School Field Deadline Description Interview Method Rejection Campus Invitations Offer Made Offer Accepted Last Update Edit
American University health / medical Description
complete Yes No 04/23/17 Edit
American University (School of Public Affairs) Department of Justice, Law and Criminology 10/01/16 Description
Campus Interviews Eva Rosen (Harvard PhD, Johns Hopkins postdoc) Search extended to next year for Criminology search. Hired an associate professor for Race search. 01/21/17 Edit
American University - School of International Service Race and Global Studies 09/15/16 Advert
Felipe Dias (Berkeley ABD), Marcelo Bohrt (Brown ABD) Marcelo Bohrt (Brown ABD) Marcelo Bohrt (Brown ABD) 02/12/17 Edit
American University Cairo Open/Middle East 11/10/16 Advert
Skype 12/22/16 Edit
Appalachian State Aging and health 11/15/16 Description
extended accepted X2 04/07/17 Edit
Aquinas College (Michigan) medical, social work 01/20/17 skype being scheduled 02/08/17 Edit
Arizona State Global Studies (multiple disciplines) 10/24/16 Description
10/20/16 Edit
Arizona State University Social Science Methods/Statistics 11/07/16 Description
11/29/16 Edit
Arizona State. Social Transform Sociology of race Description
Campus interviews complete yes Raphael Charron-Chenier (Duke ABD) 03/01/17 Edit
Arkansas State University Aging, Stratification, Statistics Description
Skype Scheduled Yes Bowling Green, PhD Names or GTFO 03/06/17 Edit
Armstrong State University race and ethnicity 10/26/16 Advert
scheduled 02/10/17 Edit
Augusta University Criminology 09/06/16 Advert
04/02/17 Edit
Bard College health, education, law, comp/hist, STS Description
yes Laura Ford (Cornell via Bard VAP) Laura Ford (Cornell via Bard VAP) 01/27/17 Edit
Baylor University Health and Society 10/01/16 Description
scheduled yes Failed? 04/05/17 Edit
BC Carroll School of Management Curtis Chan (Harvard ABD) 02/19/17 Edit
Boston College (2 open rank positions) Race, Religion, and African Diaspora 10/01/16 Description
08/11/16 Edit
Boston University Medical Sociology 10/01/16 Description
email sent 1/13 3 completed Yes Yes 01/17/17 Edit
Bowdoin College Health 10/15/16 Description
Yes 01/07/17 Edit
Bowdoin College Sociology Oyman Basaran (UMass PhD, Bowdoin VAP) 03/14/17 Edit
Brandeis Race, Science & Society 11/01/16 Description
10/20/16 Edit
Bridgewater State University Criminal Justice Telephone interview completed yes yes 12/29/16 Edit
Bucknell University Open, with preference for social movements, econ soc, and comparative historical 10/15/16 Description
Web interviews completed Completed Yes 01/18/17 Edit
Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo) Organizations and Social Change 11/01/16 Advert
phone interviews being scheduled; on-campus interviews complete Rejection Letters Sent 1/27 Complete Yes Yes (who?) 03/26/17 Edit
Cal Poly Pomona Sociology of STEM Education 02/28/17 02/08/17 Edit
Cal State Chico Criminal Justice 09/30/16 Phone interviews scheduled Campus interviews scheduled Yes Nicole Sherman (UCI ABD Crim, Law & Society) 03/09/17 Edit
Cal State East Bay Methods & Theories 09/23/16 Phone interviews contacted completed 01/24/17 Edit
Cal State Sacramento Criminal Justice yes yes 02/13/17 Edit
California State Univ - Long Beach Transnational, Social Movements 10/10/16 Description
Phone interviews completed Campus invitations scheduled yes Claudia Maria Lopez (UCSC ABD) 03/21/17 Edit
California State Univ - Los Angeles Sociology 09/12/16 Description
invites out 01/12/17 Edit
California State University - Dominguez Hills Family/life course/related fields 11/06/16 Advert
phone interviews being scheduled ? 01/26/17 Edit
California State University, Fresno Africana Studies/Criminology 11/15/16 Description
phone interviews visits scheduled 02/22/17 Edit
California State University, Fullerton Criminal Justice 09/15/16 Description
Phone interviews scheduled Campus interviews scheduled 04/02/17 Edit
California State, Sacramento Criminal Justice Description
campus yes yes 02/13/17 Edit
Carleton College Africana Studies (Interdisciplinary) 11/01/16 Description
09/07/16 Edit
Carnegie Mellon Org 10/15/16 10/21/16 Edit
Catholic University of America crim, global, poverty done completed yes Who (?) 04/08/17 Edit
Centenary University Criminal Justice, Theory, Research methods 10/02/16 Advert
08/29/16 Edit
Central Washington Soc & Crim Phone interviews completed Yes, per other board. NAME? 04/18/17 Edit
Chapman University Health & Illness 12/15/16 Description
Skype interviews scheduled On campus interviews underway 03/07/17 Edit
Chinese U of Hong Kong Mark Cohen (NYU, ABD) 02/11/17 Edit
Christopher Newport University quant methods, education 10/18/16 Advert
phone interviews scheduled 11/29/16 Edit
City University of New York Urban Advert
Invites out 01/13/17 Edit
Colby College Open 10/01/16 Advert
08/29/16 Edit
College of Wooster race and ethnicity 11/01/16 Advert
Skype Flyouts scheduled yes yes; who? 03/28/17 Edit
Colorado State University Quant AND Environment, Food, Development, Crim and Deviance, Governance, and/or Inequality 10/09/16 Description
