School Field Deadline Description Interview Method # Apps Campus Invitations Offer Made Offer Accepted Last Update Edit
Albany (Sociology) Urban 11/01/17 Description
Who???? offer made (why people keep deleting it) 12/17/17 Edit
Alberta 11/05/17 Yes (if offer is accepted, please name) 12/16/17 Edit
American University (School of International Service) Social Networks Advert
Flyouts scheduled 12/05/17 Edit
Arizona State University 09/13/17 Canceled 12/08/17 Edit
Arizona State University Polytechnic Social sciences 11/27/17 Advert
12/09/17 Edit
Arizona State University-Tempe Quantitative 11/01/17 news? 12/07/17 Edit
Arkansas Social inequality / health and wellbeing 12/02/17 Description
Invites out 12/08/17 Edit
Arkansas State University 10/08/17 Rejections sent Yes Yes 12/10/17 Edit
Australian National University Demography 11/17/17 Advert
12/05/17 Edit
Barnard College Open 10/15/17 Description
Notified if not invited for phone/campus interviews 11/28/17 Edit
Bates College Urban, Built Environment, Immigration 10/06/17 Video Interviews being scheduled Campus interviews underway 12/05/17 Edit
Baylor University Health and/or family 10/01/17 12/07/17 Edit
Bellarmine University 11/30/17 Description
Skype interviews being scheduled 12/06/17 Edit
Bentley University gender/sexuality, justice studies, or media and technology 10/15/17 Description
? 12/11/17 Edit
Berkeley Computational Social Science Description
12/13/17 Edit
Boston College International, Global, Transnational 09/01/17 Yes Yes, Ali Kadivar (Brown Postdoc, UNC PhD) 12/15/17 Edit
Boston University race and ethnicity 10/01/17 Search cancelled (why?). 11/28/17 Edit
Boston University (School of Theology) Religion and Society 10/01/17 Description
preliminary interviews at AAR completed 11/27/17 Edit
Brandeis University Medical/Health 09/15/17 Description
Rejection emails Invitations made 12/07/17 Edit
Bridgewater State University Education Soc 12/03/17 12/04/17 Edit
Brown 10/01/17 12/04/17 Edit
Cal Poly San Luis Criminology 10/27/17 Advert
10/10/17 Edit
Cal Poly San Luis STS 10/25/17 11/25/17 Edit
Cal St. Fullerton Political Sociology 09/15/17 Skype interviews completed 11/27/17 Edit
Cal State Univ.-Long Beach Social Movements and Intersectionality 10/16/17 phone interviews underway 12/07/17 Edit
Cal State-Dominguez Hills Aging/life course, Black communities 11/06/17 Description
12/04/17 Edit
Chicago immigration/race 09/30/17 Natalie Aviles (Postdoc, Colby College), Matthew Clair (Harvard ABD), Ravaris Moore (UCLA ABD), 1 AP 2 offers out 12/15/17 Edit
Chinese University of Hong Kong Open 10/15/17 Campus interviews done Offer out 12/14/17 Edit
Clark University Social Movements 10/01/17 12/13/17 Edit
Clark University Social Movements and Social Change 10/01/17 Campus invites made Jack Delehanty (Minnesota ABD) 12/14/17 Edit
Clemson University Social Policy & Health 09/15/17 11/30/17 Edit
Clemson University Criminology and Deviance 09/15/17 Description
08/25/17 Edit
Clemson University Social Inequality 09/15/17 Description
any updates on this position? 12/13/17 Edit
Clemson University Criminal Justice 11/30/17 Advert
10/26/17 Edit
College of William & Mary Global Sociology 10/01/17 Description
11/25/17 Edit
Colorado State University 10/20/17 Advert
11/30/17 Edit
Colorado State University International Development and Globalization 10/23/17 Advert
11/25/17 Edit
Columbia Open 09/10/17 Description
any updates 12/15/17 Edit
Concordia University Advert
12/02/17 Edit
Creighton University Statistics, GIS 10/31/17 Description
Skype interview requests out Campus visits underway 12/12/17 Edit
CSU Channel Islands Latina/o Sociology 10/06/17 Description
Skype interviews completed 12/15/17 Edit
CSU Fresno Theory/Ed/Urban 09/30/17 Description
