 09/15/14 Description
Scheduled Yes Yes 03/19/15
Old Dominion (3 lines) Criminology 10/01/14 Phone Scheduled Yes At least one acceptance and two declines 04/17/15
Ottawa qualitative methods flyouts underway 11/15/14
Oxford Quant, statistics 10/31/14 Description
5 interviews scheduled, 1 post doc, 3 asst/assoc prof, Tim F. Liao (all US candidates) Yes 11/29/14
Oxford Migration and development 01/13/15 Description
Penn State Demography 10/01/14 Description
Campus 4 Scheduled - 1 abd (Siwei Cheng), 2 asst prof, 1 full prof 2 offers out JD Daw (AP, UAB) 12/13/14
Penn State Labor/employment relations 10/15/14 Description
Penn State Criminology 10/01/14 Description
Campus out Eric Baumer and Holly Nguyen (Burt and Brayne dropped out) Yes (2) Eric Baumer (Prof FSU) and Holly Nguyen (ABD, Maryland) 12/19/14
Penn State computational sociology, big data 10/25/14 Description
Todd Schifeling, Ashton Verdery Ashton Verdery Ashton Verdery (ABD, UNC) 01/24/15
Penn State Rural Sociology 12/01/14
Penn State child maltreatment 2 invites out (full prof + postdoc) Sarah Font (ABD, Wisconsin, Social Work) 02/13/15
Penn State Abington Qualitative 09/30/14 Description
Scheduled David Hutson (VAP: Whitman College; PhD Michigan) 01/27/15
Penn State-Abington Laura Orrico, UCLA ABD 02/24/15
Pennsylvania State University Rural Sociology - Food Ethics Rob Chiles (ABD Wisconsin) 05/05/15
Pew Research Center Quantitative methodology 08/25/14
Pittsburgh Quantitative 09/15/14 Description
Campus Scheduled Yes 12/22/14
Point Loma Nazarene University Theory 11/13/14
Portland State Urban 11/17/14 Description
scheduled Yes No 03/17/15
Potomac State College 01/15/15 Advert
Potomac State College 01/15/15 Advert
Princeton Quantitative/Open 09/30/14 Description
Brandon Stewart, Joscha Legewie, Shira Mitchell Brandon Stewart Brandon Stewart (Gov. ABD, Harvard) 02/27/15
Providence Race/Methods/Law/Education Phone Scheduled Zophia Edwards (ABD Boston U); Brandon Martinez (ABD, Baylor) 01/28/15
Puget Sound Work, Economy and Organizations Flyouts scheduled Yes Yes 12/16/14
Queens Digital Media Roy Bendor, Norma Möllers, and one other 02/24/15
Queens crim Failed search 02/24/15
Randolph-Macon Quant, Race/Ethnicity, Inequalities Yes - who? 03/04/15
Regis University Latina/o Sociology, Criminology 09/23/14
Rhodes College social movements, gender/sexuality, disability phone Went to only 1 or 2 people. Yes No - search reopened on 3/18/2015 03/20/15
Richmond Criminology/Delinquency Scheduled 10/07/14
Roger Williams Medical 07/20/14
Rutgers Global and Transnational Sociology/Work and Labor Markets 10/10/14 Description
Yes Ali Chaudhary (ABD, UC Davis) 01/19/15
Rutgers Description
Ethan Schoolman (Phd Michigan; Postdoc Michigan); Emily Bosk (ABD Michigan) 03/13/15
Rutgers (pub health) Aging, vulnerable populations, health care reform, mental health Description
Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice Sarah Lageson; Valerio Bacak Sarah Lageson (ABD, Minn), Valerio Bacak (ABD, UPenn) 01/03/15
Saint Louis Quantitative/Community Development Advert
Phone Mahesh Somashekhar, Chris Prener Mahesh Somashekhar, Chris Prener Chris Prener (ABD, Northeastern) 05/05/15
Salem College Statistics 10/31/14 Description
Yes 12/19/14
Sam Houston State University Criminology and CJ Brandy Blasko (Postdoc GMU; PhD Temple) 12/16/14
