School Field Deadline Description Interview Method # Apps Campus Invitations Offer Made Offer Accepted Last Update Edit
Amherst 09/15/18 Yes Yes 03/08/19 Edit
Arkansas State University Open Description
02/11/19 Edit
Auburn University Rural Sociology 12/01/18 Description
03/08/19 Edit
Augustana University (Sioux Falls, SD) methods and families 10/01/18 Description
Yes Update? Kelcie Vercel (Notre Dame ABD) 01/11/19 Edit
Austin Peay State University Crime Yes Yes 03/27/19 Edit
Baker University Criminal Justice, Law & Society, Race, and Gender 01/15/19 Description
12/10/18 Edit
Ball State University 02/21/19 Edit
Barnard College Urban 10/01/18 Yes Yes Angela Simms (Penn PhD) 01/04/19 Edit
Baylor University Stratification/Mobility, Racial and Ethnic Relations ?? 03/08/19 Edit
Boston College Social Problems 09/10/18 Description
03/03/19 Edit
Boston University Race/Ethnicity 10/15/18 Advert
Yes Heba Gowayed (Columbia Postdoc Princeton PHD) 01/16/19 Edit
Boston University duplicate 10/15/18 Description
12/08/18 Edit
Bowling Green Demography 09/17/18 Yes Jenjira Yahirun (UCLA PhD, Hawaii AP) 02/12/19 Edit
Bradley University Crime 12/09/18 Edit
Brandeis Quant 03/08/19 Edit
Bridgewater State University Criminal Justice (Open) Yes 12/09/18 Edit
Brown Race and ethnicity 09/15/18 Description
Rachel Wetts (Berkeley ABD) 01/29/19 Edit
Cabrini University Criminology Description
11/15/18 Edit
Cal Poly SLO 10/15/18 Advert
09/05/18 Edit
Cal State - LA quant/inequality 10/01/18 Description
12/08/18 Edit
Cal State - LA Crim Yes Update? 01/07/19 Edit
Cal State - San Bernardino Family Description
Megan Carroll (USC ABD) 02/11/19 Edit
Cal State - San Bernardino Social Psych (2 Lines) Description
Emily Carian (Stanford ABD); Jurgita Abromaviciute (Georgia Southern VAP; Arizona PHD) 02/25/19 Edit
Cal State East Bay STS, Religion 02/04/19 Edit
Cal State East Bay culture 09/09/18 Yes 12/08/18 Edit
Cal. State Sacramento Criminal Justice 01/05/19 12/10/18 Edit
California State UnIversity, Sacramento Criminal Justice 12/20/18 Description
12/08/18 Edit
Central European University Quantitative/Global 02/17/19 Description
01/04/19 Edit
Central Washington University Quantitative Methodology 01/25/19 Description
Update? 01/07/19 Edit
Chicago Open 09/15/18 Christina Ciocca Eller (Columbia) 12/08/18 Edit
Chicago duplicate 12/08/18 Edit
Coastal Carolina University Crime 10/20/18 yes 02/11/19 Edit
Coe College Crime Yes 02/13/19 Edit
Colby College Open 10/01/18 Description
Yes Yes Update? 02/13/19 Edit
Colgate Masculinities Advert
01/15/19 Edit
Colgate Open Advert
09/10/18 Edit
Colorado State University Quant and development 10/01/18 Description
Yes Yes Yes 02/01/19 Edit
Columbia open 10/15/18 12/08/18 Edit
Columbia Business School Advert
09/03/18 Edit
Coppin State University Criminal Justice/Generalist 11/06/18 Description
12/09/18 Edit
Cornell Inequality Christina Eller (Columbia), Rachel Wetts (Berkeley), Nicole Valdez (Columbia), Misha Teplitskiy (Chicago, Harvard postdoc) Rachel Wetts (Berkeley ABD) No - failed search 02/22/19 Edit
Cornell PAM Demography 12/09/18 Edit
Cornell University Gender 12/17/18 Edit
Curry College Justice & Human Rights 11/15/18 Description
12/09/18 Edit
Drexel University environmental sociology 11/10/18 Description
Yes Amanda McMillan Lequieu, University of Wisconsin, ABD 03/28/19 Edit
Duke 11/15/18 Description
No naming APs Yes Ashley Harrell (South Carolina PhD, Michigan Organizational Studies AP) 03/07/19 Edit
East Carolina University Description
Yes Any updates? 01/14/19 Edit
Eastern . 12/08/18 Edit
Fairfield University quant 12/15/18 Description
Extended 03/08/19 Edit