Phone interviews scheduled out and completed 12/07/17 Edit
CSU Sacramento Social Psych 10/26/17 Edit
CSU San Bernardino Chair (Open) 11/15/17 Description
08/29/17 Edit
CSU San Bernardino Community / Qualitative 11/15/17 Description
Zoom interviews scheduled 120 12/02/17 Edit
CUNY -John Jay College of Criminal Justice Sociology 09/30/17 Advert
Campus visits 12/01/17 Edit
Dartmouth Open 09/15/17 Description
Other board says invites are out 11/13/17 Edit
Dartmouth College Afro-Caribbean and African Diaspora Studies 09/15/17 Edit
Dartmouth College Inequality/social justice 12/01/17 Advert
11/19/17 Edit
Delta State Community Development 10/01/17 Description
Skype Interviews invites 11/18/17 Edit
Denison University Quantitative (some substantive preferences) 10/01/17 Description
07/16/17 Edit
Duke University Social Network Analysis 10/15/17 Description
Any news on this search? BK Lee (ABD Columbia), Craig Rawlings (UCSB PhD, Stanford postdoc, UCSB lecturer, Northwestern lifetime lecturer), 1 AP Craig Rawlings 12/16/17 Edit
Earlham College 12/04/17 Advert
12/11/17 Edit
Elon University Open, environmental sociology, stratification 11/22/17 Description
09/27/17 Edit
Emory University Race, Ethnicity, Racism 11/01/17 Advert
Invites out 11/27/17 Edit
FIRE Faculty Outreach Fellow 01/31/18 Description
12/07/17 Edit
Florida State Demography 10/15/17 letter requested skype interview completed 11/10/17 Edit
Florida State - soc 09/30/17 12/13/17 Edit
Florida State University Criminology 10/31/17 12/13/17 Edit
Florida State University political soc 09/30/17 Requested Letters, skype interviews 10/20/17 Edit
Franklin & Marshall Sex & Gender 10/10/17 Phone interview invites out Other board said invites out. Who? 12/08/17 Edit
Furman University qualitative methods 10/15/17 Phone interviews scheduled Invites Out December 12/02/17 Edit
George Mason University Criminology, Law, and Society 10/18/17 Advert
Invites out 11/09/17 Edit
Georgia State Criminology 09/01/17 11/04/17 Edit
Grand Valley State Uni Liberal Studies 12/01/17 Skype interviews underway 12/14/17 Edit
Grand Valley State University Life course, aging 10/13/17 flyouts scheduled 11/08/17 Edit
Grand Valley State University Crim Campus Invites Scheduled 11/08/17 Edit
Hartwick College Environmental/Rural Sociology Advert
11/04/17 Edit
Harvard 09/15/17 3 APs, Yongren Shi (Cornell PhD, Yale postdoc), Minjae Kim (MIT ABD), Linsey Edwards (Princeton ABD) Frye, Legewie 12/17/17 Edit
Hollins University race, class, gender, social justice 09/01/17 campus invites extended 10/09/17 Edit
Hong Kong Baptist University Open (preference on Family; Social Networks) 11/18/17 11/23/17 Edit
Howard Methods 10/15/17 Description
11/03/17 Edit
Indiana 10/01/17 Invites out (1 AP, 4 ABDs) Offer out 12/15/17 Edit
Iowa Social data analytics 09/15/17 11/30/17 Edit
Jacksonville University open Phone interviews 11/18/17 Edit
John's Hopkins (SAIS) Middle East Studies 10/01/17 Description
11/13/17 Edit
Kennesaw State University Criminal Justice 10/30/17 Advert
12/02/17 Edit
Kent State University 10/31/17 Interviews completed 11/27/17 Edit
Lafayette College Health/Medical Sociology 09/30/17 Description
Skype interview Any invites? 11/13/17 Edit
Lehman College-CUNY Sociology-Data Science 09/30/17 Advert
phone interviews completed 11/27/17 Edit
Loyola - Chicago Gender & Sexuality 10/01/17 Letters requested Invites out 11/26/17 Edit
Loyola Chicago Criminal Justice 10/27/17 Advert
12/13/17 Edit
Loyola Maryland Crim / Crim Justice 10/01/17 Description
Letters of recommendation requested 11/14/17 Edit
Loyola Marymount University Inequality methods 09/15/17 11/23/17 Edit
Loyola University New Orleans open 11/15/17 3 finalists for campus interviews 12/16/17 Edit
LSE Race and Ethnicity, Quantitative Methods 10/22/17 Description