Flyouts scheduled Orestes Hastings (Berkeley ABD) Orestes Hastings (Berkeley ABD) 01/26/17 Edit
Colorado State University Crim 12/12/16 Description
Interviews scheduled. Yes Travis Linnemann (declined) Yes (Jeffrey Nowacki, SIU AP) 03/22/17 Edit
Columbia Business School Organizational Theory 10/01/16 Description
Scheduled 01/08/17 Edit
Columbia University (religion dept.) religion and public life (tenured) any news on this? 11/23/16 Edit
Cornell (ILR/Law) Ifeoma Ajunwa (Columbia PhD; Harvard Fellow) 02/28/17 Edit
Creighton University Health Policy 12/01/16 Description
Campus interviews scheduled yes 02/28/17 Edit
CSU East Bay Human Development and Women\\\'s Studies phone interviews sent out 01/12/17 Edit
CSU Monterey Bay movements, migration, media 11/26/16 Description
Materials requested sent yes Amanda Pullum (UCI, PhD; Duke VAP) 04/26/17 Edit
CSU Northridge Criminal Justice 10/14/16 Description
Scheduled 12/23/16 Edit
CSU-Northridge Sociology Gender/Sexualities 10/04/16 Advert
Campus Interviews Scheduled yes, offer made yes, offer accepted [who?] 12/27/16 Edit
CSUN Sociology of Race/Ethnicity 10/04/16 Advert
Campus Interviews Scheduled Shantel Buggs (UT-Austin) Invites out. (who?) yes yes 12/28/16 Edit
Dartmouth College Inequality; Asian American Studies 09/15/16 Description
Email sent 1/18 interviews Yes 01/20/17 Edit
DePaul University sociology of health 11/15/16 Description
10/30/16 Edit
Dominican University Research Methods 11/01/16 Description
Yes Rosalio Cedillo (LMU postdoc, UCI PhD) 02/21/17 Edit
Drexel STS Advert
any news on this? Yes Yes 04/21/17 Edit
Drexel University Medical Sociology 10/15/16 Description
Invites out. Who? Yes Yes 02/13/17 Edit
Eastern Connecticut State University education, intersectionality 10/26/16 Advert
Rejection email sent 1/14 Visits scheduled 01/14/17 Edit
Eastern Kentucky University Justice Studies 10/10/16 Description
Seven invited to campus 11/21/16 Edit
Fayetteville State University Statistics 01/13/17 Description
Phone interviews scheduled Search Suspended (email sent on 4/7) 04/08/17 Edit
Fitchburg State University crim, quant methods 11/14/16 Advert
Phone Interviews scheduled 12/12/16 Edit
Framingham State University Critical Criminology 10/15/16 Skype Interviews Scheduled Invites out Yes Yes 12/23/16 Edit
Franklin & Marshall Race/Ethnicity 10/15/16 Skype Interviews Being Conducted completed Yes (who?) 03/26/17 Edit
FSU Crim 10/31/16 Advert
Campus 4 more ABDs 4 Brendan Lantz (PSU ABD); Megan Denver (SUNY-Albany ABD) 02/25/17 Edit
FSU race Materials requested Yes Shantel Buggs (ABD, UT-Austin), 2 APs Katrinell Davis Shantel Buggs (ABD, UT-Austin) 03/22/17 Edit
George Mason Univ. Crim., Law & Society Advert
2 ABDs (Who?) Anyone? 04/08/17 Edit
George Mason University Urban; Globalization 10/03/16 Advert
Skype Yes Yes. 2 hires Amaka Okechukwu NYU PhD; Manjusha Nair AP 12/23/16 Edit
George Washington University Public Policy & Women\'s Studies Eiko Strader (UMass ABD) 03/15/17 Edit
Georgetown McCourt School of Public Policy public policy and racial justice 09/01/16 Description
Skype, Campus interviews Invites out (1 postdoc, 1 AP, 1 ABD) Who? Eva Rosen (Hopkins postdoc, Harvard PhD) Eva Rosen 01/02/17 Edit
Georgetown University urban, culture/religion, and/or strat (associate level) 10/01/16 Description
08/04/16 Edit
Georgia duplicate Advert
duplicate duplicate 03/25/17 Edit
Georgia Southern Univesity Social Services 10/01/16 Phone Interviews Invites Out (who?) - 1 AP yes... so who is it? 12/16/16 Edit
Gettysburg College Migration/health 10/15/16 Advert
Materials Requested by Dec 31st Yes Yes. Who is it? 04/01/17 Edit
Gonzaga University Theory/ Methods/ Race/ Criminology 10/15/16 Skype Scheduled scheduled yes yes... so who is it? 01/10/17 Edit
Hamilton College Advert
Matthew Grace (Indiana ABD) 03/14/17 Edit
Hartwick College Political Sociology, Qualitative Methods 10/15/16 Description
Phone interviews done completed Yes Amber Tierney (UCI ABD) 03/26/17 Edit
Hartwick College Criminal Justice, Cybercrime, Social Media Crime, Terrorism, Geo-Spatial Analysis 10/15/16 Description
12/30/16 Edit
Haverford College Open 10/01/16 Advert
Campus invites Invites out Offer made, failed search 12/12/16 Edit
Hawaii China Advert
campus interviews underway (2ABD, 1AP) yes Le Lin (Chicago, PhD) 03/14/17 Edit
Hebrew University Inequality, Organizations 10/30/16 campus interviews Dafna Gelbgiser (Cornell PhD/PD), 2 AP 12/23/16 Edit
Howard University Medical + Inequality, Crim or Environmental 10/15/16 Description
Campus visits conducted 04/05/17 Edit
Illinois State University Stats/Methods 10/01/16 Description
Skype interviews conducted scheduled Yes - Jeffrey Stokes (Boston College ABD) Yes 12/01/16 Edit
Illinois Wesleyan University broadly trained 10/01/16 Advert
Phone Interviews Scheduled completed 03/26/17 Edit
Indiana University Kokomo Family, Childhood, and/or Family violence, and Research Methods 01/02/17 Advert
12/05/16 Edit
Indiana University-Kokomo Family, Childhood 01/02/17 Description
