School Field Deadline Description Interview Method # Apps Campus Invitations Offer Made Offer Accepted Last Update Edit
2019 Wiki Test 09/08/19 Edit
Albany criminology/law/deviance 10/01/19 Description
campus visits complete 12/03/19 Edit
Appalachian State University Open, with ability to teach Methods 11/01/19 11/09/19 Edit
Arizona State Human Rights (interdisciplinary) 11/27/19 Edit
Arizona State University Crim/CJ 10/18/19 Skype interviews done Invites out 11/26/19 Edit
Arkansas State University Department Chair, Sociology 11/15/19 Description
11/13/19 Edit
Baylor University Description
request for more information 11/13/19 Edit
Boise State race and ethnicity 11/01/19 Description
11/14/19 Edit
Boston College Description
Request for materials made from long shortlist. 375+ Yes Yes Alyssa Goldman (Cornell ABD) 12/05/19 Edit
Brandeis Description
11/02/19 Edit
Bridgewater State University Criminal Justice- 2 positions (1) Open Specialization (2) Victim Studies 11/01/19 Description
Phone interviews scheduled yes 11/19/19 Edit
Brooklyn College Urban Sustainability 11/01/19 Description
Phone interviews completed 12/02/19 Edit
Brown spatial sociology 10/01/19 11/03/19 Edit
Brown Watson Postdoc 11/27/19 Edit
Cal Poly Pomona Social Work 09/03/19 Description
11/14/19 Edit
Cal Poly Pomona Criminology 09/03/19 Advert
Yes (who? and how many?) 11/03/19 Edit
Cal Poly SLO Race and Quantitative Methods 12/02/19 Description
11/13/19 Edit
Cal State - East Bay Mental Health 08/19/19 Advert
Yes 11/22/19 Edit
Cal State - Fullerton Social Work 09/08/19 Advert
Yes 11/19/19 Edit
Cal State - Long Beach Global 09/03/19 Advert
Phone Interviews Scheduled 100+ On campus invites sent 11/01/19 Edit
Cal State - Northridge Stats 09/09/19 Description
They sent flyouts. Yes James Davidson (Baylor ABD) 12/06/19 Edit
Cal State - San Bernardino Environmental Sociology 09/30/19 Description
Video interviews scheduled 70 invitations out 11/13/19 Edit
Cal State Sacramento Criminal Justice 10/01/19 70 as per other board Campus visits done (4) 12/05/19 Edit
California State University-Los Angeles Crim 09/01/19 skype yes (3) 10/28/19 Edit
Clemson University . 09/16/19 Advert
11/01/19 Edit
Clemson University crim 09/30/19 Advert
Someone in my department got a flyout for next week. 10/26/19 Edit
Colorado College Urban 10/01/19 Description
Interviews scheduled 11/02/19 Edit
Columbia University Open Advert
Jason Ferguson, James Chu, Paige Sweet, 1 AP 12/03/19 Edit
Cornell inequality 09/16/19 Advert
Letters requested campus invites out 10/30/19 Edit
Dartmouth College Inequality / Open 09/01/19 Description
08/20/19 Edit
Deep SPrings Julian Steward Chair of Social Sciences 11/08/19 Advert
11/09/19 Edit
Duke open rank Description
09/23/19 Edit
East Carolina University Criminal Justice 10/25/19 Description
Yes Yes Yes 12/07/19 Edit
East Stroudsburg University CJ Description
10/01/19 Edit
Eastern New Mexico University Criminal Justice Description
10/24/19 Edit
Emory Quantitative Theory and Methods 09/03/19 Description
skype yes 11/02/19 Edit
Emory University Health invites coming out \"early next week\" 11/22/19 Edit
Florida Atlantic University Race 11/01/19 skype 11/15/19 Edit
Florida Atlantic University Open/Quantitative 12/10/19 Skype 11/25/19 Edit
Fordham University Race and Theory Description
11/02/19 Edit
Furman Open - Community Based Work Preferred 10/15/19 Description
Skype interviews Invites out 11/14/19 Edit
Georgetown Sociology 09/22/19 10/21/19 Edit
Georgia State Sexuality 09/23/19 10/04/19 Edit
Georgia Tech inequality 09/15/19 Description
Phone interviews out, per SJMF 200 per SJMF 11/01/19 Edit