12/14/17 Edit
Manchester University 10/15/17 Scheduling phone interviews 11/13/17 Edit
Marquette University social movements, collective behavior 09/25/17 Advert
Campus invites sent out 11/11/17 Edit
Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research Demography Advert
phone interview 10/31/17 Edit
Memphis Open 11/15/17 Description
10/20/17 Edit
Miami University Latina/o Studies, development Advert
12/05/17 Edit
Michigan Open 09/06/17 Nathan Wilmers (Harvard ABD), Matthew Clair (Harvard ABD), Joshua Seim (Berkeley ABD), Peter Catron (UPenn postdoc), 1 AP Clair, Wilmers 12/17/17 Edit
Michigan State Academic advisor/instructor Description
11/09/17 Edit
Middle Tennessee State University Open 11/06/17 11/12/17 Edit
Middlebury College (Religious Studies) Social Scientific Study of Religion 10/20/17 Description
09/18/17 Edit
Mississippi State 12/13/17 Edit
Montclair State University Environmental 10/16/17 Description
Interviews underway 12/08/17 Edit
Mount Holyoke College Open, Quantitative Methodology 10/02/17 Phone interviews week of 10/23 10/16/17 Edit
Nanyang Technological Institute Global STS-Sociology 09/25/17 Edit
National Singapore University Open Any news? 11/28/17 Edit
New College of Florida immigration, Global and Transnational Sociology Description
11/20/17 Edit
Northeastern Criminal Justice 10/01/17 Skype Interviews Requested Interviews Scheduled 11/07/17 Edit
Northeastern Urban, Race, Networks Advert
10/20/17 Edit
Northern State University Open 11/12/17 Edit
Notre Dame Data Science Who got the invites? yes 12/14/17 Edit
Notre Dame - Keough 2 Environmental Politics 09/25/17 11/13/17 Edit
Notre Dame - Keough School Asian and Gender Studies 10/01/17 Advert
Requested writing sample Campus visits underway 11/27/17 Edit
Notre Dame - Keough School Environmental Politics 09/25/17 11/13/17 Edit
Notre Dame - soc Open 10/01/17 2 ABDs, 1 Post-Doc, 1 AP yes 12/15/17 Edit
Notre Dame CREO Soc of Ed 10/01/17 Advert
interviews underway, cool so who are they? yes 12/14/17 Edit
Notre Dame University Environmental Politics 09/25/17 ? 11/13/17 Edit
NYU Open 1AP, Carly Knight (Harvard ABD), Michael Sierra-Arevalo (Yale ABD), Nathan Wilmers (Harvard ABD), Matthew Clair (Harvard ABD) Edwards, Knight, Wilmers 12/17/17 Edit
Ohio State Gender, Sex, Race & Ethnicity 09/18/17 Description
10/29/17 Edit
Oklahoma State Open 10/01/17 Other board says invites are out 11/28/17 Edit
Oklahoma State 10/01/17 11/29/17 Edit
Oxford College of Emory University Race, Class and Gender; Disabilities Description
Skype request 11/18/17 Edit
Penn Culture and interaction 09/15/17 1 AP, Matthew Clair (Harvard ABD), Linsey Edwards (Princeton ABD), Benjamin Shestakofsky (Berkeley ABD), Nathan Wilmers (Harvard ABD) Clair and Wilmers 12/17/17 Edit
Penn State - Greater Allegheny Criminal Justice 11/01/17 Description
Phone interviews underway 10/31/17 Edit
Penn State University, Abington (Poli Sci, Public Policy) Urban Politics; Inequality Description
09/30/17 Edit
Pennsylvania State University Carly Knight (Harvard ABD), Patrick Denice (UWashington PhD, Wash U St Louis Postdoc), Ali Kadivar (UNC PhD, Brown postdoc), 2 APs pending 12/08/17 Edit
Pepperdine criminology, culture, gender, and globalization 10/01/17 Description
invites out 11/08/17 Edit
Princeton demography (open rank) Description
Completed 12/05/17 Edit
Purdue University Law & Society - Assistant 10/02/17 Description
went out. Who?? 10/20/17 Edit
Purdue University Law & Society - Associate/Full 10/02/17 Description
??? 11/23/17 Edit
Queen\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s University Social Inequalities 08/30/17 Advert
Rejected Are out 11/18/17 Edit
Queen\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Criminology 08/30/17 11/30/17 Edit