Fitchburg State University Criminal Justice Description
02/04/19 Edit
Flagler College Qual, Theory, Qual Methods, 01/03/19 Description
Will Go Out January 2019 Yes Yes. Who? 03/18/19 Edit
Florida International Closed 09/13/18 Edit
Florida State University Crim Updates? Update? 01/07/19 Edit
Framingham State Criminology 03/30/19 Description
03/04/19 Edit
George Mason University Quantitative/Digital & Computational 10/01/18 Description
Yes Update? 12/18/18 Edit
Georgetown Urban Yes Yes Yes - who? 03/04/19 Edit
Georgetown University Open 01/01/18 Description
02/27/19 Edit
Georgia Southern University 10/10/18 Yes Update? 12/18/18 Edit
Georgia State University Children and Youth, Race, Class and Gender ? ? 02/11/19 Edit
Georgia Tech science/tech 09/14/18 Description
Yes Update? 12/18/18 Edit
Gonzaga Crim 02/04/19 Yes for the second ad put out 03/02/19 Edit
Hampshire College Closed 09/13/18 Edit
Hartwick College Criminology Advert
01/15/19 Edit
Harvard University 09/15/18 ? ? 12/21/18 Edit
Hong Kong Baptist University Population (RAP position) 12/01/18 Description
11/12/18 Edit
Illinois College Open Yes Jaclyn Tabor (Indiana University ABD) 01/16/19 Edit
Indiana State University Open 12/09/18 Edit
Indiana University - Bloomington Open Description
10/06/18 Edit
Jacksonville University 10/01/18 Yes Alex Manning 03/08/19 Edit
Johns Hopkins Open Description
10/14/18 Edit
Kansas State University Critical Criminology Travis Linnemann 02/21/19 Edit
Kennesaw State University Theory Yes Joel Crombez (UTK ABD) 02/01/19 Edit
Lehigh University deviance, social control, gender 10/01/18 Description
12/08/18 Edit
London School of Economics Description
10/06/18 Edit
London School of Economics Description
10/06/18 Edit
Long Island University Labor studies 09/13/18 Edit
Louisiana State University Nikita Carney 12/21/18 Edit
Loyola Chicago Urban/Environment Yes Yes Maria Akchurin (Chicago PhD, Tulane post-doc) 03/05/19 Edit
Marquette health 09/10/18 Description
Yes Yes Erin Hoekstra (Minnesota ABD) 02/01/19 Edit
Marquette Crim 09/13/18 Description
Yes Andrew Ranson (FSU PhD) 02/13/19 Edit
Marquette Univ Crim - law and society Description
Anya Degenshein (Northwestern ABD) 02/13/19 Edit
Maryville College Yes Yes 03/18/19 Edit
McGill Demography 09/27/18 Description
Luca Maria Pesando (Penn PhD, Postdoc) 02/17/19 Edit
Mercer University Crime Yes Yes 01/07/19 Edit
Michigan State Crim Ryan Scrivens (SFU PhD, Concordia Postdoc) 12/24/18 Edit
Mills College Crime/Urban 10/15/18 130+ yes - visits in Nov/Dec Updates?? 01/23/19 Edit
Mississippi State University Sociology 09/11/18 Description
10/06/18 Edit
Monmouth College Crim 10/20/18 Advert
On campus visits Update? 02/13/19 Edit
Montana State University Crime 12/09/18 Edit
Montana State University in Billings race and ethnicity 12/15/18 Advert
12/08/18 Edit
Mount Royal University (Canada) Indigenous Sociology 03/06/19 Description
02/11/19 Edit
National University of Singapore Open Description
12/12/18 Edit
NC State University Duplicate with gender position Description
02/13/19 Edit
NC State University Gender Yes Yes Jessica Pfaffendorf (ABD Arizona) 03/24/19 Edit
New Mexico State Univ Open 11/15/18 Yes Yes Marshall Taylor (Notre Dame ABD) 02/12/19 Edit
New York University 09/01/18 Alex Barnard (Berkeley, ABD) 02/13/19 Edit
North Central College Crime/Quant 10/15/18 Yes Yes Anne Groggel (IU ABD) 01/16/19 Edit
North Dakota State Uuniversity Open Description
10/06/18 Edit
Northeastern Southwestern studies 09/12/18 Edit
Northern Southern studies 09/08/18 Edit
Northern Arizona University Criminology 10/25/18 Yes 02/01/19 Edit
Northern Kentucky University social psychology 09/12/18 Description