Gonzaga race/ethnicity, immigration, social movements, law, or globalization 11/04/19 Skype/Zoom Interviews Completed 126 Campus invites sent 11/18/19 Edit
Hartwick College Criminology, Criminal Justice 09/27/19 Advert
09/17/19 Edit
Harvard 08/25/19 Edit
Haverford College Peace, Justice, Human Rights 10/15/19 Advert
Invites out 12/03/19 Edit
Hong Kong Baptist University Aging, Gender, Family, Health, Social Networks Description
12/05/19 Edit
Hood College ?? Who from CUNY? 12/07/19 Edit
Hunter College medical sociology zoom interviews scheduled invites out 11/26/19 Edit
Illinois State University Global inequality Letters requested 11/01/19 Edit
Indiana University Bloomington Japanese politics and society (PhDs in sociology are eligible) 10/18/19 Description
zoom interview scheduled Yes 11/13/19 Edit
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis Sociology 10/15/19 Phone interviews completed 100+ 11/21/19 Edit
John Jay Legal Studies 12/02/19 Edit
Lehman College urban sociology 09/16/19 Description
08/26/19 Edit
Lewis & Clark College 10/15/19 Other board says phone interviews scheduled 11/12/19 Edit
London School of Economics Economic Sociology 10/13/19 Description
11/13/19 Edit
London School of Economics Qualitative methods 11/17/19 Description
11/21/19 Edit
LSU Environment and/or Health Description
Phone interviews Yes Yes -who? 11/29/19 Edit
Memphis Sociology of religion 11/01/19 Description
skype interviews over invites are out - who got these? 12/04/19 Edit
Mercy College Methods 12/01/19 Advert
12/06/19 Edit
Michigan LSA Postdoc 11/27/19 Edit
Michigan State Sociology 10/02/19 Description
Y 11/25/19 Edit
Middle Tennessee State University open 10/30/19 Advert
11/08/19 Edit
Midland University open Skype 11/11/19 Edit
New York University (NYU) 2 open TT positions 09/15/19 Description
Yes. 10/18/19 Edit
North Carolina State University Criminology 10/08/19 Advert
Yes 11/01/19 Edit
Notre Dame open 10/01/19 Advert
SJMF says invitations made. Name names 10/29/19 Edit
Notre Dame Computational Social Science 10/15/19 Advert
Campus invites out. Who? 12/04/19 Edit
Ohio State Race and ethnicity; gender; sexualities Description
Campus visits complete Sent out. Interviews scheduled. 11/09/19 Edit
Old Dominion University Criminology 09/01/19 Description
phone interviews scheduled Yes 11/13/19 Edit
Penn State Sociology and Criminology 10/01/19 Invites out 10/22/19 Edit
RAND 11/21/19 Edit
Rhodes College Assistant, open 11/01/19 Advert
11/08/19 Edit
Rhodes College Assistant/Associate, open 11/01/19 Advert
11/08/19 Edit
Rutgers Sociology of Data and Technology 10/01/19 Invites out 10/30/19 Edit
Ryerson University 2 TT: Critical Race Studies and Critical Research Methodologies 11/01/19 Description
11/01/19 Edit
San Francisco State University LGBTQ studies 09/30/19 10/04/19 Edit
Siena College 1TT; Medical Sociology, Health, Quantitative Methods Description
11/09/19 Edit
Singapore Management University Open/Quantitative 09/16/19 Description
Skype Yes 12/05/19 Edit
Sonoma State (CSU Sonoma) Environmental Sociology 10/07/19 Description
11/14/19 Edit
Sonoma State (CSU Sonoma) Race/Ethnicity 10/07/19 Description
11/02/19 Edit
Southern Connecticut State University Environmental Sociology/Climate Change 10/18/19 Advert
Zoom interviews completed 12/02/19 Edit
Southern Connecticut State University Criminology 10/18/19 Description
zoom interviews scheduled 11/14/19 Edit
Spelman College Place and Inequality 09/06/19 Advert
06/30/19 Edit
Stanford University Sociology 09/15/19 Robert Manduca, Barum Park, 1 AP. 10/29/19 Edit