RAND Open Phone interviews scheduled Invites out 11/15/17 Edit
Randolph-Macon College public health/medical sociology 09/01/17 Description
Again, any news? interviews underway 12/06/17 Edit
Rice Data Science 09/15/17 Description
invites out - who? 10/28/17 Edit
Rice University Stats (open, but pref. for inequality/culture) 09/08/17 Description
invites out - who? 10/28/17 Edit
Rollins College open 09/15/17 Skype interviews underway campus invites extended 10/14/17 Edit
Rutgers (criminal justice) Open 10/01/17 Michael Sierra-Arevalo (Yale ABD) + Colleen Berryessa (UPenn ABD) 12/15/17 Edit
Rutgers University 09/30/17 11/24/17 Edit
Rutgers University Inequalities, socioeconomic and/or race & ethnicity 09/30/17 Description
Campus Invites Sent Offer made 12/15/17 Edit
Rutgers-Camden Criminal Justice invites out (for ASC interviews) 10/18/17 Edit
San Diego State University Crime/Criminology 10/23/17 Description
08/01/17 Edit
SFSU Criminal Justice Description
08/30/17 Edit
SFSU Urban, Climate Change Description
08/30/17 Edit
SFSU National Security, Racialization and State Power Description
08/30/17 Edit
SHSU CJ & Criminology 09/03/17 Underway 09/29/17 Edit
SHSU Class inequality 09/01/17 Description
Phone interviews complete Campus interviews underway 10/27/17 Edit
Singapore Management University transnational soc, methods 09/15/17 Description
Invites out Yes 12/14/17 Edit
Smith College Media and technology 10/01/17 Advert
Skype interviews underway Who were the finalists? 12/11/17 Edit
SMU Economic sociology, work, labor markets 10/01/17 Description
Phone 11/09/17 Edit
Sonoma State University 11/03/17 Description
Anyone? Anything? 12/13/17 Edit
St. Norbert College Open 09/18/17 Description
Phone interviews at least some campus invites out 12/07/17 Edit
Stanford University 09/15/17 12/08/17 Edit
Stanford University Computational Social Science 09/15/17 Carly Knight (ABD Harvard), Hirokazu Shirado (Yale), Yongren Shi (Cornell via postdoc) Shi 12/17/17 Edit
SUNY-Albany Criminal Justice. Open. Multiple Lines 09/01/17 Advert
12/05/17 Edit
Susquehanna University Inequalities, social justice 10/16/17 Description
campus interviews underway invites out 12/01/17 Edit
Tel Aviv University Open 12/01/17 Advert
Yes 12/17/17 Edit
Temple University Criminal Justice campus invites extended - who? Yes Yes 12/15/17 Edit
Texas A&M Latinx sociology 09/15/17 12/13/17 Edit
Texas A&M University at San Antonio Quantitative Methods 01/01/18 Description
12/08/17 Edit
Texas Christian University Open (but with some preferences) 09/15/17 Description
phone interviews Anything yet? yes, campus interviews scheduled 11/08/17 Edit
Texas State University open with preference for health, aging, and or sustainability 11/05/17 Description
phone interviews campus invites extended 12/14/17 Edit
The College at Brockport Immigration, Globalization 10/01/17 Description
phone interviews underway Campus Invites Made 11/16/17 Edit
The College at Brockport, State University of New York gender and sexualities 10/01/17 Description
Phone interviews campus invites made 11/16/17 Edit
Towson University Criminal Justice 01/15/18 Description
11/30/17 Edit
Tufts University Race & Ethnicity 09/18/17 Advert
Interviews who? 12/07/17 Edit
Tulane Race & Urban 09/15/17 campus invitations made 12/08/17 Edit
UBC Demography 09/15/17 3 APs, 1 Postdoc 12/08/17 Edit
UBC Indigenous Peoples 09/15/17 Description
07/28/17 Edit
UC Berkeley Demography 10/10/17 Yes- Rejection by email invites out 12/02/17 Edit
UC Berkeley Open Natalie Aviles (Colby College Postdoc), Nathan Wilmers (Harvard ABD), Linsey Edwards (Princeton ABD), 3 APs (do not name APs) Nathan Wilmers 12/17/17 Edit
UC Irvine Health care, management, strategy Description
08/29/17 Edit