Skype interviews underway Jamie Oslawski-Lopez (Indiana University) 04/18/17 Edit
Iowa State University Chair Description
Phone Interview Names? 03/09/17 Edit
James Madison University New media and/or race, ethnicity, and inequality 11/01/16 Description
Campus Invites Underway Shantel Buggs (rejected) Yes 03/20/17 Edit
John Carroll University sociology/anthropology of religion 09/25/16 Description
Invites out 01/14/17 Edit
Johns Hopkins University Latin America 02/01/17 Invites are out 03/22/17 Edit
Kennesaw State University Description
Campus invites out Yes Yes 01/20/17 Edit
Kenyon College health, embodiment, and/or sexuality 10/15/16 Description
campus invites out offer made Austin Johnson (Kent State University, ABD) 02/23/17 Edit
Lafayette College Medical Sociology; Global and Transnational Sociology  09/30/16 Advert
Skype interviews completed 11/02/16 Edit
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Department of Methodology (Qualitative) 11/01/16 Description
Scheduled yes yes 01/27/17 Edit
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Department of Methodology (Quantitative) Description
scheduled yes Milena Tsvetkova (Cornell PhD, Oxford Postdoc) 02/12/17 Edit
Loyola University Chicago Race 10/17/16 Description
Campus Visits Jonathan Cox (University of Maryland ABD), 3 others yes yes 02/10/17 Edit
Loyola University Chicago Criminal Justice 10/17/16 Advert
phone interviews scheduled yes Who (?) 04/08/17 Edit
LSU Race/Ethnicity, Quantitative 10/23/16 Description
Robert Reece (Duke, ABD), others yes Heather Oconnell (Wisconsin PhD, Rice post-doc) 12/06/16 Edit
Macalester College Race and ethnicity 10/01/16 Description
Scheduled Yes Yes 12/01/16 Edit
Marian Univeristy Inequalities 03/01/17 Description
02/15/17 Edit
McGill University quant 09/19/16 Advert
Kinga Makovi (Columbia ABD), Andrei Boutyline, Fedor Dokshin (Cornell),, Peter McMahan (Chicago ABD) Peter McMahan (Chicago, ABD) 12/28/16 Edit
Melbourne Max Holleran (NYU ABD) 03/23/17 Edit
Memorial University Policing/Criminology Description
on campus visit 10/25/16 Edit
Memphis VAP 04/15/17 Description
04/17/17 Edit
Mercer University medical sociology, soc of religion 11/01/16 Description
Phone interviews scheduled Email sent 1/24 Campus interviews underway yes yes 01/24/17 Edit
Michigan State University Sociology of Science and/or Medicine 01/04/17 Description
scheduled Yes Yes 03/29/17 Edit
Middle Tennessee State University race and ethnicity 11/07/16 Advert
completed Yes Ashleigh McKinzie (Georgia ABD) 02/23/17 Edit
Minot State University soc/political science 02/21/17 Edit
Mississippi State rural sociology 10/15/16 Advert
Raeven Chandler (ABD, Penn State Rural Sociology) 11/01/16 Edit
Missouri State University Methods, Stats, Intro, Public Soc 10/03/16 Advert
Interviews scheduled: Kyler Sherman-Wilkins (Penn State ABD) Kyler Sherman-Wilkins Kyler Sherman-Wilkins (Penn State ABD) 01/04/17 Edit
MIT Work and Orgs 09/09/16 Description
job talks scheduled ? 01/03/17 Edit
MIT Urban Studies & Planning 10/01/16 7 campus visits scheduled 11/29/16 Edit
Montana State University Open crim (adv assistant/associate) 10/14/16 Description
08/19/16 Edit
National University of Singapore economic, political and comparative historical sociology or anthropology 10/31/16 Advert
Skype interviews happening Scheduled: Timothy Gorman (Cornell ABD);Micah Morton (Madison PhD Anthro); Chengpang Lee (Chicago ABD) Yes 04/07/17 Edit
Nevada State College Criminology/ Social Justice Campus Interviews Scheduled 12/12/16 Edit
North Carolina State University Racial and Ethnic Relations, Migration/Immigration campus visits scheduled yes Celeste Curington (UMass ABD) 01/06/17 Edit
Northland College soc/justice completed completed yes ?? 02/21/17 Edit
Northwestern (Kellogg) MORS campus visit 10/22/16 Edit
Northwestern University Quantitative, plus for gender 09/15/16 Description
Kinga Makovi (Columbia ABD), Julia Behrman (NYU ABD), Angelina Grigoryeva (Princeton ABD), 1 AP Julia Behrman Julia Behrman (NYU ABD) 01/10/17 Edit
Notre Dame Soc of Ed 10/01/16 Description
Jordan Conwell (Northwestern ABD), April Sutton (UT Austin PhD; Cornell postdoc), 1 AP Jordan Conwell (Northwestern ABD)-declined; Sutton (UT PhD/Cornell PD), declined Failed 04/05/17 Edit
NYU open 09/16/16 Description
campus visit Mary Beth Hunzaker (ABD Duke); Kinga Makovi (ABD Columbia); Daniel DellaPosta (ABD Cornell); Peter Catron (ABD UCLA); and 1 AP Mary Beth Hunzaker (ABD Duke); 1 mystery AP ABD accepted; AP declined 04/06/17 Edit
NYU AD Open 09/01/16 Advert
Campus visit Interviews finished Jun Zhao (Georgia, declined), Lucie Kalousová (ABD Michigan, declined), Kangsan Lee (ABD Northwestern), Kinga Makovi (ABD Columbia) Kangsan Lee (ABD Northwestern), Kinga Makovi (Columbia ABD) 03/01/17 Edit
Ohio State Food inequality 10/01/16 2 ABD, 1 AP Kara Young, Berkeley ABD Kara Young, Berkeley ABD 12/14/16 Edit
Ohio State Strat/quant 3 ABDs Natasha Quadlin (Indiana ABD) Natasha Quadlin (Indiana ABD) 12/16/16 Edit