Sam Houston State University Aging phone yes yes 2 hires 04/16/15
San Diego State Health 10/24/14 Description
scheduled - Audrey Beck Audrey Beck Audrey Beck 03/24/15
San Diego State Urban, Spatial, Statistics 09/30/14 Scheduled Yes Joseph Gibbons (VAP Colgate; PhD SUNY Albany) 02/11/15
San Jose State University Asians/Asian-Americans 09/08/14
San Jose State University Education, Race and Ethnicity 10/03/14
Sewanee: University of the South Race, Class and Gender 09/16/14
Simpson College (2 lines) 08/16/14
Smith College Open, Global and Transnational Sociology (Middle East) 10/10/14
Sonoma State University Social policy/Social welfare 10/10/14 Description
South Dakota St. Demography/Community yes 12/12/14
Southeast Missouri State Open Advert
Southern Methodist University Race/Urban 10/15/14 Scheduled - Joseph Gibbons (VAP Colgate) Yes Lucas Kirkpatrick (Postdoc, UMich; PhD, UC Davis) 05/05/15
St. Anselm College Gender/Global Studies/Social Statistics Advert
Scheduled Kevin Doran (Indiana, ABD) 03/05/15
St. Louis College of Pharmacy Sociology Yes Yes 12/16/14
St. Olaf College Race and Class 08/01/14 Description
6 scheduled (both positions); concluded David Schalliol David Schalliol (ABD, Chicago) 03/11/15
St. Olaf College Immigration 08/01/14 Advert
Stanford South Asian Studies who? 02/23/15
Stockton University yes Jessie Finch (AbD Arizona) 03/05/15
SUNY - Albany Crime/Law/Deviance 10/14/14 Description
Ke Li, Trevor Hoppe, Amy Nivette, Stacey Torres + 1 ABD whose name was deleted from here made. Trevor Hoppe (Postdoc-Irvine; Ph.D.-Michigan) 01/01/15
SUNY - Cortland Quantitative Methods, Social Orgs, Comm Dev Advert
SUNY - New Paltz Criminology Description
Skype Scheduled 01/18/15
SUNY Albany 10/15/14 Description
Stacy Torres Stacy Torres (ABD, NYU) Starting 2016 02/21/15
SUNY Brockport Immigration, globalization 10/20/14 Description
Yes Tara Leigh Tober (UVA PhD) 02/20/15
SUNY-Binghamton Immigration, Medical Soc 08/26/14
SUNY-Binghamton Citizenship, Human Rights 10/10/14 Description
SUNY-Buffalo Health Adam Lippert, Greg Sharp and THREE other mystery people Greg Sharp Greg Sharp (Postdoc, Rice) 12/24/14
SUNY-Cortland Criminology Advert
Yes Stephanie Decker (Kansas PhD, Washburn AP) 02/15/15
SUNY-Old Westbury Race & Ethnicity/Criminology Yes Yes 01/21/15
Swarthmore Immigration, IR 10/15/14 Description
Swarthmore Political Sociology Scheduled Yes Yes, who? 01/10/15
Syracuse Qualitative/Community 07/21/14
Syracuse Qualitative/Political/Social Movements Scheduled Nazanin Shahrokni (Postdoc, Harvard; Phd, Berkeley) 01/01/15
Syracuse Aging/Life Course 3, 2 TT, 1 Full yep 01/19/15
Talladega College Open 07/21/14
Temple Global/Transnational 09/30/14 Description
Temple Sociology Description
3 candidates invited in for interviews. 01/17/15
Temple (Crim Justice) Statistics, quant methods Jeff Ward, 1 AP, Valerio Bucak Yes Jeff Ward (AP, UTSA) 01/03/15
Texas A&M International Development/Economic Policy 09/30/14 Description
Texas State Quantitative Phone Yes Matthew Thomas Clement (Oregon ABD) 02/25/15
Texas State Gerontology Campus Done Yes Yes 12/23/14
The College of Wooster race/class/gender; R&E 11/15/14 form rejections emailed 02/06/15
The New School for Social Research Theory/Religion/Race and Ethnicity Advert
The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley Sociology 03/13/15 Description