UC Irvine International Studies 11/01/17 11/28/17 Edit
UC Irvine, Criminology, Law & Society Open 09/15/17 Two offers 12/07/17 Edit
UC Riverside Social Psychology (specializing in Quant/Experimental) 09/15/17 Yes Yes (if offer is accepted, please name) 12/15/17 Edit
UC Riverside 10/02/17 Description
Invites out - who??? Offer made 12/15/17 Edit
UC Santa Barbara Culture Advert
2 ABD, 1 Postdoc, 1 AP; job talks postponed to January due to wildfires 12/15/17 Edit
UC Santa Cruz Immigration, Latin America, Demography (quant) 10/02/17 Description
Campus interviews underway 12/05/17 Edit
UC Santa Cruz Public Policy and Inequality 10/02/17 Invites out (who?) 12/16/17 Edit
UCLA Open 10/05/17 Carly Knight (ABD Harvard), BK Lee (ABD Columbia), Nathan Wilmers (ABD Harvard), 2 APs Offers out to Knight and Wilmers 12/15/17 Edit
UCLA Conversation analysis 3 postdocs 12/02/17 Edit
UCLA Public Policy immigration and/or migration 10/01/17 Description
08/08/17 Edit
UMASS at Lowell Criminology and Justice Studies Description
10/24/17 Edit
UMass Lowell Race/Ethnicity 10/20/17 Description
Skype Interview Requested Invites out 11/18/17 Edit
UMass-Amherst Organizations, policy 09/15/17 Advert
Request for more information sent out. For all candidates? Long short list? Ben Shestakofsky (Berkeley ABD); Pablo Gaston (Berkeley PhD, Rutgers Post-doc); Jennifer Nelson (Emory ABD); Brian Sargent (Northwestern PhD, Washington postdoc) Sargent 12/17/17 Edit
UNC Health disparities, race Offer Made 12/13/17 Edit
UNC at Charlotte Criminal Justice & Criminology 10/01/17 10/22/17 Edit
UNC Charlotte Organizations 10/29/17 Description
Skype interviews scheduled invites out 11/23/17 Edit
UNC Greensboro Global Inequalities 11/20/17 Description
invites out 12/17/17 Edit
UNC Greensboro Statistics/Methods 10/23/17 Description
Phone interviews Invites out 11/15/17 Edit
UNC Greensboro Criminology 10/11/17 Description
11/23/17 Edit
University of Alabama Advert
11/26/17 Edit
University of Alabama (Religious Studies) Social Theory of Race and Religion 10/01/17 Description
interview underway 11/28/17 Edit
University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical Sociology Description
Offer out ( 12/15/17 Edit
University of Arkansas Inequality 12/02/17 Advert
12/11/17 Edit
University of California, San Francisco Med Soc 10/13/17 Description
invites out - who? 11/16/17 Edit
University of Central Florida Criminal Justice Onsite Underway Yes 11/04/17 Edit
University of Central Oklahoma Open 11/12/17 Edit
University of Colorado Boulder Open 10/15/17 Flyouts scheduled; Jaclyn Wong (Chicago ABD); others 12/15/17 Edit
University of Colorado Denver environmental health 12/01/17 Advert
11/09/17 Edit
University of Dayton Strat, Methods, Env Soc or Med Soc 09/15/17 11/30/17 Edit
University of Dayton critical criminology, or law and society, or political sociology 09/29/17 Description
phone interviews scheduled Campus Invites Scheduled 11/10/17 Edit
University of Denver Sociology and Criminology Inequality 09/01/17 11/30/17 Edit
University of Florida Environmental Criminology with preference for focus on Race/Ethnicity 10/15/17 Description
10/24/17 Edit
University of Florida Race and Policing 12/01/17 Description
Fly out invitations extended 12/13/17 Edit
University of Florida Interpersonal Violence with Preference for focus on Race/Ethnicity 11/20/17 Description
10/25/17 Edit
University of Georgia Medical; Stats Description
any news??? 12/17/17 Edit
University of Illinois, Chicago Work, organizations, economy 09/22/17 Description
phone interview requests sent out scheduled 11/09/17 Edit
University of Illinois--Chicago Criminology, Law, and Justice 10/30/17 Advert
Skype interviews happening, flyout invitations to be extended late week of 12/18 12/13/17 Edit