12/09/18 Edit
Northwestern gender 09/11/18 12/17/18 Edit
Northwestern Ricci, johnson, bartholomew Katrina King (Wisconsin PhD, USC postdoc) 02/05/19 Edit
Notre Dame Open 10/01/18 Yes Who accepted? 12/18/18 Edit
Notre Dame (Keough School Global Affairs) 10/27/18 Edit
NYU Gender 09/01/18 Misha Shwisky (Yale postdoc) 12/17/18 Edit
NYU - Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Developmen Sociology of Education 11/25/18 Description
12/09/18 Edit
NYU Abu Dhabi Open Description
? ? 02/19/19 Edit
NYU Abu Dhabi computational social science Description
? ? 02/19/19 Edit
NYU Abu Dhabi duplicate Advert
? ? 02/19/19 Edit
NYU Abu Dhabi Law and society Description
? ? 02/19/19 Edit
NYU Abu Dhabi duplicate 06/30/18 Advert
12/09/18 Edit
NYU Abu Dhabi duplicate 12/09/18 Edit
Ohio State University Newark migration 11/01/18 Description
any update? 12/19/18 Edit
Old Dominion Crim 09/01/18 Yes Yes, Who accepted 02/01/19 Edit
Pacific University Criminal Justice 03/14/19 Advert
03/14/19 Edit
Penn State Abington race and ethnicity, immigration, or social movements 11/01/18 Description
yes Update? Liz Hughes (UC Riverside ABD) 01/11/19 Edit
Penn State Altoona Criminal Justice 10/01/18 Phone Yes Yes 01/14/19 Edit
Penn State University Crim 10/01/18 Description
Yes Update? Yes - 2 senior hires 03/18/19 Edit
Penn State University Rural 10/15/18 Yes 02/22/19 Edit
Penn State University Race Description
Yes - senior hire 02/22/19 Edit
Penn State University Gender/family 08/01/18 yes 02/22/19 Edit
Portland State University Advert
09/12/18 Edit
Purdue University Computational methods 07/01/18 Y Marcus Mann (Duke) 12/23/18 Edit
Purdue University Global 09/09/18 Edit
Purdue University Local 09/09/18 Edit
Queens College CUNY computational research techniques 01/15/19 Description
4 (job talks scheduled for March/April) 03/24/19 Edit
Queens\\\\\\\' College, University of Cambridge 01/01/18 Description
10/06/18 Edit
Quinnipiac University Medical Sociology ? 01/11/19 Edit
Raeyp Kastle 09/26/18 Edit
Reed College race ethnicity 10/01/18 Description
12/08/18 Edit
Rider University Open/CJ 03/01/18 Advert
02/06/19 Edit
Rutgers University - New Brunswick social movements 10/01/18 Description
12/10/18 Edit
Rutgers University Camden Advert
Update? Update? 01/07/19 Edit
Saint Joseph's University Open 10/29/18 09/29/18 Edit
Saint Joseph’s University Crime 10/20/18 Yes Yes Update? 02/13/19 Edit
Saint Mary\'s University Description
10/06/18 Edit
Sam Houston State University Open (Crim) 12/18/18 Edit
San Francisco State University Urban Inequality 10/08/18 ??? 12/09/18 Edit
Santa Clara University 11/01/18 Advert
sent 02/21/19 Edit
Seattle University Criminal Justice 10/01/18 12/09/18 Edit
Siena College Open 01/30/19 Description
01/06/19 Edit
Singapore Management Univ Open, quant Complete 12/10/18 Edit
Skidmore Open Description
10/06/18 Edit
Sonoma State University 10/01/18 Yes Kyla Walters (UMass ABD) 01/20/19 Edit
South Dakota State University Masculinities Description
10/06/18 Edit
Southern Methodist University Open 10/01/18 Description
any updates? 03/04/19 Edit
St Louis University 09/12/18 Edit
Stanford Open 09/10/18 Barbara Kiviat; Mark Hoffman Barbara Kiviat (Harvard ABD); Mark Hoffman (Columbia ABD) 02/24/19 Edit
Stella and Charles Guttman Community College, City University of New York Ethnographies of Work 01/14/19 Description
12/09/18 Edit
Suffolk University n Description
Lucius Couloute (UMass ABD) 01/20/19 Edit
SUNY Buffalo Criminal Justice 10/15/18 Yes Yes Veronica Horowitz, ABD, UMN & Allison Emory, PhD Cornell, Rutgers Postdoc 12/18/18 Edit
SUNY Cortland 10/15/18 ??? Elizabeth Bittel (CU Boulder ABD) 12/31/18 Edit