Toronto Social Policy Interviews completed - Sarah Brayne, Joshua McCabe, and Valerio Bacak Sarah Brayne (please update to their newest offer) 12/12/14
Toronto - Mississauga Race/Ethnicity/Indigenous Scheduled Yes Neda Maghbouleh (AP Toronto) 12/13/14
Toronto - Mississauga Quantitative Methods Andrew Miles (ABD Duke) 12/13/14
Toronto- Scarborough Immigration, Race/Ethnicity 10/27/14 2 post-docs, 1 VAP, to happen in Jan Failed search 02/13/15
Towson University Criminology Advert
Trinity College Theory, Human Rights Failed Search 03/17/15
Truman State Deviance/Medical 07/20/14
UC - Riverside Medical/Population Health 10/01/14 Description
Failed. 02/05/15
UC - Riverside Social Psychology 10/01/14 Failed Search 01/07/15
UC Berkeley Democracy and Diversity 10/31/14 Long short list notified 11/12/14
UC Berkeley Demography Dennis Feehan, Xi Song Dennis Feehan (ABD, Princeton) 02/27/15
UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Mathijs de Vaan Mathijs de Vaan (Columbia PhD) 05/02/15
UC Boulder (Public Health) Health, gender 12/01/14 Description
Scheduled 02/16/15
UC Davis Crime/Law/Deviance 09/15/14 Description
Yes 12/17/14
UC Davis Sex and Gender 11/15/14 Description
No 12/17/14
UC Irvine (B-School) Orgs & Management Sharon Koppman (ABD Arizona) 12/27/14
UC Riverside Public Policy - Poverty and Inequality Invites are out 02/05/15
UC Riverside (Poli Sci) Identity, violence, conflict, rights 11/10/14 Description
UC Riverside (School of Education) Education, Public Policy 10/10/14
UC San Diego Sociology of Science & Technology 09/29/14 Description
Scheduled Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra, LSE Daniel Navon (Harvard RWJ, Columbia PhD) 03/04/15
UC San Diego Asians, Global/transnational soc 12/01/14 Description
UC Santa Barbara Religious Studies 10/31/14 Description
AAR/Skype interviews scheduled Joseph Blankholm, Erin Johnston, Samuel Perry Joseph Blankholm Joseph Blankholm (relig ABD, Columbia) 02/24/15
UC Santa Cruz Environmental Soc. 10/01/14 Advert
Campus yes Hilary Angelo, NYU; Malini Ranganathan, AU; David Wachsmuth, UBC; Lindsey Dillon, UC Berkeley Hillary Angelo, NYU Hillary Angelo (PhD, NYU) 02/07/15
UC-Santa Barbara Quantitative/Latin Immigration Discussion 3 scheduled Rene Flores Failed Search :( 01/29/15
UC-Santa Cruz Latino/a 10/01/14 Description
3 APs, 1 postdoc - Interviews Completed Yes Yes - Who? 03/25/15
UCLA Open (2 lines) 10/15/14 Description
Siwei Cheng, Jeremy Fiel, 2 post-docs, 1 AP Yes Siwei Cheng ( ABD Michigan), Kevan Harris (PhD Johns Hopkins, Postdoc Princeton) 01/08/15
UNC-Pembroke Advert
University of Alabama Methods/Statistics 10/15/14 Description
University of Alabama (crim justice) cybercrime Description
University of Alabama (crim justice) Quantitative Methods and Statistics Description
yes 02/25/15
University of Arizona Stratification 10/26/14 Description
Christina Diaz (ABD Wisconsin); Jeremy Fiel (ABD Wisconsin) 12/19/14
University of Arizona Open (not in soc) 12/22/14
University of Arizona (Public Policy) Public Policy, Policy Analysis Description
University of Calgary Sociology of Family and Urban Sociology 10/31/14 Description
completed yes - family position Pallavi Banerjee (UIC PhD, Vanderbilt Post-Doc; family position) Matt Patterson (U of Toronto PhD- urban) 04/02/15