Ohio University quant methods, inequality 10/19/16 Advert
skype scheduled Campus interview complete 3abd, 1ap yes 01/05/17 Edit
Oklahoma State University Environmental (broadly conceived) 09/23/16 Description
??? Failed search/search moved to next year? 01/20/17 Edit
Old Dominion (2 lines) Criminology 10/01/16 04/02/17 Edit
Park University Public Policy 01/16/17 Description
04/09/17 Edit
Pennsylvania State University Soc - open 09/15/16 Description
Daniel DellaPosta (Cornell ABD), Fedor Dokshin (Cornell ABD), Natasha Quadlin (Indiana ABD), 1 Asst Prof, 1 Assoc Prof Seth Abrutyn (AP, Memphis), Fernando Riosmena (UC Boulder Geography), Daniel DellaPosta (ABD, Cornell) DellaPosta (Cornell ABD) 01/18/17 Edit
Pennsylvania State University Crim Josh Kaiser (Northwestern ABD), Megan Denver (SUNY-Albany ABD), 2 APs Tom Loughran (Maryland Assoc. Prof.) Tom Loughran (MD AP) 01/12/17 Edit
Pitzer College methods and race/ethnicity 09/15/16 Description
Skype conducted Campus Invites scheduled Jessica Kizer (UCI ABD) 01/04/17 Edit
Princeton University comparative and historical sociology, political sociology, economic sociology, the family, and crimi 09/01/16 Description
X 01/11/17 Edit
Purdue quant cluster hire Trent Mize (Indiana U, ABD) 04/18/17 Edit
Queens college Big Data, Data Analytics, or Data Science Description
phone interviews scheduled scheduled 03/02/17 Edit
RAND Corporation Sociologist positions 09/01/16 Fly out Late October to early Dec. Lucie Kalousová (ABD Michigan, declined) 02/24/17 Edit
Redford University-Two TT Positions Open 10/01/16 Description
2 (Stephanie Bradley, ABD FSU) 12/19/16 Edit
Rhode Island College Quant 12/12/16 Description
01/17/17 Edit
Rice University Open 09/02/16 Description
Campus visit Max Besbris (NYU ABD), Anna Rhodes (Johns Hopkins ABD), Asad Asad (Harvard ABD), Eva Rosen (Harvard PhD, Johns Hopkins Postdoc) Max Besbris (NYU ABD), Anna Rhodes (Hopkins ABD) Max Besbris (NYU ABD), Anna Rhodes (Hopkins ABD) 01/26/17 Edit
Rider University Sociology/Criminology 11/01/16 Description
Yes Yes (who?) 02/01/17 Edit
Ripon College Any business/organization related field 11/01/16 Description
Phone then campus 09/16/16 Edit
Roanoke College Description
Kristen Schorpp, ABD UNC (per other board) 04/07/17 Edit
Rutgers Race, crime, social control 10/01/16 Description
Campus visits scheduled (who??) Jerry Flores, Brittany Friedman 12/04/16 Edit
Rutgers (Poli sci) Race and Ethnicity, Immigration 09/01/17 Description
09/16/16 Edit
Rutgers Camden Sociology, Criminal Justice 10/15/16 interviews scheduled campus invite Nathan Link (Temple crim, ABD) 12/23/16 Edit
Saint Joseph\\\\\\\'s University Soc/Crim/CJ 11/15/16 Description
Yes Yes (who is it?) 02/21/17 Edit
Saint Mary's College (IN) applied sociology/ criminology 08/15/16 10/11/16 Edit
Saint Mary\'s College of California Community, Justice, Leadership 09/30/16 Advert
10/31/16 Edit
Sam Houston State University Criminology and Criminal Justice 2 AP; 1 Assoc Prof 2 Elisa Toman (ABD, USF), Eric Connolly (AP, PSU-A) 12/06/16 Edit
Sam Houston State University Race 2 ABD -- who?? yes yes, Jeffrey Gardner (University of Georgia) 10/27/16 Edit
San Jose State Quantitative Phone interviews done Scheduled Yes Yes 01/05/17 Edit
SAn Jose State Asian Am 01/15/17 02/08/17 Edit
San Jose State Justice Studies Yes, John Halushka (NYU ABD) 04/03/17 Edit
Seattle Pacific University Stats, race, globalization Advert
08/19/16 Edit
SFSU Sexuality Studies Advert
On campus interviews Invites out (1 AP, others) Brittany Chambers (Community Health ABD: UNC-Greensboro) 02/10/17 Edit
Simmons College Open 10/15/16 Advert
Skype interviews scheduled Complete yes Anima Adjepong (UT ABD) 02/19/17 Edit
Simpson College Soc/Crim Campus Interviews Scheduled Complete 01/27/17 Edit
SJSU Asian American 02/08/17 Edit
Soka University of America Education, Methods Description
Phone 12/19/16 Edit
Sonoma State University immigration, race/ethnicity 10/31/16 Advert
phone interviews 12/07/16 Edit
Southeast Missouri State University crim 09/23/16 Advert
1 1 who? 11/23/16 Edit
Southern Connecticut State University Medical Sociology 12/01/16 Description
Raeven Chandler, Penn State ABD (Rural Soc & Demography) 01/18/17 Edit
Southern Illinois University Criminology Advert
Complete yes (to whom?) 11/09/16 Edit
Southern Methodist University Sociology Description
Skype 04/06/17 Edit
Southern Oregon University medical sociology 10/31/16 10/30/16 Edit
Stanford South Asian studies 09/15/16 Description
??? 10/26/16 Edit
Stanford Organizational Behavior 10/01/16 ??? 11/16/16 Edit
Stanford University Islam and Gender 10/03/16 Description
Yes - at least one campus job talk has happened. 01/18/17 Edit
Stockholm University Open 10/17/16 Advert
09/21/16 Edit
Stockholm University Demography 10/17/16 Advert
Sven Drefahl (AP, Stockholm U) 04/24/17 Edit
SUNY Oswego inequality 11/01/16 Advert
Request for add. materials w/ phone interview invite complete yes yes 01/09/17 Edit
SUNY Potsdam Crime/ Quant Methods Phone Interviews in Progress 12/12/16 Edit