SUNY Cortland Criminology 10/23/19 Description
phone interviews completed campus invites scheduled 11/17/19 Edit
SUNY Farmingdale Race 09/29/19 Advert
Skype Interviews Complete 11/27/19 Edit
SUNY Old Westbury Race/Ethnicity 10/15/19 12/04/19 Edit
SUNY Stony Brook Computational Social Science/Global Dimensions of Health, Migration, and Inequality 12/15/19 Description
12/05/19 Edit
Swarthmore College Theory 09/20/19 Advert
Zoom interviews scheduled campus visits done 11/29/19 Edit
Syracuse University Sociology 09/03/19 Invites out 10/24/19 Edit
Temple University Urban 10/15/19 Advert
invites out (4) 11/09/19 Edit
Tennessee Tech Crim/CJ 11/15/19 Description
11/13/19 Edit
Tennessee Tech Crim/Policing 11/15/19 Description
11/03/19 Edit
Texas Tech University criminology, gender as related to crim. secondary 09/15/19 Advert
phone interviews scheduled Invites Out 11/09/19 Edit
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Open 09/30/19 Description
any news? . 11/14/19 Edit
Tufts University Environmental Sociology 09/23/19 Description
on campus Interviews completed. Yes 12/03/19 Edit
U Washington Seattle Criminology and Soc of Punishment 10/01/19 Interviews completed with Melissa Barragan, Zimife Umeh, Magda Boutros, Miguel Quintana-Navarrete 12/06/19 Edit
U Washington Seattle Health Disparities Interviews completed 12/06/19 Edit
UAB (Alabama-Birmingham) Medical Soc 09/15/19 Description
On-Campus Yes. Interviews Complete. Myles Moody (Kentucky ABD) 12/05/19 Edit
UBC 2 AP TenureTrack - Open Description
Letters requested Talks scheduled 10/28/19 Edit
UC Berkeley Open Advert
Other board says requests for letters out 300 Paige Sweet, Danya Lagos, Jamie Budnick, 1 AP 11/06/19 Edit
UC Davis Latinx Sociology 09/15/19 Advert
Short list of 10 made. No ABDs, 2 postdocs, 8 APs. Yes, names? 11/27/19 Edit
UC Irvine Criminology, Law & Society 09/20/19 Description
talks scheduled (WHO?) 11/03/19 Edit
UC Santa Barbara Environmental Sociology 12/01/19 Advert
10/23/19 Edit
UCLA Open, Inequality Description
Paige Sweet, Jason Ferguson, Magda Boutros, Chris Herring, 2 APs Yes, according to SJR 12/03/19 Edit
UNC Chapel Hill Computational Sociology 10/01/19 Description
Yes Yes 12/04/19 Edit
University of Arkansas Health 10/18/19 Description
11/14/19 Edit
University of British Columbia Open 09/16/19 Advert
Letters requested Talks scheduled 10/28/19 Edit
University of California, San Diego Gender or Race/Ethnicity 09/23/19 Advert
268 Magda Boutros, Dialika Sall, 2 APs 11/06/19 Edit
University of California, Santa Cruz Social Justice and Health 01/14/20 Description
11/22/19 Edit
University of Colorado Denver Criminology, Quantitative Methods Description
phone interviews scheduled Miguel Quintana-Navarrete and 2 APs 12/03/19 Edit
University of Delaware Crim/Soc 10/04/19 Description
11/13/19 Edit
University of Denver Race and Crime/Law 09/09/19 Advert
phone calls done invites out Yes - name? 11/20/19 Edit
University of Georgia Race & Ethnicity Description
Flyout Yes Jeff Parker, AP at UNO 12/07/19 Edit
University of Houston gender and health 10/15/19 Description
11/14/19 Edit
University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign Open 10/15/19 Description
Talks scheduled, anyone know who? 11/14/19 Edit
University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign Law & Society, Crim 10/15/19 Description
11/09/19 Edit
University of Kansas Race/Ethnicity 10/21/19 Advert
On-campus interviews in progress. 3 ABD, 1 AP 12/04/19 Edit
University of Maryland Criminology 08/12/19 phone interviews Invites out Yes (per twitter) - 5 lines 11/26/19 Edit