University of Central Florida Crime/law/deviance 11/06/14
University of Colorado Denver Health/Crime/Inequality Advert
Scheduled Yes Adam Lippert (RWJ Harvard; PhD Penn St.); 2nd Offer accepted. 03/05/15
University of Colorado-Boulder Criminology/Law and Society Elaine Enriquez, Sarah Brayne, other candidate Yes David Pyrooz, ASU PhD, Sam Houston State University AP 03/26/15
University of Colorado-Boulder Environmental Justice Yes 03/06/15
University of Florida Tourism, Recreation, and Sport Management 10/09/14
University of Florida-Gainesville Latina/o Sociology Nicholas Vargas (UT Dallas AP, Purdue PhD)) 04/28/15
University of Georgia Sex and Gender, Latina/o Sociology yes 04/28/15
University of Hartford Criminology/Delinquency, Criminal Justice 10/14/14
University of Houston med soc, immigration, crim 12/01/14 Advert
Sent out 01/27/15
University of Illinois - Chicago Criminology, Law & Justice 02/28/15 skype 05/04/15
University of Illinois, Chicago Race and Critical Disability 11/07/14 Description
Yes 02/28/15
University of Kansas Immigration, Latino/a soc 11/26/14 Description
University of Kentucky Race, Class, and Gender duplicate post. see: Kentucky (Af-Am Studies) 01/07/15
University of Louisville Urban Sociology, Political Economy Y ? ? 04/02/15
University of Massachusetts Mathematical soc 12/18/14
University of Massachusetts- Boston (Public Policy) health, immigration, urban environmental 11/15/14 Description
University of Massachusetts-Amherst Sancha Medwinter Sancha Medwinter (ABD, Duke); Mark Pachucki (Harvard PhD) 05/03/15
University of Massachusetts-Amherst Law, Crime, and Incarceration 09/12/14 Yes Kathryne Young (Stanford - PhD & Postdoc) 03/23/15
University of Massachusetts-Boston Health/Medical Yes Jason Rodriquez (AP Missouri) 03/16/15
University of Memphis Race, Class, and Gender scheduled Yes Joseph Lariscy (postdoc Duke, PhD Texas); Maryann Erigha (PhD, UPenn) 03/05/15
University of Miami Criminology/Delinquency, Racial and Ethnic Relations 09/16/14
University of Northern Colorado Theory/Deviance 01/16/15 Description
Completed Yes 02/28/15
University of Northern Iowa Quantitative Methodology 09/08/14
University of Oklahoma-Norman Religion 01/16/15 Advert
Samuel Perry, Nicolette Manglos-Weber, David Eagle, Cyrus Schleifer Samuel Perry Samuel Perry (ABD, Chicago), Cyrus Schleifer (ABD, Duke) 04/29/15
University of Pennsylvania Ethnography/Education 08/15/14
University of Pennsylvania Global Health, Soc of Science 10/01/14 Description
Scheduled Regina Baker, Duke ABD 04/16/15
University of South Carolina SOC/WGST Advert
Completed Yes Carla Pfeffer (AP Purdue North Central, PhD Michigan) 01/07/15
University of Southern Mississippi Soc/Interdisc joint appt Yes Katie James (ABD Georgia) 02/09/15
University of Tennessee at Martin Micro-Sociology 10/15/14 11/13/14
University of Virginia globalization, non-Western societies, environmental, health, orgs, comparative-historical, theory 11/01/14 Description
Yes Yes Isaac Reed (Assoc. Prof Boulder-Colorado) 01/31/15
University of Washington Law & Society 10/01/14 Description
4 scheduled - who? Stephen Meyers (ABD UCSD) 01/08/15
University of Washington stratification, immigration 10/10/14 Description
Scheduled; Rene Flores, 2 AP Rene Flores Rene Flores (RWJ Michigan, PhD Princeton) 01/14/15
University of Washington Criminology 10/10/14 Description