SUNY-Albany School of Criminal Justice (Multiple Positions) 09/02/16 Description
Campus Visit Scheduled: Evelien Hoeben (postdoc, Amsterdam), Theodore Wilson (Maryland, ABD), Colleen Berryessa (U of Penn, ABD), Allison Dwyer Emory (Cornell, ABD), Yongjei Lee (Cincinnati, ABD), James Wo (UC Irvine, ABD), 1 AP (ALL INTERVIEWS COMPLETED) Yes - 4 Evelien Hoeben(postdoc, Amsterdam). Theodore Wilson (Maryland, ABD). 01/28/17 Edit
SUNY-Albany School of Criminal Justice Post-Doc for Research in Ethnicity, Crime, and Justice 11/11/16 Description
10/21/16 Edit
SUNY-Binghamton World-systems, migration 10/17/16 Advert
Sahan Savas Karatasli (Johns Hopkins PhD), Jordan Camp (UCSB PhD, Brown PD), Marina Sitrin (Stony Brook PhD), Sarah Knuth (Berkeley PhD, Michigan PD). ALL COMPLETED who? Marina Sitrin 03/02/17 Edit
SUNY-Buffalo Criminology/Law/Theory 09/09/16 Description
Campus interviews scheduled yes Christopher R. Dennison (ABD, BGSU) 01/04/17 Edit
SUNY-Oneonta Criminology Advert
done done yes Jessica Finkeldey (BGSU, PHd) 04/11/17 Edit
Susquehanna University Social Movements, Race 10/03/16 Description
scheduled yes 02/09/17 Edit
Syracuse University Race/qualitative 09/15/16 Description
Terrell Winder (UCLA ABD), Celeste Curington (UMass ABD), Susila Gurusami (UCLA ABD), Eva Rosen (Harvard PhD, Johns Hopkins postdoc) Terrell Winder (UCLA ABD) Terrell Winder (UCLA ABD) 01/30/17 Edit
Syracuse University Health, aging and the life course 01/09/17 Description
Invites Out Yes, AP 03/25/17 Edit
Temple (Business School) Todd Schifeling (Michigan PhD, Michigan Postdoc) 02/28/17 Edit
Temple University Population Health 11/15/16 Description
Invites out Yes yes (Tania Jenkins, Brown PhD, Chicago Postdoc) 03/30/17 Edit
Texas A&M University Latina/o Sociology, Demography/Migration 11/01/16 Description
Complete 1 migration, 1 Latino/a (Daniel Martinez, George Washington Univ AP, declined) 1 accepted for migration (who?) 03/10/17 Edit
Texas A&M- Kingsville open 01/15/17 Description
01/17/17 Edit
Texas A&M- San Antonio Statistics 01/03/17 Description
Phone interviews scheduled 03/05/17 Edit
Texas State Criminology 09/01/16 Video Interviews Conducted Yes x4 (Wes Jennings, Crim AP USF; Meghan Hollis (Tartlton St Crim AP); Sean Roche (Albany Crim ABD); Ashley Hewitt (Crim ABD Simon Fraser) 03/27/17 Edit
Texas Tech Health Sciences Ctr Public Health (Abilene Campus) Description
07/25/16 Edit
The London School of Economics Assistant Professor in Migration Studies 02/05/17 Advert
03/02/17 Edit
The New School for Social Research Sociology & Journalism Description
Julia Sonnevend (Columbia PhD in communications) 03/02/17 Edit
The University of Calgary Quantitative TT position 11/04/16 Description
Interviews complete: David Eagle (Postdoc, Duke); 1 AP (we don\\\'t name APs) Yes Josh Curtis (AP Bishop\'s college; PhD U Toronto) 02/07/17 Edit
Toronto race/ethnicity, urban/community 09/08/16 Description
Asad Asad (Harvard University); Anne-Marie Livingstone (Johns Hopkins University); Denia Garcia (Princeton University) Yes: Asad Asad (Harvard ABD) Failed 04/05/17 Edit
Toronto Political Sociology/Quantitative Methods 09/15/16 Discussion Tom Maher (Postdoc Arizona, Ohio State PhD), Joseph DiGrazia (Dartmouth Postdoc, Indiana PhD), Fedor Dokshin (ABD Cornell), Anna Jacobs (ABD Vanderbilt) Dokshin (Cornell ABD) Dokshin (Cornell ABD) 12/11/16 Edit
Toronto-Scarborough Quantitative Methods 10/03/16 Description
contacted those on long shortlist News??? Yes-who? Andrei Boutyline (Berkeley ABD) 12/17/16 Edit
Trinity College theory/gender 12/02/16 Advert
On Campus Interviews Being Scheduled Invited Out [Who?] 03/23/17 Edit
Trinity University education, families and family relations, media studies, religion, science and technology, social de Description
Benjamin Sosnaud (Harvard PhD, Harvard Postdoc) 02/07/17 Edit
Truman State University theory/race/strat 01/04/17 scheduling interviews Yes Yes 03/09/17 Edit
Tufts University Class Inequality, Labor, and/or related fields 09/30/16 Description
Invites out 04/02/17 Edit
Tufts University (religion dept.) Religion, Race, and Colonialism 10/01/16 Description
08/08/16 Edit
Tulane University Open 10/03/16 Description
Scheduled Yes Mariana Craciun (PhD Michigan, Postdoc Northwestern) and Camilo Leslie (Michigan PhD, Postdoc Buffalo, spousal hire) 02/22/17 Edit
Tusculum College open/civic studies interviews underway 02/21/17 Edit
U of Miami race / ethnicity 09/01/16 yes Yader Lanuza (UCI ABD) 01/08/17 Edit
U of Pennsylvania Health Inequality; Medical Sociology 09/15/16 Description
1 AP; Asad Asad (Harvard ABD); Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz (UW PhD; Michigan PD); Courtney Boen (UNC ABD) Courtney Boen (UNC ABD) Yes 01/06/17 Edit
U.S. Air Force Academy Sociology, Criminology 11/15/16 Description
Phone interviews scheduled invites out 02/14/17 Edit
UBC Family 09/15/16 Advert
invites out Yes Yes 01/23/17 Edit
UBC Sociological Theory 09/15/16 Advert
Invites out Seth Abrutyn (AP, University of Memphis) Seth Abrutyn (AP, University of Memphis) 02/02/17 Edit