SUNY New Paltz Crim 10/15/18 Description
Complete Yes Who accepted this offer? 02/02/19 Edit
SUNY Oneonta Crime 10/15/18 Yes Yes Yes, Who accepted? 02/01/19 Edit
Swarthmore College theory 09/28/18 Update? 01/07/19 Edit
Tacoma Community College Sociology 02/01/19 Description
12/20/18 Edit
Temple U. Crim 09/01/18 Advert
Yes Update? 12/23/18 Edit
Temple University urban, race and ethnicity, gender, health, public policy, and globalization 11/01/18 Advert
Yes Yes Yes - who? 02/23/19 Edit
Texas A&M Suspended 09/13/18 Edit
Texas Christian University Open to all 09/10/18 Description
yes Erik Kojola, UMN PhD, VP 03/21/19 Edit
Texas Tech University sociology of health/medical sociology 11/15/18 Description
Yes yes yes; Mich State ABD 03/22/19 Edit
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Open 11/26/18 Description
11/07/18 Edit
The University of Memphis Criminology/Criminal Justice Update? 01/07/19 Edit
The University of Washington Tacoma Criminal Justice 12/09/18 Edit
Truman State University Qualitative Methods Yes Yes 03/22/19 Edit
Trump University 11/06/18 08/06/18 Edit
Tulane 07/06/18 Edit
Tulane Race 09/07/18 Edit
U of Washington (UW) data science 10/01/18 Yes Yes Zack Almquist (Facebook researcher) 02/12/19 Edit
UC Berkeley 01/01/18 10/03/18 Edit
UC Irvine Crim, law, society 09/15/18 Advert
Yes failed search 12/23/18 Edit
UC Irvine Advert
09/15/18 Edit
UC Irvine gender 12/19/18 Edit
UCLA CCPR Demography 03/05/19 Edit
UCSB sexuality and gender 09/10/18 Advert
Complete 02/08/19 Edit
UCSD open Neil Gong, Adaner Usmani, 1 AP 12/07/18 Edit
UNC Charlotte Health 11/10/18 Advert
who accepted? 02/11/19 Edit
UNC Charlotte Crime 10/22/18 Yes 02/12/19 Edit
UNC Greensboro Methods 10/15/18 Yes Yes Yes, Who accepted? 12/23/18 Edit
UNC Greensboro Criminology 11/05/18 Description
Yes 12/08/18 Edit
UNC Winston Salem 09/16/18 Edit
UNC-Chapel Hill social inequality, organizations, work, and/or economic sociology 10/15/18 Description
yes Yes Yes - Tania Jenkins, Temple AP 02/18/19 Edit
UNCC Historical 10/01/18 09/07/18 Edit
Univ of British Columbia UBC Open 09/15/18 Description
Yes Yes Yes 01/28/19 Edit
University of Alabama Criminology Yes 01/09/19 Edit
University of Alabama - Huntsville Robert Thomson Jr (Baylor PHD; Rice Postdoc) 02/14/19 Edit
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Medical Sociology 10/01/18 Description
In person Yes Yes who accepted? 02/11/19 Edit
University of Arizona Sr level medicine/health 09/30/18 Yes Yes 01/31/19 Edit
University of Arkansas sociology of health and well-being 02/12/19 Edit
University of California - San Diego crim 08/10/18 Neil Gong, Adaner Usmani, 1 AP Neil Gong (UCLA ABD) 01/10/19 Edit
University of California, Merced Yes Updates? camila alvarez (oregon, abd) 02/01/19 Edit
University of California, Riverside Job 4 09/13/18 Edit
University of California, Riverside (Tenured Position) Political Economy and Global Social Change 10/01/18 Description
02/09/19 Edit
University of California, Riverside Dept. of Gender and Sexuality Studies Brandon Robinson (UT Austin PhD, UC postdoc) 02/02/19 Edit
University of California, Riverside 02/11/19 Edit
University of California, Riverside 02/11/19 Edit
University of Central Florida Criminal Justice 10/17/18 Yes Update? 01/06/19 Edit
University of Central Florida medical sociology, health 12/14/18 Description
Updates? 03/20/19 Edit
University of Colorado Boulder Open Description
10/06/18 Edit
University of Colorado Boulder Crim Yes Yes Kyle Thomas, UMSL AP (criminology 02/09/19 Edit
University of Connecticut sociology of health or medical sociology (with race) 02/12/19 Edit