Scheduled, Sarah Brayne Callie Burt Callie Burt (AP, Ariz St; PhD Georgia) 01/21/15
University of Washington Bothell Science and Technology 09/30/14
University of West Georgia Teaching and Learning phone interviews scheduled Y Y Y, who? 03/10/15
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Open 12/17/14 Description
Yes 01/30/15
USC (Public Policy) Philanthropy, Non-profits, Social networks Who was invited? Yes 12/30/14
UT Arlington Quantitative Methodology, Statistics Description
Kelly Bergstrand (ABD Arizona) 03/02/15
UT- Arlington Medical, Latina/o soc Description
Skype 01/23/15
UT- El Paso education, work/occupations, sociology of science, or medicine Description
1 ABD, 1 AP yes Angela Frederick (UTexas PhD, Rhodes AP) 03/02/15
UT-Austin Open 10/15/14 Description
form rejections emailed Rene Flores, Sarah Brayne, Stacy Torres, Regina Baker, Hana Brown Sarah Brayne Sarah Brayne (ABD Princeton) 01/16/15
UT-San Antonio Demography 10/01/14 Description
Yes Yes Giuseppina Valle Holway (postdoc UT-Austin; PhD FSU) 03/24/15
UT-San Antonio Medical Sociology 11/12/14
UT-San Antonio Criminology 10/01/14 Jill Viglion, 1 AP, 1 post doc, Andrew Wheeler Jill Viglion (ABD George Mason); Dylan Jackson (FSU) 04/23/15
Utah Population/Health 10/01/14 Description
Scheduled - Mostly current APs Yes Bethany Everett (AP - UIC; PhD - Colorado) 02/19/15
Vanderbilt arts & cultural policy, media studies 10/20/14 Description
Vanderbilt Medicine, Health, & Society 10/15/14 Description
Skype interviews scheduled Scheduled Yes (Tara McKay, Berkeley RWJ, UCLA PhD) Tara McKay, Berkeley RWJ, UCLA PhD 03/11/15
Vera Institute of Justice Immigration Description
Virginia Commonwealth University Tressie Cottom (ABD, Emory) 01/14/15
Virginia Tech Quantitative Methodology Jacob Apkarian, ABD, University of California, Riverside 05/01/15
Washington U, St Louis Open Description
David Cunningham (Brandeis), Adia Harvey Wingfield (GA State), Jake Rosenfeld (Washingon) 03/16/15
Webster Criminology 10/15/14 Description
Skype Scheduled Search on hold for budgetary reasons 12/23/14
Wells College Criminal Justice Description
Wesleyan Science/Health 10/10/14 Description
West Virginia Crime/Community/Culture/Quant Yes Yes Katie Corcoran (Washington PhD, Baylor Post-Doc) 03/12/15
West Virginia Crime/Community/Culture/Quant (2nd line) Chris Scheitle (AP St. Benedict; Phd Penn St) 03/12/15
Western Washington University Criminology/Sociology of Law/Social Theory Advert
Whitman Social Theory 07/20/14
Willamette Education/Medical/Race phone Scheduled yes 12/17/14
William & Mary Medical 10/01/14 Description
scheduled yep (2nd offer) - WHO?? 02/23/15
William Paterson University Criminal Justice, Criminology/Delinquency 11/13/14
Williams Open Jeff Guhin; two others Yes Christina Simko (Postdoc, Pitt) 12/15/14
Wisconsin - Oshkosh Environmental yes Jeremiah Bohr (VAP, Illinois) 01/23/15
Wisconsin-Madison Open Discussion Sent 11/13/2014 Stacy Torres; 3 APs; Ellis Monk, Sahan Savas Karatasli Hana Brown, Kimberly Hoang, Ellis Monk All 3 offers rejected! 04/23/15
Wright State Y Y 03/23/15
Xavier University of Louisiana Criminology/Delinquency, Medical Sociology 10/30/14
Yale School of Public Health Medical sociology 12/20/14 Description
Phone 01/17/15
York University (Canada) Theory, Racial and Ethnic Relations 10/24/14