UC - Riverside Race/class/gender 10/17/16 Advert
08/19/16 Edit
UC Berkeley Open 09/08/16 Advert
Lucie Kalousová (Michigan ABD), Fedor Dokshin (Cornell ABD), Mariana Craciun (Michigan PhD; Northwestern postdoc), Neil Gong (UCLA ABD) No Offer Made Failed 04/05/17 Edit
UC Davis race and ethnicity 09/15/16 Description
Felipe Dias (Berkeley ABD) yes Yes, AP - so who is it? 04/09/17 Edit
UC Irvine Education 09/15/16 Description
Patrick Denice (University of Washington PhD, Wash. U. in St. Louis Postdoc), Anna Rhodes (Johns Hopkins ABD), Paul Hanselman (Wisconsin PhD, Irvine Postdoc), April Sutton (UT Austin PhD, Cornell Postdoc) April Sutton (UT PhD, Cornell PD), declined Paul Hanselman (Wisconsin PhD, Irvine Postdoc, UT Austin Postdoc) 04/06/17 Edit
UC Merced Interdisciplinary Inequality On Campus Invites Out Yes Charlie Eaton (UC Berkeley PhD, Stanford Postdoc) 04/24/17 Edit
UC Riverside social psyc 10/17/16 Description
Job talks completed Failed 04/09/17 Edit
UC Riverside Gender/Race/Class 10/17/16 Description
Interviews scheduled 11/05/16 Edit
UC Riverside Community Translational Health Cluster Hire 02/12/17 Advert
On campus Scheduled Prior info wrong: Richard Carpiano (UBC prof) hired last yr for this; addt\'l positions this yr 03/26/17 Edit
UC Santa Barbara Culture -- JOB REMOVED Description
08/28/16 Edit
UC Santa Barbara Gender & Sexualities 11/01/16 Description
Jill Yavorsky (OSU ABD); Trent Mize (IU ABD); 1 AP yes Tristan Bridges, (AP @ SUNY-Brockport) 02/24/17 Edit
UCLA Open 09/30/16 Description
Felipe Dias (Berkeley ABD), Max Besbris (NYU ABD), Julia Behrman (NYU ABD), 1 AP; round 2 invites out Lauren Gaydosh (UNC postdoc, Princeton PhD) and 2 APs Ann Owens (USC AP) - declined; 2nd offer out (AP) Michael Gaddis (PSU AP) 03/15/17 Edit
UCSD open 09/16/16 Description
Campus Visit 1 AP, 2 ABDs, April Sutton (UT Austin PhD; Cornell postdoc) April Sutton (UT PhD, Cornell PD) April Sutton (UT PhD, Cornell PD) 01/27/17 Edit
UCSD Interdisciplinary TENURE TRACK search in Social Impact of Science, Medicine, and Technology 10/14/16 Description
yes 02/13/17 Edit
UCSD Interdisciplinary TENURED search in Social Impact of Science, Medicine, and Technology 10/14/16 Description
have long list of 12 names 1st round chosen Yes 01/31/17 Edit
UCSD 4 TT and 4 tenured positions: \'Basis of Human Knowledge, Learning and Creativity\' Description
10/05/16 Edit
UCSF Successful candidates should have expertise in medical sociology and quantitative research methods. 09/15/16 Description
Phone interviews scheduled 1 ABD, 2 postdocs, 1 associate Yes Kristen Harknett, Associate Professor (U Penn) 12/23/16 Edit
UMass Lowell DUPLICATE Description
12/07/16 Edit
UMich (Public Policy) race/ethnicity, political sociology, economic sociology, law and society, orgs, social mvmts 10/01/16 Description
Fabiana Silva (Berkeley ABD) Fabiana Silva (Berkeley ABD) 01/27/17 Edit
UNC Asheville Sexualities 10/01/16 Advert
Skype Interviews Sent Out 03/15/17 Edit
UNC Charlotte work/orgs 11/18/16 contacted those on long list Jill Yavorksy (Ohio State ABD) 01/31/17 Edit
UNC Greensboro Criminology- CANCELLED 10/04/16 Description
09/26/16 Edit
UNC Greensboro Theory and Culture 10/17/16 Description
job talks complete yes ?? 01/03/17 Edit
UNC Greensboro Open - Department Head 12/15/16 Description
?? 01/30/17 Edit
UNC-Wilmington Crime 4 invited Yes Yes 02/05/17 Edit
UNC-Wilmington Theory/Globalization 12/09/16 phone interviews complete yes Tim Gill (Georgia PhD, Tulane postdoc) 02/22/17 Edit
Univ. of Northern Colorado Race and Ethnicity/Open 09/30/16 Description
Phone interviews complete Campus visits scheduled Yes Cliff Leek (Stony Brook ABD), Rebeca Beals (UNM PhD) 03/21/17 Edit
Univeristy of Alberta Criminology and Sociolegal 09/30/16 Description
Yes Marta Urbanik (U of Alberta, ABD), Holly Campeau (Toronto, PhD) 01/30/17 Edit
University of Alabama Criminology (open) 10/01/16 scheduled 11/09/16 Edit
University of Alabama Quantitative Criminology 10/01/16 scheduled 11/09/16 Edit
University of Alabama - Huntsville race and ethnicity 11/07/16 Advert
phone interviews scheduled sent yes Jenn Sims (Wisconsin PhD, UWRF adjunct) 02/22/17 Edit
University of Arizona School of Management (Org Theory) 09/12/16 Advert
08/19/16 Edit
University of Arizona Race & ethnicity 10/24/16 Description
Denia Garcia (Princeton ABD), Hyeyoung Kwom (Indiana Postdoc, USC PhD), 1 AP Offer out to AP Daniel Martinez (George Washington University AP) 01/17/17 Edit
University of Calgary Criminology TT position 10/17/16 Description
Interview scheduled Offer is out 12/01/16 Edit
University of Chicago Booth School of Business Organizations and strategy 12/01/16 Description
Made (bringing in 8 people) 12/10/16 Edit
University of Cincinnati Urban Futures Cluster Hire 10/17/16 yep 12/19/16 Edit
University of Delaware Race, Criminal Justice, and Social Justice 10/15/16 Description
Phone interviews scheduled scheduled 11/02/16 Edit
University of Denver Crime, Law, Deviance 09/09/16 Description
Interviews underway Failed 04/05/17 Edit
University of Florida Environment/Crim Description