University of Kentucky Medical sociology 11/16/17 Description
11/17/17 Edit
University of Louisville Criminal Justice 12/15/17 Description
11/20/17 Edit
University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Open 10/15/17 Description
Any updates? 11/03/17 Edit
University of Maryland Open Advert
Linsey Edwards (ABD), Monica Caudillo (Postdoc), Aliya Rao (Postdoc), Ali Kadivar (Postdoc), Amelia Branigan (VAP), 2 APs 12/15/17 Edit
University of Maryland Criminology and Criminal Justice 10/02/17 Campus Interviews Underway - who? 11/01/17 Edit
University of Maryland Race & Gender Description
10/16/17 Edit
University of Minnesota (Religious Studies) Muslims in North American (joint appointment) 10/15/17 Description
09/18/17 Edit
University of Mississippi Criminal Justice/Criminology Description
12/12/17 Edit
University of Nebraska at Omaha Criminal Justice and Criminology 10/02/17 Advert
Campus invites extended. Names please?? 10/27/17 Edit
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Latina/o Immigration 10/16/17 Description
Complete 12/14/17 Edit
University of Nevada Reno (Ed School) P12 Education 10/06/17 Description
09/15/17 Edit
University of Nevada, Reno Management, teaching stats/methods 09/15/17 Advert
07/25/17 Edit
University of New Haven Criminology 10/01/17 Phone interviews? Yes Yes (if offer is accepted, please name) 12/15/17 Edit
University of New Mexico 10/01/17 Advert
In Person Yes Yes Wilson (UCLA ABD) 12/12/17 Edit
University of New Orleans Crim in Soc Dept 11/10/17 Description
11/11/17 Edit
University of North Carolina Wilmington Criminology (Policing) 11/22/17 Description
Phone Interviews Done 12/08/17 Edit
University of North Carolina Wilmington Criminology (General + Theory) 11/22/17 Description
Phone Interviews Done 12/08/17 Edit
University of North Carolina Wilmington Sociology X 2 11/22/17 Description
Phone Interviews Done 12/08/17 Edit
University of North Florida gender and sexualities 11/16/17 11/20/17 Edit
University of North Texas gender or qualitative 11/01/17 Description
invites out (All gender invites out?) 11/20/17 Edit
University of Northern Iowa Open, qualitative 09/29/17 Description
phone interviews underway invites out 10/28/17 Edit
University of Oklahoma Early Childhood 01/01/18 Description
11/15/17 Edit
University of Pennsylvania Culture and Interaction, with an emphasis in Economic Sociology, and/or Sociology of Education, with 09/15/17 Description
10/02/17 Edit
University of Pittsburgh 09/15/17 Michael Warren Murphy (Brown ABD) 12/07/17 Edit
University of South Carolina Sociology 11/06/17 Description
Skype interviews completed Invitations extended 12/08/17 Edit
University of South Carolina Sociology #2 Description
Skype interviews completed 12/01/17 Edit
University of South Carolina Criminology and Criminal Justice (2 lines) 11/27/17 Description
invites out - CJ position 12/06/17 Edit
University of South Carolina Upstate Criminal Justice Description
11/13/17 Edit
University of South Florida Criminology 10/27/17 Description
Scheduled Yes, via email to me, a rejected 12/11/17 Edit
University of Southern California Open 10/01/17 Interviews Underway Joshua Seim 12/17/17 Edit
University of St Thomas 12/10/17 Advert
12/11/17 Edit
University of Tampa Sociology applied Advert
12/09/17 Edit
University of Tennessee - Knoxville 10/23/17 4 Campus visits underway 12/01/17 Edit
University of Texas at San Antonio Demography/Health/Quant (Sociology dept) 10/15/17 Description
invites out news??? 12/11/17 Edit
University of Texas at San Antonio Demography/Health (Demography dept) 10/16/17 Description
Interviews underway 11/27/17 Edit
University of Texas at San Antonio Criminal Justice 10/01/17 Advert
campus interviews requested 11/19/17 Edit