University of Denver Criminology 09/10/18 Michael Gibson Light (ABD Arizona) 02/05/19 Edit
University of Florida Law, Justice and Society Update? 01/07/19 Edit
University of Florida Race Class Gender 10/30/18 Yes Yes Who accepted? 01/07/19 Edit
University of Florida Social Network Analysis 11/16/18 Description
Yes Update? 01/07/19 Edit
University of Hartford Sociology 09/11/18 Description
94 Yes Yes Chicago 01/17/19 Edit
University of Hong Kong Sociology Description
10/06/18 Edit
University of Hong Kong Public policy, health Description
Yes (who?) YJ Lee (Penn PhD, NUS postdoc) 02/24/19 Edit
University of Indianapolis Description
Elizabeth Ziff (New School ABD) 01/18/19 Edit
University of Iowa Advert
Update? 12/23/18 Edit
University of La Verne open 11/01/18 Advert
Yes 12/08/18 Edit
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor S 09/11/18 Description
Yes Aida I. Ramos (UT Austin PhD, Associate Professor, George Fox University) 03/18/19 Edit
University of Mary Washington Crime/Quant 10/15/18 Yes Yes 03/19/19 Edit
University of Maryland-Baltimore County crim Description
11/03/18 Edit
University of Massachusetts - Boston quant (crim) 10/01/18 advanced APs Evan Stewart (UMN ABD) 02/01/19 Edit
University of Massachusetts - Lowell Description
Yes 02/04/19 Edit
University of Miami Medical Sociology, Mental Health ? ? 02/26/19 Edit
University of Michigan China 10/01/18 Yes Xiaohong Xu (Yale PhD, Lingnan University AP); Yun Zhou (Harvard PhD, Brown Postdoc) yes 03/23/19 Edit
University of Michigan 1 AP, Adaner Usmani (NYU), Anya Degenshein (Northwestern), Neil Gong (UCLA) Adaner Usmani (NYU) No 02/08/19 Edit
University of Minnesota Tom VanHeuvelen (Indiana PhD, Illinois AP) 03/19/19 Edit
University of Mississippi Advert
10/27/18 Edit
University of Mount Union Crime 12/09/18 Edit
University of New Mexico Sex and Gender Description
02/11/19 Edit
University of New Orleans criminology, deviance, and law; race; and theory 12/01/18 Description
12/09/18 Edit
University of North Texas 10/01/18 Buddy Scarborough (UIC ABD); Ronald Kwon (UC Riverside PhD) 01/21/19 Edit
University of North Texas Criminal Justice ???? 01/21/19 Edit
University of Northern Iowa Criminology 12/09/18 Edit
University of Notre Dame Open Yes Yes Yes 02/08/19 Edit
University of Oregon health/med 09/16/18 Yes Yes Krystale Littlejohn (Stanford PhD, Occidental College AP) 02/12/19 Edit
University of Oregon crim 09/11/18 Description
Yes Yes Claire Herbert 12/21/18 Edit
University of Pacific health yes yes 02/11/19 Edit
University of Rhode Island Criminology 06/01/18 Yes Yes Who accepted? 02/01/19 Edit
University of South Carolina Description
drek 10/29/18 Edit
University of South Florida Environment/Community/Inequality Advert
Yes 01/07/19 Edit
University of South Florida Gender 03/23/18 Advert
Update? Update? 01/07/19 Edit
University of Southern California 09/11/18 Description
Katrina King, Deisy Del Real, Burrel Vann, Adaner Usmani Yes Deisy Del Real (UCLA, ABD) 02/05/19 Edit
University of Southern Maine Criminology 10/01/18 Advert
Yes Yes Brendan McQuade (SUNY Binghamton PhD; SUNY-Cortland AP) 03/01/19 Edit
University of Tennessee – Knoxville social justice 10/12/18 Description
12/08/18 Edit
University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Organization and Institutions 01/07/18 Description
12/10/18 Edit
University of Toronto gender and inequality 09/10/18 12/09/18 Edit
University of Toronto Migration Studies, Munk School of Global Affairs And Public Policy Description
11/01/18 Edit
University of Toronto Crime 10/09/18 Sharla Alegria (AP UCMerced) Chris Smith (AP Davis) Sharla Alegria (AP UCMerced) Chris Smith (AP Davis) 12/18/18 Edit