Any updates? 01/18/17 Edit
University of Florida Latin American Studies/Crime, Law, and Governance 01/30/17 Advert
skype interviews week of 2/13 yes, completed yes yes (Rebecca Hanson ABD UGA) 04/18/17 Edit
University of Florida Crime/Latin America 01/30/17 Skype interviews scheduled 02/09/17 Edit
University of Georgia Race and Ethnicity/African American Studies 10/14/16 Description
on-campus 3 AP, Celeste Curington Yes Maryann Erigha, Memphis AP (Penn PhD) 02/07/17 Edit
University of Georgia Latin Amer & Caribbean indigenous peoples 11/01/16 Advert
Jorge Derpic (UT-Austin ABD) 03/25/17 Edit
University of Idaho Soc/ Crim Phone Interviews Scheduled Campus interviews scheduled 12/30/16 Edit
University of Iowa Criminology 09/01/16 Description
Complete (who were they?) Yes James Wo (UCI, ABD) 11/10/16 Edit
University of Iowa - College of Education Katharine Broton (Wisconsin PhD) 04/26/17 Edit
University of Lethbridge Open Description
02/27/17 Edit
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Open (x2) Advert
Interviews underway 1 offer out; 1 search underway 1 offer accepted; other search continuing 03/02/17 Edit
University of Maryland Presidents postdoctoral fellow Shatima Jones [NYU postdoc] 04/12/17 Edit
University of Massachusetts, Lowell Criminology/CJ Description
Phone interviews campus invites out Yes, 2 Yes, 2 (WHO?) 03/21/17 Edit
University of Michigan Open 09/09/16 Description
Asad Asad (Harvard ABD) Yes 01/23/17 Edit
University of Michigan Organization Studies 09/16/16 Advert
Job Talks Scheduled Yes, 2 Steven Samford (Poli Sci PHD Research fellow, Toronto); Ashley Harrell (ABD, South Carolina) 02/07/17 Edit
University of Minnesota Global Policy 10/15/16 Description
11/02/16 Edit
University of Missouri, Kansas City Stats / Open 09/13/16 Description
job talks scheduled Yes Yes 02/23/17 Edit
University of Nebraska- Kearney Medical Sociology 02/06/17 Description
Phone interviews scheduled On campus interviews scheduled 03/08/17 Edit
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Latina/o Immigration (CANCELED) 09/30/16 Description
University of Nevada - Reno Religion, Law and Society 10/15/16 Description
phone interviews scheduled Yes Jared Bok (Emory ABD) 01/09/17 Edit
University of Nevada -- Las Vegas Stats 03/10/17 Advert
Skype completed yes (who?) 04/14/17 Edit
University of Nevada, Las Vegas Race and Ethnicity 10/25/16 Description
Skype scheduled yes Two Positions were accepted. One AP. And, Cassaundra Rodriguez (UMass ABD) 02/09/17 Edit
University of Nevada, Reno Sociology of Higher Education 12/01/16 Description
Skype in Dec; on campus in Jan 02/01/17 Edit
University of New Mexico Race and Ethnicity (assistant level) 09/30/16 Description
Letters requested 2 APs, 1 PD, 1 ABD Yes... so who is it? Elizabeth Korver-Glenn (Rice ABD) 01/05/17 Edit
University of Northern Iowa quantitative methods, stats 09/30/16 Advert
Phone Interviews Scheduled scheduled Ashleigh Kysar-Moon (Purdue ABD) Yes 01/26/17 Edit
University of Oklahoma Criminology & Race 12/01/16 Description
Josh Kaiser, Chris Palmore, Julie Gerlinger, 2 APs Yes Julie Gerlinger (Crim ABD, UCI) 02/07/17 Edit
University of Pennsylvania Family and Gender 09/15/16 Description
Pilar Gonalons-Pons (Wisconsin PhD, Goethe Postdoc); Kate Chambers Prickett (PhD Texas, Postdoc Texas); 2 APs Yes. Pilar Gonalons-Pons (Wisconsin PhD, Goethe Postdoc) 01/12/17 Edit
University of Pittsburgh race, culture, and environment 09/10/16 Description
interviews scheduled Junia Howell (Rice ABD) 03/29/17 Edit
University of Pittsburgh Urban Studies Lectureship 10/15/16 Description
? 11/22/16 Edit
University of Rhode Island Crim Interdis 10/15/16 Description
phone interviews Yes, late November/early December Yes (2) Natalie Pifer (UCI, Crim. Law & Soc.) Yes Natalie Pifer (UCI-CLS, ABD); Megan Parry (ASU ABD) 02/25/17 Edit
University of Richmond Race/Ethnicity 08/15/16 Description
Scheduled Scheduled Yes Atiya Husain, UNC ABD (per other board) 04/07/17 Edit
University of Richmond Education, Inequality 10/10/16 Description
Scheduled Failed 04/05/17 Edit
University of South Dakota medical/gender and sexuality/quantitative research 11/01/16 Description
09/19/16 Edit
University of South Florida immigration, race/ethnicity, health 10/14/16 Description
Phone Interviews Schedule Campus visits starting this week 11/11/16 Edit
University of Tampa Demography 01/15/17 Description
Phone interviews scheduled 02/04/17 Edit
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Crim (Gender and/or race/ethnicity) 10/10/16 Advert
scheduled Yes 01/04/17 Edit
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Quantitative methods 10/10/16 Description
scheduled, Robert Reece (Duke) 11/06/16 Edit
University of Texas at El Paso Criminal Justice Description
On-Campus 4 2 Mario Cano (KSU AP); Timothy Dickinson (IUPUI VAP) 02/26/17 Edit
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Medical Sociology/Sociology of Health 11/30/16 Description
Received an e-mail stating that position was cancelled 01/04/17 Edit