University of Toronto (Mississauga) Crime/Law & Society (Associate/Full) 09/12/17 Advert
job talks completed 10/30/17 Edit
University of Toronto (Mississauga) Indigenous Studies 10/03/17 Advert
three invites out 11/07/17 Edit
University of Toronto (Scarborough) Quantitative Methods 10/11/17 Advert
invites out. Any updates? 12/06/17 Edit
University of Toronto (St George) Statistical and Social Science 10/31/17 Description
09/27/17 Edit
University of Toronto (St. George) race and ethnicity 09/11/17 Tahseen Shams (ABD, UCLA), Katherine Jensen (ABD, Texas), 1 AP Tahseen Shams (ABD, UCLA) Tahseen Shams (ABD, UCLA) 12/16/17 Edit
University of Toronto (St. George) Criminology & Socio-Legal Studies (Associate) 09/19/17 Advert
07/14/17 Edit
University of Toronto (St. George) Criminology & Socio-Legal Studies (Assistant) 09/19/17 Advert
Frank Edwards (Washington PhD Cornell Postdoc), Ayobami Laniyonu (UCLA ABD Poli Sci), at least one other Ayobami Laniyonu 12/17/17 Edit
University of Utah Family and Consumer Studies 09/01/17 Description
invitations out 10/23/17 Edit
University of Washington Law, Societies, and Justice Advert
Requests for supplementary materials 4 interviews underway 12/04/17 Edit
University of Washington 10/09/17 Advert
Nathan Wilmers (Harvard ABD), Joshua Seim (Berkeley ABD), Peter Catron (UPenn postdoc), Monica Alexander (Berkeley), and 1 AP 12/18/17 Edit
University of West Georgia open 11/12/17 Description
Phone Interviews 12/10/17 Edit
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Health and Illness 09/18/17 11/01/17 Edit
University of Wisconsin-Madison International Studies 12/06/17 Edit
University of Wyoming Medical Sociology Description
Phone Visits completed 12/10/17 Edit
University of Wyoming Criminal Justice (3 lines--policing, theory, open) 10/14/17 Phone interviews Some scheduled 11/07/17 Edit
University of Wyoming 11/07/17 Edit
UT Austin Russia/Soviet studies 10/10/17 Description
invites out. Names? 11/04/17 Edit
Utah Criminology 09/15/17 Description
07/20/17 Edit
Utah State University Race and ethnicity 10/01/17 Advert
complete 12/07/17 Edit
Vanderbilt Sociology of Health and Well-Being 10/01/17 Description
Skype interviews 11/03/17 Edit
Vanderbilt Environmental Sociology 10/01/17 Description
invites out 10/31/17 Edit
Vanderbilt University Global Health 10/01/17 Advert
10/24/17 Edit
Virginia Commonwealth Latinx sociology, immigration (quantitative) 10/01/17 Description
Skype interviews completed 11/08/17 Edit
Virginia Commonwealth University Sexuality, race, inequality 10/10/17 Description
skype interviews underway Invites out Yes 12/09/17 Edit
Washington and Lee Social stratification and Inequality 09/15/17 Description
Skype interviews complete 10/01/17 Edit
Washington College (Maryland) Stratification 10/01/17 Description
interviews underway 10/29/17 Edit
Wesleyan University STS 10/15/17 Description
Interviews scheduled 12/05/17 Edit
Western University Social stratification 09/22/17 Advert
in person interviews underway 11/24/17 Edit
William Paterson University Criminology Description
07/16/17 Edit
Williams College Open 09/01/17 Description
requests for more materials (course descriptions, letters, writing sample) are out Invitations made (Who?) Final job talk on 12/01 Yes - who? please name. There is no reason for this to still be a secret. 12/18/17 Edit
Wisconsin - Community & Environmental Soc Environment & health 09/15/17 11/30/17 Edit
Wofford College sustainability studies, urban, community 10/16/17 Description
09/15/17 Edit
Yale University sociology of health/medicine 09/15/17 Anny Fenton (ABD, Harvard), Alka Menon (Northwestern ABD); Jennifer Nazareno (UCSF PhD, Brown postdoc); Pablo Gaston (Berkeley PhD, Rutgers Post-doc) yes 12/15/17 Edit