University of Utah Description
10/06/18 Edit
University of Virginia race/ethnicity and/or health 11/12/18 Yes Natalie Aviles (Yale Postdoc, UCSD PhD) Natalie Aviles (Yale Postdoc, UCSD PhD) 12/23/18 Edit
University of West Alabama 06/03/18 invite 11/5 10/18/18 Edit
University of West Florida Criminal Justice 10/15/18 12/09/18 Edit
University of West Georgia Criminology 10/15/18 Yes Yes 02/05/19 Edit
University of West Georgia Sociology 03/22/19 Description
02/26/19 Edit
University of Western Description
02/03/19 Edit
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Crim 10/01/18 Description
Yes Update? 12/18/18 Edit
University of Wisconsin-Madison None 03/02/18 08/27/18 Edit
University of Wisconsin-Madison 04/02/18 Advert
09/06/18 Edit
University of Wisconsin-Madison Contemporary Korea 10/31/18 Description
Juyeon Park, Eunsil Oh, Aram Hur Yes Eunsil Oh (Harvard PHD, Harvard Postdoc) 02/07/19 Edit
University of Wisconsin-Platteville criminal Justice 10/29/18 Description
12/09/18 Edit
University of Wisconsin-Platteville duplicate Advert
12/09/18 Edit
UNLV Sociology Description
10/06/18 Edit
USC Upstate Social Inequality Description
11/28/18 Edit
UT Chattanooga Open 11/15/18 Description
accepted 3/12 **who got this job? 03/12/19 Edit
UT San Antonio Sociology Description
10/06/18 Edit
Utah State University Demography Yes Yes Who accepted?? 02/12/19 Edit
Utah State University Criminal Justice Yes Yes Who accepted? 12/18/18 Edit
Valdosta State University social psychology, quantitative and theory 01/03/19 12/10/18 Edit
Valparaiso University Advert
10/27/18 Edit
Vanderbilt University Health 10/15/18 Advert
2 APs Updates? Rachel Donnelly (UT Austin ABD) 02/02/19 Edit
Vassar College STS/Sociology 10/01/18 Yes Yes Yes 01/07/19 Edit
Villanova University Criminology Description
Offer out Who accepted? 12/19/18 Edit
Virginia Commonwealth Gina Longo (Wisco PHD, Wisco Postdoc) 02/14/19 Edit
Virginia Tech Religion Description
10/06/18 Edit
Virginia Tech Criminology/Delinquency 01/01/19 Description
Updates? 01/07/19 Edit
Wake Forest Race and global inequality 09/13/18 Description
Yes Brittany Battle (Rutgers ABD), Andrea Gomez Cervantes (Kansas ABD) 02/13/19 Edit
Wash U (WUSTL) Open 10/01/18 Yes Patrick Ishizuka (Princeton PhD, Cornell Postdoc) 02/01/19 Edit
Washington state Environment 11/15/18 Scheduled Yes yes 02/25/19 Edit
Washington State University Criminal Justice 3 coming out in January Offer out 01/30/19 Edit
Wayside School 10/27/18 Edit
Wesleyan Open Advert
01/30/19 Edit
Western Carolina University Gender, Global Yes Yes Yes 03/17/19 Edit
Western Michigan University Medical Sociology, Racial and Ethnic Relations Description
02/11/19 Edit
Western New England Criminology 12/09/18 Edit
Western University 08/23/18 09/08/18 Edit
Western University Social Stratification and/or Work 09/23/18 Description
12/08/18 Edit
Western Washington Demography Advert
? 02/19/19 Edit
Western Washington Environmental Advert
12/18/18 Edit
Western Washington Organizations Advert
12/18/18 Edit
Whitworth University Description
10/06/18 Edit
Widener University Junior 09/12/18 09/09/18 Edit
Widener University Senior 09/12/18 09/09/18 Edit
William & Mary Global Sociology (esp. Health or Law/Crime) 02/25/19 Description
01/24/19 Edit
William Paterson University Criminology Description
phone and on-campus 11/11/18 Edit
Winona State University Methods 12/07/18 12/08/18 Edit
Yale Crim 11/03/18 Edit
Yale Inequality Description
Emma Zang (Duke ABD); Rourke OBrien (Wisconsin AP) 03/01/19 Edit
Yale 10/15/18 Edit
Yale 10/15/18 Edit
York University 03/09/19 Edit