University of Texas, Austin Race/Ethnicity 10/01/16 Description
Terrell Winder (UCLA, ABD), Robert Reece (Duke, ABD), Celeste Curington (UMass ABD) Robert Reece Yes 12/01/16 Edit
University of Toronto (Mississauga) Sociology - Global South 09/12/16 Description
scheduled Kristin Plys, Yale ABD 12/20/16 Edit
University of Toronto (Mississauga) Criminology 09/12/16 Description
scheduled yes Gail Super (AP, UCT) 11/27/16 Edit
University of Toronto (Mississauga) Crime and Gender 09/12/16 Description
scheduled 2 Jerry Flores (AP UW Tacoma); Susila Gurusami (ABD, UCLA) 01/12/17 Edit
University of Toronto (Scarborough) Economic Sociology 01/05/17 Advert
Scheduled - Really?? Who? 02/22/17 Edit
University of Utah Environment 09/30/16 Description
Interviews scheduled 11/01/16 Edit
University of Virginia health, race, crime 10/03/16 Description
Skype interviews scheduled Mariana Crancium (Postdoc Northwestern, PhD Michigan), Yingyao Wang (Brown postdoc; Yale PhD) Mariana Crancium (declined), Yingyao Wang Yingyao Wang (Brown postdoc; Yale PhD), Fiona Greenland (Michigan PHD; Chicago Postdoc) 03/23/17 Edit
University of Virginia\'s College at Wise Open/Social Work 11/03/16 phone interviews scheduled 11/16/16 Edit
University of West Georgia Criminology Phone Interviews Conducted 11/04/16 Edit
University of West Georgia Statistics 02/14/17 Description
Phone interviews scheduled On campus invites out 03/05/17 Edit
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Sociology 10/08/16 Description
complete 12/15/16 Edit
University of Wisconsin-Madison Race/Ethnicity 11/24/16 Description
Asad Asad (Harvard ABD), Fabiana Silva (Berkeley ABD), 1 AP Asad Asad (Harvard ABD) declined; Second offer: Yes Michael Light (Purdue, AP) 03/23/17 Edit
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point! Family Sociology 05/15/16 Description
05/11/16 Edit
USC Social Movements, Race and/or Immigration. 09/30/16 Description
Interviews scheduled Yes Hajar Yazdiha (UNC ABD) 02/21/17 Edit
USC Sociology Dan Schrage (Harvard ABD) 02/21/17 Edit
UTSA Demography/Health/Quantitative Methods 09/30/16 Description
UTSA Duplicate - delete 08/12/16 Edit
UW - Madison Ed/Soc Joint Position Jordan Conwell (ABD, Northwestern) 02/07/17 Edit
Valparaiso Theory & Methods 09/15/16 campus interviews complete yes... so who is it? 12/16/16 Edit
Vanderbilt University Racial/ethnic disparities in health (Assistant Prof) 10/01/16 Description
Skype interviews being scheduled Amy Zhou (UCLA ABD), Arun Hendi (Duke postdoc, UPenn PhD), 2 APs Yes Yes 01/23/17 Edit
Vanderbilt University Racial/ethnic disparities in health (Associate or Full Prof) 11/01/16 Description
Interviews still underway 01/30/17 Edit
Vanderbilt University Medicine Health and Society (Assoc or Full) 11/01/16 Description
Invites out 01/05/17 Edit
Vassar College STS Advert
08/19/16 Edit
Villanova social movements 09/30/16 Description
scheduled Offer made Glenn Bracey (Texas A&M PHD) 03/22/17 Edit
Villanova University medical sociology 09/30/16 Description
Scheduled: 1 AP, Meredith Bergey (Brandeis Phd; Lecturer Virginia), Kelly Underman (postdoc UIC) Offer made 02/21/17 Edit
Virginia Commonwealth University crim Advert
invites out (WHO?) yes 12/25/16 Edit
Virginia Tech quant methods, survey design 10/31/16 Advert
yes yes 02/13/17 Edit
Virginia Tech Social Justice 11/30/16 Description
Skype interviews conducted 01/25/17 Edit
Washington State University Medical Sociology/Strat/Mobility 11/15/16 Description
Letters requested Yes Who? Yes 02/13/17 Edit
Washington University in St Louis 2 jobs: inequality/strat and political soc 10/01/16 Description
09/21/16 Edit
Washington University in St. Louis Gender and Sexuality (non-US) 10/01/16 Description
writing samples requested 10/27/16 Edit
Weber State University Family 11/01/16 Description
Campus Scheduled Ashleigh Kysar-Moon (Purdue ABD) Who else??? Yes - Who? 01/26/17 Edit
Western Carolina Quant Methods, Sex + Gender, Family, Aging 01/05/17 Skype Interviews Scheduled Scheduled - who? yes Yiqing Yang (Utah ABD) 03/16/17 Edit
Western Kentucky University Statistics / Open 01/02/17 Description
11/18/16 Edit
Western Kentucky University Statistics 12/05/16 Description
Additional materials requested 01/18/17 Edit
Western University (University of Western Ontario) Population Dynamics and Inequality 09/15/16 Advert
Sean Waite (Memorial AP), Natasha Quadlin (Indiana ABD). David Calnitsky (Wisconsin PhD) 2 made Sean Waite (McGill PhD, Memorial AP), D. Calnitsky (Wisconsin PhD; SSHRC Postdoc) 04/22/17 Edit
Western Washington University Latina/o Sociology 11/01/16 Description
Yes Yes (Angela Fillingim - Berkeley PhD, UC Irvine Postdoc) 03/21/17 Edit
Whitman College Environment and Gender 03/01/17 04/26/17 Edit
Wingate University Methods, Medical, Stratification Description
11/02/16 Edit
Wofford Enviro, Community, Urban 11/10/16 Advert
Skype- scheduled 11/21/16 Edit
Xavier Austin Ashe (Duke ABD) 04/19/17 Edit
Yale Asian American, Latina/o, Indigenous, Ethnic Studies 12/01/16 Description
06/14/16 Edit