University of Maryland Eastern Shore Criminal Justice 01/30/20 Description
12/04/19 Edit
University of Massachusetts Amherst Legal Studies 10/15/19 yes flyouts have begun Who at Texas accepted this offer? 12/08/19 Edit
University of Massachusetts-Amherst Demography/Statistics 09/01/19 Advert
requested letters yes yes Youngmin (Min)Yi (Cornell ABD) 12/05/19 Edit
University of Michigan Open Jason Ferguson, Robert Manduca, Danya Lagos, James Chu, Paige Sweet, Michela Musto Yes - Robert Manduca, James Chu 12/07/19 Edit
University of Mississippi Criminal Justice 10/15/19 Advert
skypes done Yes Yes - name? 11/20/19 Edit
University of Montana Crim 10/15/19 Zoom interviews done Invites out Yes -name? 12/05/19 Edit
University of Nevada, Reno Criminal Justice | Diversity & Equity 11/25/19 Description
11/13/19 Edit
University of Nevada, Reno Sociology - African American Studies 11/30/19 Description
11/13/19 Edit
University of New Hampshire Talks scheduled 11/16/19 Edit
University of North Carolina (UNC) Chapel Hill 12/04/19 Edit
University of North Georgia gender 10/26/19 Advert
Skype complete 12/06/19 Edit
University of Oklahoma race/ethnicity + open 10/15/19 Description
Yes Yes Ian Carrillo (Wisco PHD; UC-SB Postdoc) 12/05/19 Edit
University of San Diego law/crime/justice and social justice; race/ethnicity; or quantitative methods 08/01/19 Description
Skype interviews scheduled 11/13/19 Edit
University of Southern Maine Criminology (race, global south, comparative) Description
phone interviews campus invites scheduled 11/17/19 Edit
University of Tennessee Environmental Social Science 10/07/19 Description
On campus Yes 11/14/19 Edit
University of Tennessee- Knoxville Political Economy & Globalization 10/07/19 short list made 11/01/19 Edit
University of Toronto Inequality 10/12/19 Edit
University of Toronto Sociolegal Studies 11/01/19 11/03/19 Edit
University of Wisconsin Social Causes and Consequences of Reproductive Health 10/02/19 Description
Skype interviews scheduled Yes 11/06/19 Edit
University of Wyoming Sociology 11/15/19 Advert
phone interviews out 12/02/19 Edit
USC Annenberg Ben H. Carrington is a sexual predator Description
Fire Predator Ben Fire Predator Ben Fire Predator Ben #MeTooSociology 12/08/19 Edit
Utah State Demography and Community/Environment 10/07/19 Yes Yes J. Tom Mueller (Penn State ABD) 12/05/19 Edit
UW-La Crosse Criminology 10/01/19 Description
Yes Yes Yes 11/22/19 Edit
UW-Madison Open specialization 10/15/19 Description
Yes 11/18/19 Edit
Vassar health, medicine, and public policy 10/10/19 Advert
zoom interview invites out Catherine Tan (Southern Connecticut AP) 12/07/19 Edit
Virginia Commonwealth University Criminal Justice/Criminology - Open Specialization 10/15/19 Description
video conference interviews scheduled for shortlist 11/14/19 Edit
Wake Forest Medical Description
on-campus interviews yes Alex Brewer (UChicago ABD) 12/05/19 Edit
Washington University in St. Louis Letters requested On campus per other board 10/14/19 Edit
Whitman Criminology 09/19/19 Description
scheduled 11/02/19 Edit
William and Mary Global Labor and Gender 12/01/19 Description
11/15/19 Edit
William Paterson University CJ (courts, immigration, drugs, race, open) Description
10/23/19 Edit
Wisconsin Societal Aspects of Sexual violence 10/01/19 Description
Skype interviews done Paige Sweet. Nicole Bedera 12/04/19 Edit
Wofford College Open--Spring Sabbatical Replacement 11/07/19 Description
11/13/19 Edit
Yale University Computational Sociology 09/15/19 Description
Invites out. Name names 11/13/19 Edit
Yale University Race and Ethnicity 09/15/19 Description
Yes 11/17/19 Edit